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28-01-2011 23:15

I second avensry. it's gonna be big
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Mr. Addy
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28-01-2011 23:56

Almost as big as my wood, eh Sheepeh?

~999.97mm my wood was, if I remember correctly.
29-01-2011 00:03

That indeed was a very big wood. It was tough squeezing past that. Congrats to whoever did!
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Mr Tiddles
29-01-2011 00:42

return to gaurdia

same as syrnia/runescape except 2d. mmorpg that only about 30 ppl play so far.

great game. quests/fighting/skilling.
Your all noobs

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Cool Ghoul
29-01-2011 18:51

Anybody having trouble logging into avensry.com

I am
[~ V ~]
10-02-2011 04:12

Yea, i cant log onto it either... =/
23-03-2011 07:40

immortalnight.com easily rated 5/5. You have to be 17+ because it involves alot of cussing. See you there

22-04-2011 17:13


this is a great game, totally free to play. just click the above link
30-05-2011 09:20

Game is free. Not 3d, not 2d, not text. It's a browser game. It's not as fun as Syrnia, but it's cool. The things in the game itself take a long time, but there is a cool feature - everything is in real time. So if you log out, everything keeps going like if you were online. You can have alliances, buddies (see at the end), and all kinds of stuff. You start out on an island, where there is wood and a luxury resource (wine, sulfur, marble, and crystal glass). You use these various resources to upgrade your buildings, military units, and all kinds of other things. You can pillage other people, blockade their harbors, defend friend's cities, and much more. There is also research. You can research four main topics: science, seafaring, economy, and military. You can research all of them (you aren't limited to just one). Once you research a skill, you gain benefits such as reduced cost of military units, buildings, or gain the ability to do something. There is trading (once you build a trading post, which you can build in the second day if you work hard the first day). Eventually, when your civilization grows, you can expand to a different island or create another colony on another the same one. You then have access to multiple resources to fund your campaign.

In the beginning, you are protected by gods, which means you can't be attacked. This automatic protection ends when A. you attack another player (you can attack barbarians all you want) B. you go inactive C. Your town hall goes to level 4. D. You create another colony. That way, you can focus on building up your colony instead of worrying about someone attacking you. When you can be attacked, make sure you have ships in your harbor, a wall the level of your town hall, and military units stationed in your town.

As you go into the game (from the begging), you gain more citizens. The more citizens you have, the less happy they are. You can add happiness to your citizens lives by adding things like taverns (you need wine for the taverns to produce happiness), researching various technologies, and building additional buildings.

You can pillage other people. You have to destroy the enemies ships and military first before you do. This may be very hard to do. They have advantages such as walls, among other things. You can help your chances by using rams and other things. When you pillage people, supplies they have not protected by their warehouse (which you can upgrade to protect more supplies) you can steal. You can blockade people's harbors, making trading impossible for them, among other things.

There are also spies in the game. The more spies you send, the better chance you have of successfully entering the town and completing the mission successfully. You can also post spies in your own towns to catch spies. Sometimes, you will find out who sent them. Sometimes, they will slip past your spies. And sometimes, they will catch them, but they will escape or die before you find out who sent them. Here are the possible missions:
Inspect warehouse status - Find out how many resources are in your town.
Spy out garrison - Find out how many and what types of soldiers, war machines and war ships are stationed in the town.
Observe fleet and troop movements - the origin or destination of a fleet and the total number of units and trade ships as well as their arrival time.
Spy out level of research - Find out how many discoveries have been made recently.
Online status - Find out if the player is online.
Observe communication - Find out the 15 newest messages that the person being spied on has sent or received. You will be able to see the subject, the date and the involved players.

I quite once before and have just started playing again yesterday.
If you would like to play this game, message me on Syrnia first. I can invite you to the game, which means you can be on the same island as me. We also get bonuses from being friends on Ikariam. If I research something, you get extra research points just for being friends. There are also other benefits to being friends. In case of attack, we can help defend each other. Or, we could attack someone together. If you do not let me send an invite to you, I can almost guarantee we will be very far apart int he game. There is currently 4 open spots on the island I am on. More may be on the way, because two players are inactive. If they are gone long enough, they will be deleted, which means more people can be on my island. Anyway, message me with your email and I'll hook you up.

URL: Ikariam.com

This is just a quick list that I came up with. I haven't played the game in a long time, so I probably don't remember that much from the game.
Good luck,

EDIT: While there are a few posts, I feel they are too basic to give an accurate summary of the game. Therefore, I have created this post. I will also be updating the amount of spaces available in the island.

Edited on 03-06-2011 06:13
07-06-2011 08:46


And if minecraft is to Graphical

Terraria <-- im going to get it in 2 weeks
07-06-2011 13:31

Multiplayer Strategy game, Build your cities, Find/Train/Level Heros, Create Armies, Semi Timer based. Long Time Player. Free.


I am on Server 5, Same Name (High Ranking out of the 1000's of player's) ;)

Good Online Multiplayer Graphic Zombie Game:


Play for free Win real money:
half skill/half luck.

www.king.com (I've won $200+ never paid a penny)
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BondGirl + Bond
18-09-2011 17:20

http://www.chaoschapter.co.uk/signup.php?ref=3198 **Newly Released**

Long ago there was a city called Mythia... Our old city. It was attacked brutally and fast by the great warrior Dashi. Everyone was seperated, spare a few who were lucky enough to escape with NeilSK.

He trekked through many vigorous terrains to get to a new land and once there he quickly set up this small City Of Andor in hope that others lost in the panic, would find their way here.

Mythia was the most civilized city in this entire world, populated by the most superior race and defended by the most skilled warriors, how could it be successfully attacked?!?!

No one knows. All that we know is that those who find their way here are extremely lucky.

Your goal is to train and find out who attacked this city, and get your revenge!!!
19-09-2011 17:17

Don't know wether it's already been said, but Shimlar needs to be changed


Same game, just under a different name
30-11-2011 19:33


just too addicting

see you there
Novus Mortuus
24-01-2012 23:55


This is just a quick message for anyone who may be interested, please ignore it if it doesn't interest you in any way, shape or form.

For anyone who may remember my failed attempts (well, one of them was reasonably successful) at running an online game (Stroceta and Nyxre), you may or may not be interested to know that I've got a final attempt in the pipeline, now that I actually have a job and can afford the server!

It's not ready yet, but I hope that in the next 3-4 weeks I will be ready to do some closed testing. The testing will probably last a similar amount of time (roughly a month) and then it should in theory be ready to go live.

I don't want to ramble on too much, but if you want a very quick break down of what it will feature:

- About 16 skills
- Single timer system (like Syrnia uses, I've done away with the Nyxre-style one as it was quite flawed)
- About 400 items in the database atm
- Etc..

I will hopefully also (when it's live and running) look into offering those of you who donated to Nyxre a small in-game thank you on this new one, as I know a lot of people were disappointed when I shut that down.

Anyway, that's about it for now.

If you want any more info about it, or want me to let you know when testing is going to start, or want the link to my update blog I've been doing, feel free to message me, as I'm probably not allowed to post links, I can't really remember what the rules here are.

Edited on 24-01-2012 23:55
18-02-2012 07:30


5 stats to train, many mobs to kill in 3 worlds, and 2 main pvp worlds. also farming lands, wars, quests, 50/50, and crafting.

some players may know it as last life, but its back and im a moderator there, so come by and send me a mail some time
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18-02-2012 15:49

Minecraft.net multiplayer is good
You make houses, castles, anything you want will tring to survive
23-02-2012 00:22


It's been around for a while, but truth be told I forgot about it for a while and just recently started playing it again. It doesn't require constant attention, but you can play it that way if you do want to.

It used to have a lot more people, but it doesn't seem like that's the case.

You play as either a Human, a Vampire, or a Zombie. Kill the other factions(or your own,) or help your own.

It's really fun. Play it or don't

Edited on 23-02-2012 00:23
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03-03-2012 20:37


A relatively new text based games involving elements of pvp and kingdom warfare. For any of you who have played rwk you would notice similarities between the two games, you kill monsters, improve your skills and slay beasts. Due to its infancy the player base is rather small at the moment. With the range of players we have here on Syrnia I figured posting the link may help get a few more players involved.

As for costs, its free to play, upgrades can be found without being bought, though this is a very rare occurrence. The games 'tokens' (called Ore) that are purchasable with money do drop regularly by other means such as killing monsters and beasts, though in small quantities. So although it would be slower you can attain the same as those that spend money.

If you do join up, feel free to bug me on there if you need any help, same name as over here.

Edit: Typo

Edited on 03-03-2012 20:39
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01-04-2012 00:36

Dragon kingdoms


Join the others in their quest for Greatness as they embark on a journey to be one of the strongest, most known warriors of these great times! I invite you to fight by their side as they kill Great Beasts, slay Famous Dragons, and hunt Corrupt Kings or oppose them and compete for greatness! Will you be one in their way or do you choose to fight with them? Pick your Destiny now in the realm of Dragon Kingdoms.

Fight monsters, kill special dragons that appear randomly or can be spawned by players for extra rewards. Have a kingdom, grow it and attack others if you wish. 9 skills to upgrade which help with fighting and also your kingdom.
Dark NeroxusTemp
12-05-2012 22:28


5/5 a great game
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14-05-2012 17:37


Cool,FREE FPS. Claims to be the worlds fastest FPS.

My Username:Cast
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Novus Mortuus
25-05-2012 23:12

In case anyone is interested, that game i mentioned i was developing is now live at:


Still very early development though, so plenty still to add/fix/change/etc... as it goes along.
26-05-2012 02:15

That game looks a lot like Nyxre Novus, lol. Same images, skills and everything. So why did it take so long?
28-05-2012 16:06

Hey Novus, the link doesn't seem to work for me

Edited on 28-05-2012 16:06
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