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05-01-2008 00:53

aqua, and aglarele were the guides who helped me through the beginning
Mr. Addy
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11-01-2008 03:39

Eustasea. He brought me into a clan and helped me through the rough times.... To bad he isn't active anymore
11-01-2008 03:55

when i first started 2 years again theking got me going and helped me out majorly lol
11-01-2008 06:05

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11-01-2008 10:50

The First people who helped me out would be my very good mates, Spendy and Preff
11-01-2008 11:43

Bullfrogsbubba, Sonyc, allycat and lethal350
14-01-2008 22:14

Gumby2469 (think the numbers are wrong LOl)
She is in NWDO i was in her clan and she sorted me out
thanx xx

also my boyfriend Dj-kiwi helped me out and still is
14-01-2008 22:18

Radiognome first helped me after he thieved me, he gave me 250 wood for a house lol
14-01-2008 22:32

hmm .. myself xD

then jcfk who i dont think plays anymore =(.. i think i took her spot hiding in th shadows watchng all xD

and now my clan and Sis (ladyraven).. since pff im noramlly deep in a mine or something sim so dont know all the new stuff xD
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18-01-2008 03:12

I think Zeken helped me out alot. My first clan was Zekens when he had his clan black scorpions or somthin like that, then he change it to House of Nao. There was no help chat when i joined.
18-01-2008 05:30

Everyone at TGOS.
Namely Astaroth, Shadimar, and Zeek267.

EDIT: I was still pretty much a noob when I left TGOS (Because shadimar left) so I said I'd join any clan that gave me some armor . That clan happened to be Union. There, Ragnarok, WSW, and d1srupta helped me out.

EDIT2: Oh, and there was no help chat or DW-HQ.

Edited on 18-01-2008 17:41
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Roshni Ka Safar
18-01-2008 17:36

hmmm, first(of the MANY people) that have helped me so far, and probably further on, was the mod *no spamming in help please* XD
19-01-2008 01:16

I would have to thank Dragon_Fayt and kenny666 who ran the legendary clan Legend which I joined within 24 hours of starting to play Syrnia back in June 2005. Here's the clan webpage made by kenny666 which is still up:


Then I would also thank blessit for all her help in chat. She did this for so many new players in the summer of 2005, and once I had read the entire Manual a couple of times, I also joined in and helped her. I'd say that she and I pretty much ran the "help chat" in July and August 2005, before school started and I couldn't play 24/7 anymore.

Of course, this was way back before www.dw-hq.com existed, the Manual was all we had and everything which was not there was a mystery to be discovered - which was a lot more fun than looking up everything on a webpage or get it explained...

And the information we slowly collected was then written into our clan forum, which was how successful clans had an advantage to other clans - by being able to help their members with better advice.

After reading this topic it also looks like all the new players I helped over the years either quit playing or forgot about it... Oh well.

I am just happy that the Syrnia community is working so well together. It is a pleasuer to help others, I am just sorry that I no longer have time to linger in chat like I did in the beginning.

Best, Dale
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25-01-2008 20:20

25-01-2008 20:41

25-01-2008 21:21

aquadark i believe
25-01-2008 21:30

No one helped me. If I didn't know something, hell, I'd figure it out on my own..
25-01-2008 21:36

the first ppl that helped me out was Senji..so miss her alot as well bedlam then my first clan I joined which was Master Traders for teaching me all the ropes in syrnia
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26-01-2008 09:17

Flamechampion helped me
26-01-2008 12:00

rofl stormz_ haha u are a bad teacher rofl NO u are really a good one k
26-01-2008 12:05

for me it was every1 in ADV
28-01-2008 05:50

it was the concilor of the drunked monkeys ( not leader! )
29-01-2008 04:38

TIW was my mentor and Godfather
04-02-2008 02:51

I was helped by several people when i was new. Darwinn helped me more than anyone i think. i dont see them much anymore
04-02-2008 03:16

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