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18-11-2007 22:22

M2H, and all the other first people
Mr. Addy
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18-11-2007 22:41

I remember IamET helping me and I think aqua and ragnarok
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18-11-2007 22:41

kerrigor, bmaxwell, peggy, and chainer. they recruited me into DoF before i even left tutorial island.
18-11-2007 22:59

i think my arch enemy bloodstock helped me first. i cant be helped in many ways but he help fix up my clan so he found the only way to help.
18-11-2007 23:32

shamefully enough, i cant remember... i think i went it alone, with noone but the manual by my side.
18-11-2007 23:45

Seems like it's been forever, mainly just started out on my own, referring to the manual, & after someone suggested it to me, ... dont remember who that was but, thanks a bunch... Mainly just concentrated on the material skills, mining & WCing, to start,... then eventually, I jumped in with Kerrigor, & The Dragons of Frost, Where I met up with some real great folks who I pretty much hang out with now, Me, Bogtrotter, Peggy, Chainer, etc... All have travelled pretty much together ever since.
19-11-2007 00:16

There was only one chat when I started, but the person who helped me the most was lalamiller78. We were friends in real life and I watched her play for about 2 months before I decided to play myself. We don't see much of each other any more but I will always be grateful to her for getting me addicted to Syrnia.
Hunter Lee
19-11-2007 00:28

I was much like BMax.... the people in DoF helped me a ton.... Thanks BM, peggy, chainer, and Bog
19-11-2007 00:42

cold-octo he is a star leader
19-11-2007 00:45

I had already played the game 2 years before this account now but stopped playing then because didnt have the time so i had remebered from then but who first helped me then is a mystery i think me and 2 other mates were just playing on the comp in the school library and figured it out ourselves.
19-11-2007 01:09

see? im not a complete waste!!!
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19-11-2007 03:20

probly LadyRaven helped the most...this was before help chat, and pirate chat, about 2 months after the game was created...

also actually reading the manual helped.

and also, a thank you to the MOD that muted me, and gave me a chance to read the manual.XD

Edited on 19-11-2007 03:31
19-11-2007 03:23

Lets say.
Cancun, Falconn
and the Rest of MAAN!
19-11-2007 03:26

You joined syrnia 579 days ago, you were player number 29300.
i dont rember the first person but i do rember my very first cland and that was exro and at that time belive or not exro was dedicated to wcing only lmao

Edited on 19-11-2007 23:13
19-11-2007 04:04

I dont remember exactly. I do remember getting into an arguement with what seemed like the whole of world chat on Day 1. Karisade was my first clan leader, really cool guy. I think i remember a vipers of some sort...
19-11-2007 04:23

The whole of TGoS (all 100 or so of them ) which later when on to be SRA. That includes Keck, Zeek267, Astaroth, Erigon, and the rest of you.

Though some of the greatest help and fun I've ever had, along with the two greatest clans I've ever been a part of, would be with Zen and DW.
19-11-2007 07:15

It was Mainly Maggie that helped me
but ncb3 took me into his clan so i have him to thank as well

And Thanks Luna *hugs*
19-11-2007 08:47

Wow who helped me first is going back.

Union probably.

But specifically WW and Ragnarok probably =]
19-11-2007 09:12

Well I had already read parts of the manual so I didn't use the help chat in tutorial. I think the first question I asked in any chat was in trade chat and was " Does anyone have a venomous fang for sale?". The first person to answer was evertonianmark.
19-11-2007 09:14

I'm going to expand on this topic a bit. I'm going to include a variety of people who have helped me, and in no particular order:

1. Koolkitty7272 - she is only one that can apply to the topic at hand
2. Abu - the funny man of Syrnia
3. Kenny666 - people can blame him somewhat for me starting fishing in the first place
4. Elzar - Him being around helped propel me to fish so I could keep in front of him
5. M2H: If he had a cap on levels then I wouldn't have kept working on fishing XD

Other people I should include but slip my mind. My apologies to those I inadvertently neglected to mention.

Edit: corrected minor thing

2nd edit: Stickied thread

Edited on 19-11-2007 09:17

Edited on 19-11-2007 09:23
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[1] 08:38 spindoc[DW]: because we're balla son :P

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19-11-2007 09:27

Aquadark in help chat, Bummie and the rest of the people from my clan
19-11-2007 10:16

I so forgot, LadyR helped me alot, She brought me to Skull even, Havent been off since
19-11-2007 10:31

Well, i have alot of people to thank...Barry, and Wickerman (bless you), all of NWO, and DOF, and last but absolutely not least "Huge Kudos" to SilverBakk for his continuing support, preacher *hugs*, but what would i have done w/o Maggie, Ziola, Marishka, PJ, and all my BB friends...the list goes on...and these people are why i will not post an "I am quitting" all of you...and if i missed you ...Kisses and Hugs...unless you hate kisses and hugs...then *waves*
19-11-2007 10:44

initial group of people in no order:

koolkitty7272 - May the Dark Empress' reign never end

Hexon - Da Playa who gave me my first Ogre Hatchet

Breok - Got 20k wood for him so I could get a legendary nickname
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19-11-2007 12:12

Gods messenger was the first person to help me in game. BRamp was my first trade so he helped me with that. Silverbakk helped me a lot with trading too and still does lol. Sonyc, Allycat, Lethal350, Paragon and Poll then got me up to speed on the more complex parts! may u all live long action packed lives!!
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