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16-04-2008 23:14

not sure of the first guy on help chat but i know the player who helped me first

that player was zingzangzong, and im honoured to be in his clan he gave me stuff and armour, food and tactics to the game, and let me join his clan, and i have never left that clan in my whole time in syrnia, nearly half a year now, so THANKS zinger!
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16-04-2008 23:33

sourpowder - Great kid.
18-04-2008 14:20

My first real tutor was Leash
The Couch YetiTemp
22-04-2008 21:00

Mine was Allycat, Moc1, Eclipse. And many other players in the Old clan of ~UG~. Miss the clan greatly, glad too keep in touch with many of the members from there. Thanks all, and, thanks too those who said i am a great help, and a "Great kid", Kenn, Stan, All !
02-05-2008 06:04

My first person who helped me if i remember right was Korniton.
02-05-2008 07:01

Like many others, I read the Manual diligently (didn't know about www.dw-hq.com early on, or I would probably still be reading! lol). I eavesdropped a lot in Help chat ... just listening to the questions others asked and learning from those. One of the most important things I learned from that was who could be trusted to provide good answers.

Then, when I couldn't figure something out ... I went to LadyRaven!
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03-05-2008 00:33

Stolo was the man who helped me in Syrnia, All what I know about this great game he told me
12-05-2008 01:40

orly first helped me
12-05-2008 01:42

i would have to say stormshadow... he helped me lots
12-05-2008 10:30

Aquadark , Novus Mortuus and Pete is still helping me a LOT ! ... and when i was a beginner it was Maggie who helped me come outta tutorial


Edited on 10-10-2008 19:57
14-05-2008 00:17

Dtown hes a great player really kind
15-05-2008 21:49

i did nt need any sice i had played ages ago but i did get help of mates and ladyraven
15-05-2008 22:20

aquadark said hi to me the first time I went into Syrnia- I liked it, so I stayed, so you could say he helped first
15-05-2008 23:05

gunsmoke, pirate , skellygness and greensky

i can still edit posts of my old account

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22-05-2008 00:37

the first person to help me was "quick" he got me muted for 180 minutes. thanks alot buddy.
22-05-2008 00:56

kenneth283, but that's because he introduced me to syrnia. Other than that, I actually did the stuff I was supposed to to learn the game..
22-05-2008 09:00

Runner2_14 introduced me. DW taught me. Lestro helped me not get ripped off. Moc1 showed me why not to carry gp. Mod reminded me of rules. (several times)
"Stand with those who seek the truth, not those who claim to know it."
22-05-2008 13:48

i think it was jinxter123
22-05-2008 13:52

well, who helped me would have to be vigilante(wether or not, she went a little crazy towards the end of her time with BS)Ami(amwes1) and Asta, for both making sure that everything i did was right. and of course my co-leader, stolo, whos been with me for a long timeeee
22-05-2008 14:47

clan union[unity]
Blessit and my first work group of JAG, MadamI, and inferior
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22-05-2008 15:29

hmm The Dutch Titans as a whole I think.. I never went in chat till I joined a clan and they helped me out with my questions..
22-05-2008 15:59


the legend of
10-06-2008 20:59

my first helper was hope33
10-06-2008 21:30

i had none...come on...this game isn't hard to understand..
11-06-2008 01:30

baal helped me
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