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10-05-2014 13:25

Started playing this game. Simple concept of fighting/using healing potions to heal. To begin head south and hunt some skeletons. Has a low playerbase at the moment hence advertising it here.
Will soon be a big overhaul but retaining the essence of the game.

Drakor History Introduction
Drakor is a diverse land containing multiple mountain ranges, lush valleys, and rich forests and jungles. It's pocketed with deep lakes and many rivers and streams. However recently many parts of Drakor have been corrupted by the evil plaguing the land. Streams and lakes polluted and dried up. Fields turned to mud. Mountains crumbling. Drakor is in the midst of an unwelcome change for the worse. Only time will tell if the changes can be revearsed or if they shall become permanent.

The Humans populate the south-eastern point of Drakor, while the Elves can be found on the south-western point. The Trolls inhabit the north-easternly woods while the Goblins live in the dense jungle-like forests of the north-westernly area. The Dwarves occupy the middle ground living under the largest of Drakor's mountain ranges. The Liaxon have all but disappeared from the face of Drakor. A few scattered settlements remain but you are just as likely to see a Liaxon as you are to see your own reflection in a rock.

Drakor is also home to a wide range of monsters, each more deadly than the next, forgotten races, and a multitude of mystical beings. It is a time of strife, with hardships for all. The Ancients have gone missing and with them all knowledge of the higher magics. Throughout the land magic dwindles as the evil rises. There is a great need for adventurers in the world, and many a treasure await any who are brave enough to face the many dangers Drakor has to offer.

General Features that are in Drakor
Full Map System, shows current location, other online players locations, and other places of interest.
Questing System & Quest Review System
Full Guild Features, Guild chat channel, guild forum, etc.
Find Scrolls, Books, Legends, Stories through-out the World, you also have a Story Journal where you can re-read this information.
Battle Arenas, fight blood thirsty monsters and also PvP other players in Drakor's deadly Arenas. Full Battles with other players.
Combat Window, with dynamic statistic updates, Healing Potion System
Over 180+ Areas, 300+ Pieces of Equipment & Weapons, 230+ Monsters, and counting
Custom Race & Equipment Graphics
Drakor World Market - Buy and Sell ANY items in the game used or not.
Dynamic Access/Keying System when you reach certain levels and kill "Key" monsters You will be granted access to more of the Drakor world.
5 Races to choose from, 6 classes to choose from
Skills System where you can progress your player where you wish to build your skills.
Message Forums, Instant Messaging, Multi-Channel Chat System
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12-05-2014 02:22

Created by a clannie. Still in development.

Anyone who wants to try a new timer based RPG go to and register.

22-05-2014 06:11

Not a free game but probably going to be one the best games ever made. Elite Dangerous. . If you are into space exploration or flight simulators this is a great game. It will involve trading, pirates, bounty hunting, and others. It's based on the milky way galaxy. and has over 400 billion star systems. It's probably the most massive game of this genre. You can also find videos on and search for elite dangerous. This game is created by Frontier Developments. I believe it can be played in 3d too. Although this is still being worked on at this time. ED is currently in the alpha and beta phases. The game has evolved since the 80s. There's around 26 versions of Elite.

Try Elite Dangerous. And also see how it changed over the years.
23-05-2014 22:32

Game Name: Taloren
Graphics: Primarily Text Based
Payment: Free
Description: Based off of Amaranthine, Syrnia, Movoda, etc. Currently in early development, but has 3 skills up to level 50: Woodcutting, Mining, Fishing.
13-10-2014 03:39

Just wanted to say that the above game, Drakor ( is now in open beta! It's a really nifty, fun, and addictive game! Would love to see some familiar faces over there!

The details for the game are posted above by Viper.
Novus Mortuus
31-10-2014 00:58

Hello, you may know me from my previous games, such as:

The Reborn (still running under different ownership)

I am in the process of designing a new game, before starting development on it.

I have posted a small bit of info about it, here:

In case anyone is interested.

11-11-2014 22:28

New mafia mmorpg
Novus Mortuus
27-02-2015 21:42

For anyone who expressed an interest in the new game project I am working on, as a successor to The Reborn and Nyxre, I am soon to start developing that and have created a little messageboard where anyone interested can have their say on ideas and help shape its creation.
28-02-2015 21:32

EVE Online is an massively open sandbox game with very few rules on what you can and can't do within the game. Set in an expansive galaxy with over 5000 solar systems to explore and over 2000 wormhole systems! You play as a capsuleer, an immortal spaceship pilot who's conciousness is transfered to a new clone upon death. Take command of various different spaceships, varying from small 100m long frigates to gigantic supercapital Titan class ships that well exceed 10km in length! PVP, PVE, Trading on the in-game virtual market, Scamming players out of their hard-earned cash, EVE has so much freedom in what you can in game, with very little interaction from the devs and GM's. The universe essentially runs itself.

EVE Online is a 3D subscription based game, but it's entirely possible to play the game without ever having to pay a penny of real world money. EVE Online sells items called PLEX for real world money, which when redeemed in game grant 30 days of game time. PLEX can be bought and sold on the in-game market for in-game currency however, so if you're a particularly rich player, it's entirely possible to never have to pay real world money for your subscription again.

I give EVE Online 5 stars, simply because there isn't much else like it!
24-03-2015 01:15

This is a fun Text Based MMO. In this game, you take on quests to kill random monsters. That’s a big part, but there’s also bosses that attack every 2 hours, crafting items, dungeons to explore, guilds, a duel Colosseum, a casino, multiple areas with monsters, milestones and more. Some of them are even names of popular gaming heroes and villains.

It’s pretty good. There are hundreds thousands of levels to obtain, millions of monsters to kill and more.

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24-03-2015 10:52

Literally the second thing in the original post says not to post referral links.

2. No referral links.
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23-04-2015 16:56
"Sinister creatures from the Anderworld ravage the lands of Dracania. Form alliances, make enemies and go on epic quests to discover valuable loot."

"Freemium" MMORPG in the same vein as WoW
Can play in browser or can download client
PvP and PvE
4 Stars
Just so we're clear, I'm a guy
Moon Shadow
17-05-2015 04:57

Here are some other RPG games I play (they're similar to Syrnia):


Games I play through Facebook:
Pirates: Tides of Fortune
Pirate Clan

The following is a download but a lot of fun if you like to puzzle:

Here is another pirate-themed one (no download):

As you can probably tell, I like pirate-themed games. Yarr!
30-05-2015 20:58

Don't know if this has been posted before, sorry if it has.

But the game is called

You start out as a small cell and eat other pebbles until you grow, and there are other players. They can eat you if there bigger and you start all over. Its addicting!
15-07-2015 00:46

Flash based RPG game meant to be played while idle, but with some perks for actively playing ... Supports guilds and group fighting, active development as well... Give it a shot.

Now available on Kongregate as of today!
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26-08-2015 21:52

Game similar to syrnia/amaranthine/runescape classic.

15 skills at the moment. Graphics and gameplay similar to runescape classic. I'd recommend downloading the steam client instead of playing straight off the website.

It's only 90MB download.

Ingame name is Remohteh , send a whisper if you need help or just ask in chat either here or in that game.

EN is english chat
ST is steam chat
$$ is trade chat

If you train combat, i'd recommend getting your accuracy high enough to equip weapon, then defence , and then strength.

Tutorial should explain how to do most things. If something you don't know how to do, ask in chat or type /wiki and go from there.
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Thanks to whoever that donated for me :)
06-12-2015 00:24

If anyone is playing Elder Scrolls Online, I am looking for a casual Guild to join. Mssg me here because I am never on same toon there and can't be bothered to check my mail tbh. XD

edit: guess this info would help: NA server, Aldmeri and Main is Wood Elf/Nightblade, lvl 50 Provisioning.

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10-05-2016 18:17

A classic Dark Age of Camelot freeshard
DAoC is a fantasy mmorpg with the best PvP (what we call RvR, or Realm v Realm) system ever released.
The servers were redeveloped, and have reopened in beta this past Saturday.

Beta will probably last for 2+ months, then all progress will be wiped and every player will have a fresh start. If you have never played DAoC before, the beta may be a good opportunity to learn! may be a good place to follow up if interested.
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07-12-2016 22:33

New text based game similar to Syrnia, Fallen Sanctum but yet different.

Is not like Drakor or Lyrania
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25-03-2017 11:56

Game Name: Dragon Swords
Game Type: Idler game, starts with 30 minutes of autos with combat and guild/arena battles. Aim to be the best solo or with a group of friends, even has alliances. This game is in Alpha and just came out maybe 10 days ago. If you wish to add me as your referral my ID is 1274, just input that number into the referrer box when you sign up.

No Pay, but has option to buy ingame currency to grab boosts to exp, gold, quest boost and then gem boosts to increase your drops as well as the ability to increase your autos.

Thanks for your time and I hope you use my ID it helps me get rewards for my guild that I started and I feel like it is a fun game. I'd rate it at about a 3 or 4 out of 5 depending on what all comes out with it.
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24-06-2017 17:16

free fishing game

Includes the following:
shipyard (upgrade to get better boats)
dock (upgrade to get more boats)
radar station (upgrade to unlock more fishing spots)
warehouse (upgrade to hold more fish)
and so much more, like daily assignments, events, also possibility to join fishing companies, get together with friends and beat the other companies in daily assignments, work in the fish factories, check it out really interesting game
27-04-2018 14:48

New Timer Based RPG

*Free to play (Donator options)
*13 skills with more to be added very soon

Head over and take a look
30-04-2018 03:38

It's a fun game less than a year old. I've only played a few hours and I'm already absorbed into it! Lots of different skills to do, quick quests, fast ways to earn money. Try it, ya might like it!
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16-05-2018 01:30

Its interesting!
Corps for Syrian Life.

Special Thanks to entire [C.] Clan for their Support for me over the years.

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17-05-2018 05:47

Now before I post the name of this game, I am gonna give a disclaimer that I am mainly posting about it because at some point, many of us have definitely played the game, however many quit due to EoC & free trade removal years ago. This post of mine is an attempt to let people know of the return of the game many of us have played at some point.

Having said that, Jagex (the developer of runescape) has released an oldschool version of the game sometime ago to bring back players who quit.

The link can be found at

What's different about it?

-You start over
-In game polling system on most game updates
-Much more communicative developer team
-Can play on multiple accounts at the same time
-Continuous weekly updates.
-Played on a downloadable client (around 20 MB size). Still supports certain browsers.
-Both runescape and oldschool runescape shall be out on Mobile soon (eta: within this year)

Hope to see some of you there soon.


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