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28-03-2010 23:18

best zombie killing game evar!

its 2D atm, but it already has 3D testing servers working, it is going to release the testing servers to everyone on april 1st

if you want a referal link(it gets me 5k ingame cash on there) message me

4.7 out of 5 stars - it lags a little bit, there clearing that up with the huge update next month

Edited on 28-03-2010 23:21
Mr. Addy
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13-04-2010 00:39

the best text-base game ever lol
13-04-2010 11:41 (LoL).
A text based game where you gain levels and battle monsters.
16-04-2010 03:45

So i looked, and behold a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.
03-05-2010 03:06

it's just like this game
message light_angel
that's me
Novus Mortuus
21-05-2010 19:45

If anyone cares, I'm working on another project at the moment, which will be a follow-up to Nyxre. but with more effort put into it and more financial planning ().

It's nowhere near done yet, but I set up a little forum incase anyone wanted to suggest ideas for it.

So...yeah. You can suggest things for it if you want, or if you don't care then you can stop reading
22-05-2010 10:40
08-06-2010 06:59

- OGame is a strategy-game set in space. Thousands of players across the world compete at the same time. In order to play you only need a web browser.
13-06-2010 06:55

A fun, strategic multiplayer flash game (can be compared to Tribal Wars as there are much similarities) where you (a lord) control a village and take over the world by conquering others.
16-06-2010 04:46

Does anyone know any other Role Playing games besides
16-06-2010 04:50

I played this game years ago
You have been caught thieving Bassman !
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17-07-2010 11:46 has some really good games Mostly the platform racing 2/3 (3 is on
21-07-2010 08:34

i used to play gunz but don't play it anymore, moved back to Syrnia and "Runescape".

so gunz is a 3rd person shooter but with melee weapons, you go around killing people in maps with your guns and swords. The game kind of added some "bugs" which allowed for funner play overall. all players know about these bugs too, and the founder of that play style called it k-style. These bugs allowed for far more flexible play, but it really requires a fast hand on the pc and mouse and the ability to adapt to anything that happens in a split second. it allowed you to hit far more faster, and the best players hit around 5 shots per second and that's like maniacal because when you go around with a shotgun hitting 5 shots per second AND avoiding any gunshots/melee strikes, you really are good. There are several game modes including a sword-only game or a "quest" where you go around killing monsters solo or with your friends, or a ffa match or a team match, whatever you want is available in this game.

You should try it, but it's really rough on new players, if you hold on for about 2-4 weeks, you'll have learned enough k-style to be leveling efficiently enough, and the higher you go the more items you can buy from the shop.

euro gunz is for those who live close to europe and i think ijji gunz was for America. choose your closest server because when you lag ingame not only does it make other players hate you, it reduces your gameplay experience by ALOT and makes the game much less fun.
21-07-2010 09:57

I believe I came across an online game one day, quite similar to this one, actually.

I may be wrong, it's been a long time since I've heard anything about it, but I think it's

Looked pretty cool, may want to try it out one day. But seriously though, you don't have to. It's cool. You can just continue playing this silly game you are playing now instead.
28-08-2010 22:19

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Referral link removed 21.52 28-8-2010
Novus Mortuus
31-08-2010 20:24

If anyone's interested, I've just started a blog website to help teach people how to make text-based games.

It's only got a few tutorials on there at the moment and it starts at the very beginning, so it's pretty basic, but over time it will teach you how to do more complex ones.

31-08-2010 21:03

Free Online FPS.
31-08-2010 21:06

Fun, addicting textbased game. Combat is the main thing in the game. there is around 50 different enemies you can fight. By killing enemies, you get gold, which can be used to purchase various things in the game. There are also 4 skills you can train (Quarrying, Woodcutting, Mining, Foraging, as well as Runecrafting in the making). You will be able to use these resources to do clan stuff whenever clans are released.

The pros:
* You can play it afk
* Good community
* Mods aren't harsh or biased
* Many large expansions coming soon

The cons:
* It is easy to get banned
* Donation upgrades cost too much
29-09-2010 11:18
Is my favourite game and i can play syrnia at the same time.
Tibia is running since 1996, and it have a lots of players. It's made by cipsoft, and it's a client based game. The client is lite, and doesn`t requires to much space on HD. There are a lot of challenges in-game, and after gaining lvl 8, players can talk with the Oracle to bring them to the destiny island. Here players could choose one of those 4 vocations:

Knight, based on melee combat and heavy armors. It also have much HP and capacity points. In-game is used as a blocker, loot carrier, and also for it's dmg.

Paladin, based on distance combat. It have medium stats, on hp, mana, capacity. Is pretty usefull in combat agaisnt creatures with hight melee dmg and undeads, but it have drawbacks against creatures with magic abilities.

Sorcerer, based on magic elements combat. It's strenghts are on Fire, energy and death dmg. It have high mana point and mana regen. Lacking in hp, he must often use mana shield, which absords mana instead of hp.

Druid, based on nature,ice dmg and heal. It's very usefull on party hunting, but the drawback for non'premium users is that druid is pretty useless without the premium spells.

High level players can train skills even being AFK as the syrnia training

So tibia is a serious game, with no database resets since it's running, and from what i remember since last 8 years, no rollback were made. The rules have strongly punishments, and all botters' account get deleted after a while.

Edited on 29-09-2010 11:21
07-10-2010 22:13


An online text-based RPG that's still in development, however it is coming along very nicely and recent leaps and bounds have driven the release date to December 2010 - January 2011 still in it's youth after being founded over a year ago. The game is as many people will most likely come to put it, a hybrid of Movoda and Syrnia however it is not, all the ideas for this game have only ever come from me and no other games although Syrnia has been instrumental in making me think what people would want out of this game.

Not released

I will edit once it's released
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The Couch YetiTemp
17-10-2010 20:47

Hey everyone, I've come across this pretty cool Game. It's still under development, and is free. Non download, browser based.

The game has quite a few features, awesome chat environment, and is a decent play.

In the game;
You have Quests, a Market, general chat, clan chat, and moderator chat*(for mods.* )A Newby Chat. Hundreds of monsters.
In order to speak in world, however, you must reach a certain level, which does not take too long.
No tutorial, so feel free to ask me questions, or the mods their.

The game itself, does not have any Armour or Weapons you can equip though, but instead, you an Upgrade your armour and weapons, and buy their power up. By doing so you upgrade your Skill Masteries using Platinum.From doing that, you can buy up your Weapon and Armour upgrades, for gold.

During game play, your Attributes raise, which consist of:
Health: 0/500(Hit Points)
Attack: 0/500(Attack Power)
Defence: 0/500(Defence Power)
Accuracy: 0/500(How often you connect.
Evasion: 0/500(How often you void)
Luck: 0/500(How often you find a drop)

It's fast paced, or slow paced, depending on how you want to play.
You have Tradeskills that you can work on(4) that include

With the game still being under development, some updates are still to come to impliment new features into the game.
Currently on that list:

Player Vs Player
Rune Crafting
Resources Implimented into use.
Rune Shards Implimented into use.

Now, for all you New players:
To start off with, you can see Drop Down boxes, three, one on the left of screen, one in center, and one on the right.
First off, take a look around, go through them, get familiar...
Now, click on "Battle", scroll down to "Quests,", click Quests, then click 'Generate' Quest. From their, go back to the Battle section, and fight the Rats.
On the screen their, you can see that you have X ammount of Quest Items, or Quest Monsters to kill/obtain.
Keep this up until you are level 100, by clicking Quests and battle.
Your Attributes will raise as you play the game.
After you reach level 100, go to your 'Skills', located under your 'Attributes,' and upgrade them with the platinum you have aquired from quests. Then go to the Right of the screen, and click on your Weapons and Armour, and Upgrade them with your gold.

You will find Runes, keys, and Items, such as Diamonds,Diamonds are used to Transcend with, which you don't need to do until most your Attributes are near maxed.
Runes are like Rings, to equip and give you a boost. They do not destroy.
Keys, are for Upgrading the Rarity of your gear. From Common to uncommon, to rare to Legendary.
Their are a few different type of keys, but I am only explaining two to you.
Green keys are levels (1)-(5), they increase your armour and weapons by 1 rarity, which takes it to Uncommon from Common. if successful. Which increases Damage Dealt by weapons, or Defense on armour.
Blue keys take the Rarity from Uncommon, to Rare. But never use a blue key, unless you already have ALL your armour and Weapons to Uncommon. Otherwise it'd be a waste, because it'd most likely raise a Common piece, to Uncommon.

So, here is some information on the game, if you are interested, feel
free to Private Message(Not Whisper,) Contact Lol, or Myself.

I must apologize, I didn't realize that Lol had posted something about this; Partial credit goes to him as well.
I believe he may have been the one that recruited the friend that recruited me; so all thanks go to Lol.

Edited on 04-05-2011 21:54
[4]22:48 EvilGenius1[-TL-]: Forum -> Market -> Selling collectables

[To: evilgenius1]22:49 Varience[Pog]: Are you selling any Evil Geniuses? <3 :P

[W]22:51 EvilGenius1[-TL-]: thats priceless
17-10-2010 20:51


There is this new game that has pretty much all the things that Varience just posted.

It is called The Lost Runes.

If you feel like it you can check it out. I know loads of Syrnians play it.

I see Lol already posted about that game too which kinda makes Variences and my post a waste of space.
Feel free to delete it mods

Edited on 17-10-2010 20:54
Started playing: 2 juli 2005
32nd player reaching mining level 85
14th player reaching mining level 100
27May2009: Mining level 100
24/02 <3
19-10-2010 10:16


1. Mythos(strategy, reset every 40 days)
2. Norron(strategy+rpg, reset every 85 days)

There are 12 patron gods which give unique bonuses to the cities worshiping them.
There are 12 different "god troops" specific to individual gods(there are several types of regular troops as well).
4 different classes of Heros.
4 different terrains for establishing cities(each having different advantages).
Several quests.

Hence, there are a lot of combinatons in which you can play and find out which one suits you best.
24-10-2010 08:01

Java based and playable on Windows, Linux or Mac, Call of Combat tests your ability to coordinate with other online players and deploy your squad of 4 soldiers to maximum combat effect. The enemy are trying to kill you, only skill and teamwork will stop them. Your team needs you, will you answer their call?
21-01-2011 08:41

Return to Gaurdia.

RPG- Free. but you can get super stuff from donating just like from here.

My username : Scarlett
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