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Novus Mortuus
28-05-2012 21:37

Yeah the server seems to have crashed at some point during the night/this morning and I was at work all day.

Unfortunaltey there's not much I can do until the host responds to my ticket at the moment, as I can't even access it via the IP to get in to my control panel.

I would hope it would be fixed tomorrow, but these things can take time sometimes.
Mr. Addy
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28-06-2012 17:21

Drakensang online just google it you'll find it...

feature's include

playable in browser

free to play

option to pay for extra stuff

great graphics

diablo like gameplay

detailed class system

made by BigPoint
29-07-2012 13:59

this is not really a game but a site that judges games... my siteXD
there is not much i=on it now but if you chack it once a week youl see that more comesXD

24-09-2012 03:03


3-4 month old game, has 800+ items and 300 active players.

You are survivors of a shipwreck after fleeing earth before it was destroyed by Sorcery. You have to use primitive tools to work with and level to greatness.

The game is always getting updates, at least 2 a week at the moment.

Currently being coded from level 100 - 200 in every skill.

Check it out
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06-11-2012 06:32

This is for anyone who's ever played a MUD.

New game currently in the early stages of development that will revolve around the AD&D game system.

Website: http://luminarimud.com/

Client Info

Hostname: luminarimud.com

Port: 4100

Free to play and is actively recruiting builders and/or testers right now.
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06-11-2012 13:43

ooh I wuvs playin in mud
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06-11-2012 14:03

*snicker* Not quite THAT kind of mud Nessi, though that would be fun too ;)
"I think the biggest problem in the world is that we have a generation of young people, and maybe two, who don't think it's going to get any better." - John Denver
07-11-2012 18:57


Great free game from Ubisoft, similar to tribal wars but much more advanced and detailed.
03-01-2013 17:59

Hey guys.

Could some1 let me know of a game where I could easily time pass? Looking for something that isn't turn/timer based, not fussed about graphics. Just something to do while syrnia and other games run in the background.

Oh btw, please don't mention any downloadable games/games I have to pay for/game that is all combat and nothing else).


07-01-2013 02:43

Revenge Quest! http://www.rqrpg.com

Great game with a phenomenal community, both staff and player. Be warned, it is an energy-based game, but it's well worth coming over and checking out. Doesn't hurt to try. Come give us a visit.
20-03-2013 18:29


A new MMRPG just out.. it's in closed Beta at the moment but there is a chance of being able to join in by signing up.


A cross between runescape, wow, etc.. no downloads needed runs completely in your browser also free to play

Go to the site and try it out, also look on facebook and youtube.
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29-03-2013 13:03

I have now been given a few closed beta keys for the above mentioned game...message me if you would like to help out with bugs etc 1st come 1st served for keys.
Far better to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.
Novus Mortuus
25-05-2013 10:41

If anyone's interested, my game The Reborn is one year old today and has had an update with a new island and various bit and bobs.

We can always use new players, so feel free to check it out:

26-05-2013 23:11

deadfrontier.com (free)

My new favorite. It's free but you can buy membership/credits.
I have a membership myself.

Its a MMORPG with a Zombie Outbreak theme. It has extensive background story etc with a very well done wiki page as well. It was originally in 2D but is now in 3D. Many Professions to choose from, Many different ways to build your character.
Highly recommend. PvP is an option if you choose it to be, you can turn it off and on at will(with a mild time delay) This is a live action game.

My playername is: oregonbond

Send me a message tell me your from Syrnia i'll hook you up

Edited on 26-05-2013 23:11
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23-06-2013 21:03

Toadwater 2

The skills are: Alchemy, Combat, Construction, Cooking, Farming, Forestry, Management, Mining, Poo (yes, I know..XD), Tinkering, Textile, Whittling, Weaving.
You start on a "tutorial island", called Cloud World, where you can practice your skills, being also protected from pk. First, you practice forestry, by planting seeds and cutting down trees. You can work on the other skills, but the base skill it seems to be forestry. First 10-20 "character levels" are pretty easy to acquire and your HP will also grow, 1 point per level. Every action gives 1 exp. You move using a staff and every action (including moving) will lower your HP. You can eat what you produce by farming and restore HP. To farm, you need worms for preparing field and you get those by digging with shovel. When eating, your poo bar fills, and you have to use an outhouse. You can use a magazine at the outhouse and that gives exp on a certain skill, depending on the magazine type.

30-06-2013 19:23

Blades of Legends
New game as of the 27th of June. Come check it out and support the game if you enjoy it.

01-07-2013 18:07

Neverwinter online. Free online game set in the neverwinter nights campaign.

28-08-2013 15:28

Does anyone play any cool browser games, that I can play while I wait for Syrnia. Preferably timer or tick based. Like OGame or Varamexia Molvoda that kind of thing?
31-08-2013 18:36

Anyone have more good websites to share? I would like to check them out
Swaps raws + Wood for HP, & vice-versa;
raws from Frog to Cod for your Pike & up;
LTB/LAC for your LMC/LSarc;
Plat/Syrt/Obsi ores for your Coal/Iron/Slvr/Gold ores;
Boat for Sloop + 5k Wood, & vice-versa
02-09-2013 07:07


Dark Swords is a free online role-playing game of new generation. The action takes place in a unique world which doesn't have analogues. DarkSwords combines the traditional role-playing system with innovative approach to the game process implementation, character development and social aspect. You can join the players from all parts of the world right now for free!
20-09-2013 17:57

Started playing this week,pretty fun game, if your into Dinosaurs, lasers, and cowboys, cause your a cowboy, set in a western like village, and what would be your horse, is actually a dinosaur, you start off with a raptor like dinosaur called Centorsaurus, but if your good, maybe you can work your way up to the great T-Rex. Though you do have a fine choice of herbivores like Centrosaurus (sorta like Triceratops), Brontosaurus (everyone's favorite long neck), or maybe even Pachycephalosaurus (gotta love the hard head) and graphics are pretty good...

Wanna try: www.dinostorm.com
Server in which i'm currently playing... american server 4

Edited on 21-09-2013 04:09
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13-10-2013 23:27

Awesome zombie mmorpg
my name there: Oregonbond

tell me your from syrnia i will hook you up.
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03-02-2014 01:00


Not sure if it has been posted before or not.
Online rpg, nothing to sneeze about on graphics, but pretty good, I keep going back to it often...


Another text-based rpg... Also not sure if it has been posted before or not.
Pretty good, but p2p for more options. Can get boring after a while, the challenge is trying build different characters and see how far they can go before one gets bored of it. Rinse and repeat every year or so.
Anarcho FooBear
03-02-2014 23:38


Warframe is a 3D game on steam, or from here, that needs to be downloaded to play. It is like a cyborg 3rd person ninja shooter. It is free to play but some things can be bought with real money. You travel throughout the galaxy saving it from invaders of all kinds. It has events very often so be sure to log in daily. I give it a 5/5
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10-05-2014 13:25

Started playing this game. Simple concept of fighting/using healing potions to heal. To begin head south and hunt some skeletons. Has a low playerbase at the moment hence advertising it here.
Will soon be a big overhaul but retaining the essence of the game.


Drakor History Introduction
Drakor is a diverse land containing multiple mountain ranges, lush valleys, and rich forests and jungles. It's pocketed with deep lakes and many rivers and streams. However recently many parts of Drakor have been corrupted by the evil plaguing the land. Streams and lakes polluted and dried up. Fields turned to mud. Mountains crumbling. Drakor is in the midst of an unwelcome change for the worse. Only time will tell if the changes can be revearsed or if they shall become permanent.

The Humans populate the south-eastern point of Drakor, while the Elves can be found on the south-western point. The Trolls inhabit the north-easternly woods while the Goblins live in the dense jungle-like forests of the north-westernly area. The Dwarves occupy the middle ground living under the largest of Drakor's mountain ranges. The Liaxon have all but disappeared from the face of Drakor. A few scattered settlements remain but you are just as likely to see a Liaxon as you are to see your own reflection in a rock.

Drakor is also home to a wide range of monsters, each more deadly than the next, forgotten races, and a multitude of mystical beings. It is a time of strife, with hardships for all. The Ancients have gone missing and with them all knowledge of the higher magics. Throughout the land magic dwindles as the evil rises. There is a great need for adventurers in the world, and many a treasure await any who are brave enough to face the many dangers Drakor has to offer.

General Features that are in Drakor
Full Map System, shows current location, other online players locations, and other places of interest.
Questing System & Quest Review System
Full Guild Features, Guild chat channel, guild forum, etc.
Find Scrolls, Books, Legends, Stories through-out the World, you also have a Story Journal where you can re-read this information.
Battle Arenas, fight blood thirsty monsters and also PvP other players in Drakor's deadly Arenas. Full Battles with other players.
Combat Window, with dynamic statistic updates, Healing Potion System
Over 180+ Areas, 300+ Pieces of Equipment & Weapons, 230+ Monsters, and counting
Custom Race & Equipment Graphics
Drakor World Market - Buy and Sell ANY items in the game used or not.
Dynamic Access/Keying System when you reach certain levels and kill "Key" monsters You will be granted access to more of the Drakor world.
5 Races to choose from, 6 classes to choose from
Skills System where you can progress your player where you wish to build your skills.
Message Forums, Instant Messaging, Multi-Channel Chat System
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