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24-07-2018 00:12

I may try some of the mentioned games now that i will have vacation
You have killed 1000000 monsters/creatures,
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13-10-2018 05:42


If you have played the lost runes, it's similar, and has loads of room for improvement.
20-10-2018 00:22


Very new online game, was a beta tester and enjoyed it alot made by our own player Newfie79

Worth checking out

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14-07-2019 13:43

I play an MMO called Shroud of the Avatar, its by the guys who made Ultima Online and the whole Ultima series. It was the 2nd largest kickstarter game in history. Anyway in preparation for chapter 2 coming out in a few months, they have made the whole game completely free. I really enjoy it and thought some of you might too. Go to shroudoftheavatar.com to check it out.

Thank your for your time.
22-07-2019 23:08

http://www.goldencrop.co.uk/ <<< isn't working
29-08-2019 17:52

Krazydude is currently developing a new mobile game called ''razor trail surviviors''

Find out about the latest updates on their website.

You have gained clanleadership of the Smexyness clan. Cloud has stopped as clanleader, you took over her place. <3

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17-12-2019 04:57


So I found this game that is a free to play open world PVP WOW like game. completely played in your browser, very active at the time of this post. It has 4 classes that you choose from and you can party up with other players to get exp and loot. When you start you pick your class and you pick your team(Only two exist). It has 3D graphics and WASD movement and tab targeting. I have never gotten too far because I can't play well at work but I will post a blurb from the website too.

Find your clan, survive large scale open world PVP and arenas, hunt down bosses and fight your way to the top in this group oriented MMORPG.
Hordes.io is a free to play 3D Multiplayer Browsergame in Open Beta.

I think a Syrnia group could be cool in something like this if we all fought for one side.
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13-02-2020 00:56

I'm looking to start a homebrew D&D 5e campaign of my own devising. "Newbies" welcome, though it's basically Syrnia xD. I expect it to be something to play alongside Syrnia, or maybe just to listen into while you perform bot checks, assuming all players agree to be on-stream (doubt it'd be more than a viewer or two).

Classic D&D time period, some new creatures, some creatures with new demeanors, a from-scratch world with its own plots, and all-new dungeons (both wonky and much more classically styled). I will have to ask for 18-and-up only, as there will be *some* story-appropriate blood 'n' gore at times.

Any possible players or future listeners, please P.M. me for the Discord. I'll try to add the first responding person/people by tomorrow evening. ^^

Thank you
21-02-2020 17:11

still need one more person for the D&D 5e game

beginners are welcome

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11-03-2021 13:05


^Some of you might remember The-Reborn and maybe some of you still play; it's back!


^Grumpy has made so many amazing improvement over the last few years!


^Varamexia is still around and recently had a server upgrade so if for some reason you can't access the site send me a message and I'll give you a workaround.


^Lyr had gone a long time without any updates, but in the last couple of years they've gathered an amazing team that has.

I go by the same name that I do here so if you see me don't be afraid to say "Hi!"
30-07-2021 08:43


You have a choice begin life as an adult or try your chance as a child (two spots only for children and first must be an adult). There are several races already. If you begin life as a child you wait in the tier and wait to be "born" at 5 years of age. You have your whole family with you. Choose adult, you can venture out in the unknown by yourself.

The races are: Folk (Human like) Kobold (Golem from LOTR like) Fae (fairy like) Golem (Rocks) Daemon (demon like) Therian (half human half animal) Avian (Half human half bird) and Naga (half human half reptile)
Fun game 10/10 in my opinion.
Ya'll should come try it out!
04-08-2021 11:31


Owned by the same person as Reborn.

Has over 24 skills ranging from combat, woodworking, thieving and enchanting.

Special enchanted gear can be created to reduce timers and spells of teleportation can be learnt.

Plenty of Quests!

Multiple Maps.


PVP Area.

Skilling actions up to Level 155.

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12-09-2021 02:51


4/5 browser text based rpg

Heavy on the role playing. It's like a society sim I guess. You can create multiple characters and they get thrown into random lands/servers. You can do pretty much w.e you want. You can help build up cities, be a pirate, murderer, conman. It's actually a really good game. A bit heavy to figure out but I enjoy it.
19-09-2021 13:08


Similar to Syrnia, only a small community but growing daily.

Pendragon is currently working on updates and patches for the game.

If you have played before or want to try it out head on over.


~Liu Bei~
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24-10-2021 23:48

The Reborn formerly Nyxre.


I'm sure many of you recognize this game's name. Long, long ago, The Reborn appeared from Nyxre after Nyxre went down for good.

This game has been around for over ten years now and unfortunately went many years without any real staff around doing much with the game.

I am now an admin for The Reborn, and I have been updating the game. We also have an event mod (hint hint upcoming Halloween).

If any of you played this game long ago and eventually lost the URL (it went through multiple URL changes), I am planning on doing something special for Halloween, so now's the perfect time to come back.

If you are new to this game, it's very much like Syrnia, but it has a different set of skills and it's a different world entirely. Would definitely like to see some new faces there! ( Stay here, too. Not trying to bring players away from Syrnia )
24-08-2022 22:21

Hi all,

You may or may not know me from various games over the years, such as: Stroceta , Nyxre and The Reborn.

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the new game I have been working on, as I've recently got back into it, after quite a long break.

I hope to have something people can test before the end of the year, though it is unlikely to be actually released properly until next year.

I have created a discord channel so if anyone wants to help with testing as and when its ready, or have input on design, etc... you can do.

Link is here: https://discord.gg/6AnkDjN4Bv

(Currently there's nothing in the channel, I only just created it)

Apologies if not allowed to post this. I'm not sure what the rules on other game advertising are these days.

28-08-2023 03:05

World of Dungeons: http://world-of-dungeons.net/ Text-based
Free to play (premium option available) RPG
Rating: 4/5

In the World of Dungeons, you assume the role of a brave hero. Each race has its own classes such as barbarians, mages, drifters, shamans and more. You can join a group of heroes to explore dungeons and take part in exciting quests. During these battles, the heroes will find gold, items, experience and fame. The experience can be used to raise the heroes’ attributes and skills, which in turn will allow the hero to use better armor and weapons.

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30-08-2023 18:51

20-09-2023 15:40


I am creating a new online, text-based RPG like Syrnia from scratch. It's called Talaran. (Some of you might recognize the name from years ago. Barun was coding it but he gave up and I gave up on waiting for him. The dirty quitter. (love you though Barun, really <3)).

Partially, I am doing this because I absolutely love this game and games like it, and I've always wanted to create my own unique take on it.

It's also helping me bolster my programming skills (somethingsomethingM2HSyrnia).

I have a Discord server set up where I am sharing my daily progress on the game when I have the time to work on it. I'm starting off focusing on the overall aesthetic and layout of the game before starting on the backend and functionality of the site itself.

I shall also share in the Discord when I have a closed (and later, open) beta for the game.

The Discord:

Also, my most-recent working screenshot (the red brick texture will likely change, just something I threw together last night).

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15-10-2023 17:44

The Discord link seems to have expired. I haven't found any servers for Talaran!
Is the server on?

Also the screenshot looks sick! Good job!

Looking forward to another game like this.

Edited on 15-10-2023 17:45
27-04-2024 20:31

https://dragonrip.com/?r=7867 im really enjoying this game
10-06-2024 02:56

Lost Souls Idle


Been doing a lot of updates on Lost Souls Idle lately. Its a text-based Idle game based in Medieval times! Would love for you guys to check it out and give feedback!
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