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06-03-2009 14:50


From here you can find a game called BOTS, 9 dragons and another game .. think it's called 2moons, and more.

also www.adventurequestworlds.com ( think thats site name )
Mr. Addy
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06-03-2009 18:27

florensiaonline.com great 3D pirate game
Miss Bubbles
16-03-2009 06:41


Human-Age is a very good game I recommend it for anyone

I rate it 5/5 easily.


Ok so you start as a man or woman (your choice) in like the stone ages. Instead of using gold coins, you use 'goat knee-caps' as money. You have a house, and you can get a job (water-carrier, wood-gatherer, lumerjack... HEAPS more). Once you have done the job for a certain amount of time your character will learn it. Once you have learn't all jobs you can get a level up, (or you 'evolve'). At the shops you can buy things for your house, weapons, stuff to make you have more: Strength, Stamina, or Intelligence. You can also 'Hunt' and what you get from hunting you can sell for money. You have a friends list, you can message other people, you can 'Fight' other people, you can gamble, play games, do quests... there is so much to do

Hope everyone enjoys playing it!
23-03-2009 21:23

free to play futuristic MMORPG
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Gargon Vale
03-04-2009 00:58

Blacksword RPG http://blackswordrpg.com/
Free to play (donator option) textbased RPG
Rating: 4 stars

Here you will find a new world to discover. Choose which path you will take. Train and fight monsters or other players. Choose your side in a battle between good and evil where your actions decide your path. Join or lead a clan and fight for supremacy. Forge one of two legendary swords and lead your side to victory.

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05-04-2009 18:11

i did a ctrl+f search and didn't find it via list but.

A MMORPG that is immense on one single cluster of servers. Encompassing 4 core races and now over 200 interstellar ships. From mining barges to large Titanic assault ships.

This game is not for the weak of mind or will. Primarily its all about progressing through your career as a starship captain, you can be as little as a recon/explorer specialist, to a Corporation President with Soverienity of a nation.

It is a 3d 3rd person Sci-fi space craft piloting game. Primarily using waypoints and the HUD to find the objects in space.

Economy is controlled by the populace, so prices stay at a fluxuating rate from month to month.

Skills are time based, you can start learning a skill (IE Learning lvl 5) and it will tell you how long it will take to learn that level of skill (particular skill is 4 out of game days). With new improvements you can set up a que list so that you can have more than one skill ready to be learned at one given time.

There is PVP, but only if you travel beyond the hisec(0.5 security sectors+). once you hit the 0.4 sectors and below, the ingame gaurds cannot help you.

However it does go both ways, including if you have a raiding squad with you to stop some gate campers.

It is Subscription, at about 34.95 for 60 days through the eveonline.com webstore. but with an Ultimate Game Card, i believe you can get a 30 day for cheap.

A buddy system is in order where if you claim me as your referral, and you end up switching from a trial account to paid, i will get 30 days free.

Right now there is a 14 day trial account available, however full functionality is not available during the trial phase.

It is a MMORPG at its heart, so there are lots of quests, or a ton load of grinding if you want them.

"Newbies" are very welcome and can start off the game (after the newbie tutorials) with over 1mil isk (interstellar kredits). plus 6 free ships after completing certain quests.

I rate it at 5 out of 5, not because of bias (i have played on and off since beta) but because it brings a more adult face to mmo's with HUGE starsystems, and no trademark (*cough star trek/star wars *cough*)
With the newest update Apocrypha, they updated their graphics greatly. so anyone running anything near an ATI RADEON Mobility 7500c. you might wanna upgrade (my poor laptop)

Any questions both in and out of game, don't hesitate to ask. As i've seen this game go from only 50 ships (beta) to 150 (second genesis) to now over 200 (Apocrypha). As well as the skills available increase exponentially.

this game is not for players who want an easy game, there is a graph of a bell curve describing how hard it is to learn how to play effectively.
(example: http://upload.0x1011.org/files/LearningCurve.jpg) However, once you get the hang of it, you will have a blast!

Thank you for listening to my rant, i'm gonna go back to mining on an asteroid belt.

Edited on 14-04-2009 19:44
08-04-2009 03:56

http://www.estiah.com/ 4/5

An action point based game with hundreds of skills, pvp, guilds and much more.
You can explore dungeons, go on quests, gather resources...

http://talesofmagic.co.uk/ 4/5

A timer based game where you train your mage (or witch) to climb the ranks and be the best.

http://www.tanoth.co.uk/ 5/5

Another timer based game, similar to tales of magic but with many more things to do, and a much better interface.

All are browser based and require no download, are free to play indefinitely with the option to pay for more features.

All perfect games to play side by side with Syrnia
13-04-2009 21:15

22-04-2009 22:05

Atlantica Online. Free Turn-Based strategy MMO, Aim of the game is to try your main and 8 mercenaries, fight against others, train skills, do quests and everything else you do in MMO's.

09-05-2009 18:16


For those who used to play Stroceta, this is the same game, but different owners, and different name.

For new players.. go check it out.

Just did a reset on Zantoria. And the game is now out of beta, and officially open.
steve changed
09-05-2009 19:12

Zantoria is kool, Nice and quiet.. great for just goofing off minus the people in chat you normally see
15-05-2009 21:23

http://www.movoda.net just like syrnia
25-05-2009 18:57

Try out this strategy war game.

www.7.evony.com <-- im on server 7
Hara Kiri
27-05-2009 11:29


Text based, zombie game in which you can either choose to be a zombie or a survivor with many different classes and skills to learn.
Only down side is you use actions points in everything you do and once there gone, you must wait about 12 hours before they are fully replenished.

4/5 stars but i like zombie survivors some it's a bit bias

Edited on 27-05-2009 11:30
01-06-2009 03:44

Www.evony.com Newer game just stopped beta testing like 2 weeks ago its nice its browser based and txt base no 3d and its like syrnia u can walk away and do other things like laundry and such
07-06-2009 15:23


stratshire is a cool game with very few players.
16-06-2009 19:25



I mix between Movoda and Syrnia. Very fun and addicting.
20-06-2009 16:07

Since I played it some time ago..

You play a noblemen in a medieval setting, who hires mercenaries to fight in tournaments for you. Your level is your noble rank (which determines what kind of mercs you have access to, and gives you points to allocate to different things). Your noble rank is increased by having your mercenaries win arena fights (mostly). When your mercs win, they gain xp, based on how tough a fight it was and when they level up you can assign a few points to their different skills (attack, defence, speed and , so sometimes keeping your first mercs can be better then trading them in for new ones. There's quite a bit more to the game, but that covers the basics.
24-06-2009 07:40


An easy and fun game featuring your own character and his fighting adventures, after you are "initiated", go to the arena and pick on people your own size.

(Cute, fun, appropriate for all ages)

Edited on 24-06-2009 07:45
26-06-2009 04:47

One of the best games ever: Digital Paintball 2

Paintball FPS, fun fun, clans, public servers, private servers, forum, in-game chat, also IRC. Great community, an absolute must.

(And FREE, can't beat that ;)

Download link:

Login link: (You don't need an account to play, but it is free and then no one can steal your names and you can play private servers, join clans etc.)

Forum link:
17-07-2009 12:36

Does anyone know of a game where you can move around and kill stuff?
18-07-2009 01:38


pure combat.

move around, kill stuff, kill other players, get gold, train your combat stats.

Good Fun. Free to play, although can upgrade stuff if you wish to purchase items (fairly inexpensive).

not 3d but not timer based either. (not sure what it would be classified as)

I give it a 3-4 stars for it's type.

Great community. Guilds, guild wars weekly events.

Edited on 18-07-2009 01:40
19-07-2009 11:18

Ok, I don't mean pure combat. I mean you can see yourself moving around, like baneworld and nowhere-else and beyond.
21-07-2009 12:59

Any fun investment games?
21-07-2009 13:16

Very cool new game I found, Its free , like old PBM Dungeons and Dragons games


try it

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