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11-11-2007 01:14

Movoda, Second to this game :o


Mskwik took the Syrnia concept, removed most of the bugs then added some new ideas and made the greatest game ever
Mr. Addy
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11-11-2007 03:35

Movoda is "second to this game" in MY opinion, not that I'm suggesting it's yours!
11-11-2007 03:42

Another fun browser game (in my opinion), that can be played along with Syrnia at the same time is:


I actually play Syrnia, Movoda and Tainted Empire all at the same time in three different windows. And Tainted Empire does not have the timer countdown and is not 'turn based'.

I was just looking for something else to fill my time while mining or chopping wood in Syrnia, and these two other games are simple and fill that time rather nicely. (In my opinion!!) Just in case anyone else is interested in something other than staring at chat. lol


edited to thank you for the nice comment on my avatar. thank you!

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11-11-2007 04:01

A good game I think is Last Chaos. Sorry if anyone said Last Chaos yet. Anyway, It's a large MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)
that is fun. It's hard to pick up at first, but soon you get into it. You can fly around on a dragon or horse at any level. It just costs money. Thats another thing, inflation. 20 million on there would be considered middle class. There you have it.

It's very good graphics and it's 3D, I'd say it's right next to WoW on funness. You must download it though. Look it up on google and you'll find the site easy.


Edited on 19-05-2008 05:49
11-11-2007 04:47

" 2moons" Is an incredibley stupidly addictive 3d fantasy RPG with AMAZING graphics! free! but you must download it. its from Aclaim. Huge player base! must have a newer comp to meet required needs, Graphics, movie clips , ect. Kinda like a cross between Syrnia/movo and final fantasy movie. check out trailer in youtube. "2Moons"
21-11-2007 19:08

Runescape's been mentioned already, and it's got it's goods and bads.
21-11-2007 19:14

sam, i feel the same way, but if you display that too vigorously, you might get the topic locked.
23-11-2007 06:24

here is a pretty fun but a little bit complicated in the beggining but gets reall good is www.eternalwars.com/

***MOD EDIT: see game rules, referral links even here are not permitted.

Edited on 23-11-2007 06:59
Raven Shadow
24-11-2007 05:48

anyone know a good 3d gangster game online
24-11-2007 05:52

A game that i have found enjoyable recently is Everonia.

if you want to help me out message me and I'll send you a referral link. if not here is the plain link.

01-12-2007 02:30


great game,first thing u should do when u start is set boosters to 500% and join my clan silent knights,mail me in it,my pm is king of kings
04-12-2007 00:25

runescape i think owns
04-12-2007 03:00

nobody knows/plays uo? its one of my favourites since 1987. no mistyping since 1987.and the first one i played was the fourth version of the ultima games.
05-12-2007 16:24


It's not free, but it's a hellova MMORPG. highly addictive so beware it doesn't take over your life!
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05-12-2007 19:31

Eve Online (www.eve-online.com)

Its a dark science fiction MMORPG, its very opposite compared to the easy boring word of warcraft, keep that in mind, trust no one, and conquer!
The game only one server for everyone, not hundredds of them like other MMO's, it means that you can truly create a legacy of your own and everyone can know about you which aint possible in other games. The server is closing in on having 40000 players online at peak times, with 30000 being the normal all around.
It is pvp game, not only by shooting each others for resources or control of space, but also on the market as it is entirely player driven. There are battles from solo pvp to fleet battles with thousands of players fighting it out for control over the 5325 solar systems (and more added all the time), expansions are free adding a TON (this is proper expansions) of content, very often something entirely new as well. There are no levels as the game is based on skills, both character and player skill, character skills progress in real time, even when offline, so there is no grinding or doing the same ting over and over, the only thing that might be considered a grind may be getting isk (money) but it really isn't once you know how, you can live of killing other people. Contrary to what you may have heard, a 1 day old player can go out and pvp, although solo pvp requires a little more training.
If i was to tell about everything i could go on forever, if you have some questions, i'd be happy to answear them. (message me them, as i wont see them here)

this game as other MMO's require a monthly fee though.

Edit: the game also has a very good community contrary to many other games. however the harshness and challenging nature of the game puts a great deal of people of. so you need yo like challenges.

Edited on 05-12-2007 19:35
09-12-2007 10:56

which of all these games are text based and which are not?

also, which ones would u recommend??

i used to play runescape but i got bored, anything similar to that?

thank you for all your help, plz reply
10-12-2007 15:16

try untamed west its a good game


**MOD EDIT: referral link removed**

Edited on 24-12-2007 00:34
11-12-2007 03:19

Star gate wars is a ripoff lol >.<, i tried registering for it but when you have to type in the number it keeps saying its wrong... it said six, so i typed it in and "You should type the text that you see on the image.". It was the right number too...
17-12-2007 17:45


That game is soo nice and fun but still quite hard
21-12-2007 04:50


**MOD EDIT: referral link removed**

This is a pretty fun, addictive text-based game. Your goal is to have a powerful kingdom. What you do is level your person up. Once you reach level 1,000(doesn't take to long, toke me about an hour or two) you can start to build your own kingdom. This allows you to attack other player's kingdoms and also you profit from this.

Believe me, it's worth a try.

Edited on 24-12-2007 00:34
22-12-2007 02:57

I like playing at battleon.com, its a non-text based game
22-12-2007 03:43

Here's a link to quite a few games.
23-12-2007 23:52


Check it out. .
24-12-2007 00:09


I didn't see this listed anywhere, but it's a turn-based, text-based strategy game. You have 5 races, each with their own unique bonuses. You gain gold twice each turn (turn = 30 mins, gold every 15) and have to build up you army and fortifacations to aid you. You can sabatoge the enemy's weapons, recon them to se their stats, of just flat out attack them.

It's not a bad game, just a little slow with an age averaging out to about 6 months. Gets crazy sometimes, but I enjoy it.
30-12-2007 22:10

This game is very addicting you choose a character with a career of your choice ,, and build it to a powerful character , you can become a gangster or police or doctor or judge and they have different city to live in it`s nice been playing for 4 years lol .

Also try this game if you like economy games

basically you establish a company or enterprise and buy , sell produce products and become the wealthiest company ..

Edited on 30-12-2007 22:30
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