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05-01-2008 17:34

Mr. Addy
Keeping this game free by adding ads to every topic
13-01-2008 02:31

20-01-2008 00:51


Best game I have EVER EVER played, its humongous and endless and ...*drools*

go check it out

-Murder out

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22-01-2008 17:59


Difficult game where you have to shoot portals to advance through the levels. I've gotten somewhere in the 40's before I got annoyed and left it. It's really hard the further you get in it. Make sure you turn the graphics to low the higher you get also, on Macs it tends to get really glitchy later on with the higher graphics settings.
26-01-2008 16:29

yea www.criminal-ghetto.com is so good XD
31-01-2008 20:12


Check it out! Its a text-based strategy game, where you go around with generals that you can assign armies too. You expand your land, destroy other generals and their castles, build resource sites to get a strong economy going. If you check it out, look me up, DarkAssasin67.
15-02-2008 02:36

if any one likes trucking games then you would like this one it's called truckz and you get to drive transports all over north america and make cash.
21-02-2008 12:23

http://www.mirage-island.tk/ Its not a gaming site, its a forums
21-02-2008 12:47


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24-02-2008 05:51


World Of Gradle (WOG) is a 2D skill gaining mmorpg. It has skills such as mining, smithing, alchemy and farming. It is mainly combat based but still alot of fun.
26-02-2008 22:56


You build a city based on greek times.

27-02-2008 17:47



its stratagey game kinda and you build and upgrade stuff, make units, reserch technologies and suchlike, you start with a town on a small island with special monmument and a special resorce to share with other people, later you can make colonies, aliances and go to war with people, later you even get guns,cannon and steampower then robotics!

its set in greek-roman times and you also can have navel battles, trade stuff and eventully even rule a huge island chain empire!

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27-02-2008 20:27

Ogame is the best game ever

www.Ogame.org/de/com etc.
01-03-2008 01:52

This is an 18+ game that you can actually make real money from. you'll need a decent system to run it properly.

Mankind is divided into two classes: those who earn their living by the sweat of their brow, and those who sell them handkerchiefs, cold drinks, and electric fans.
01-03-2008 04:30

Dunno if its already been said but I know about RuneScape of course lol.

Last Chaos:A free 3D game that is similiar to WOW

World of Warcraft: A very fun 3D game with excel graphics and good playability
02-03-2008 21:17

DARK GRIMOIRE- darkgrimoire.com

great game its addictive, once you get into it... its text based and very unique....

and i have a forum- which will be sorta like DG

03-03-2008 00:15

an online multiplayer game strategy text based free
03-03-2008 01:29


Great game, friendly people, can reach up to level 1,000,000! Skills are all random unless you buy upgrades. Drops are all random also. Join in my army and I'll hook you up with a nice bit of gold! My name on there is Vanatos. Just type in /m Vanatos: Hey I just joined you army. I'll hook you up right away and if you have any Q's about it dont hesitate to ask!

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03-03-2008 01:33

Regnarock - Section 7k of the rules clearly state . "

"There will be only one game referral thread allowed in the forums. Game referrals being defined as "join this game using the following link...", etc. Only the games home page URL's may be posted, any personal referral links will be removed."
15-03-2008 05:40

ok i know three games
one is www.eternal-lands.com a graphical game with skills like hravesting/mining alchemy, magic crafting, manafacturing also some pretty fun combat.

www.freeworldonline.com they are remaking this game but for now you can still play the old one which is not that bad, needs alot more players to join and is pretty addictive. there are mining, woodcutting skills but i dont recomend them to earn money. mostly a combat game

www.wurmonline.com a very cool game i couldnt play for long cuz my internet cant handle it but in this game almost all of your actions have an effect on the world. like if you plant a tree and come back a year later there could be a forest there. my only problem with this game is to realistic including the time to do things like mining and making weapons. which involve very long creation proccesses.
24-03-2008 19:33

Any idea as to which of these games use forms of Ajax?

I know Syrnia and Movoda do.

Edited on 24-03-2008 19:34
25-03-2008 13:06

I want Find some game like Syrnia...Have many skill
ex : Mining,woodcutting,....

I tried movoda and runescape...but I don't like rs..now I need more game for my third browsers

I have many free times
25-03-2008 13:21

28-03-2008 18:15


An American football MMORPG. You create a player and then put skill points into different attributes (Strength, agility, speed, blocking, etc) and special skills (dependent on position).

Free to play a player. You'd have to pay (about $10) to run a team. Team owners than offer players contracts and you gain experience and level up by training and playing games (games are every other day).

PM me if you have any questions.
01-04-2008 14:05

man gazz1617 if u used to play ikariam,could u hook me up with the basics?I cant seem to get on it very well.Just started today,though.

chaz i do,and having much trouble with it,when did u start it?

Edited on 01-04-2008 14:08
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