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04-12-2008 12:29


Warrior fields is a free online textbased game.
Build up your castle and army, then send some of your units siege a 'friend' of yours."

This should be removed, the game was shut down a long time ago.
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06-12-2008 23:37



A fun filled world that will keep you coming back. Just when youy think you have the world figured out, you realize that there's more.
08-12-2008 04:14

become, please post the link to the game, once it actually is working. Thanks. .
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08-12-2008 08:15


An easy to pick up fishing game, Seems pretty simple to use and I figure some fish enthusiast may enjoy. Sadly I've been banned from joining any more RPG's


Fun little tycoon game if you have the patience, seems fairly easy.
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09-12-2008 17:55

a game that exists quite a while,but i started playing it recently.
its a simulation of anicent greek, you are the leader of a town, build your town up, make your citicens happy,collect resources,do research,pillage players,make blocades,make colonies etc. etc..
If anyone wants to find me,im playing in "Eta" server.
14-12-2008 00:37

My newest addiction:

19-12-2008 08:20

Might I recommend awakenedlands.com, a php browser based gang and crime simulation taking place in a not so distant future urban sprawl very similar to the famous world depicted in the "Shadowrun" pen and paper RPG,

I have a referrel code for awakenedlands, and would be much abliged if anyone used it, but as this forum isnt the place for such things, I would be pleased if anyone giving it a try would shoot me a PM for it

I also recommend strategygamenetwork.com,

an active online environment for a world domination sim, a la "Risk"

give it a shot ,

my tag is "prophesy" there as well,

21-12-2008 00:32

If anyone needs a good game, try this:

23-12-2008 03:32

Gapto's Blaster:

24-12-2008 21:58


A different type of game save the world and learn
25-12-2008 04:19

i have recently found a new game which is some what good so if u would like to try it out u can go to the following link:


not many people are part of this new game so u can be one of the first few. there are only like 250 members

but because it is pretty good i recommend it

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deleted referal.
28-12-2008 18:05

www.popmundo.com -Virtual music industry and real life simulator.
28-12-2008 18:26


I enjoy this game alot. You might too!
07-01-2009 05:50

Last Chaos


A good game 6 classes but the downside is you cant choose gender. It is already set.
13-01-2009 19:14

id have ta say [cantr.net] is my new fav game beside syrnia... its a bit complicated whenu first start but im starting to get it an i think its quite awesome already i think EVERYONE should at least check it out if u are considering playing this game you should read about it first dudel can tell you more about it

shawn mo
27-01-2009 15:33

Just wanted to introduce a game:


This game is a browser game based on Naruto,so if you watch Naruto,checking out this game is a must.
You start out as an academy student,and you can choose your path:
Whether you will be a berserker weapon user or a defence ninjutsu(art of ninja)
user,you will have fun...
This is a game you can play on top of syrnia,and have over 20,000 active users.
28-01-2009 02:43


Wonderful 2d MMORPG! Currently in BETA with skills ranging from miner to shearer, different combat weapons to master! Can you defeat them all? Be the best?

Classes are coming out soon!
28-01-2009 06:09

Funorb.com has a few good games on it, thoguth if you dont like runescape I guess you wont like it either, tho there are some single player games.
13-02-2009 18:57


14-02-2009 21:59

try this poker game
17-02-2009 19:14


Second Earth Faction Wars is is an ever-growing expanding game.
Its a text-based mmorpg,has good community,an IRC chat,forums,battles,a variety of weapons and units,4 different races,citisizens,tons of researches and more!
The game is based against PVP.you get a few citisizens every day(depends on your research level),and you can turn them into soldiers(offensive units),guards(defensive units) or miners(they get you gold based on the number of miners and research levels).you can also buy units with pure gold,Hellpigs and Circuitman/Circuitwoman fall into this category.
You also get 2 attacks every 30 minutes period,and they accumulate.
This game is launched recently,so overall- 10/10 rating.

Edited on 20-02-2009 10:46
01-03-2009 16:37

i dont know if im allowed to post this so sorry if i broke a rule but:

gangbl1ss.freehostia.com is a game me and a few friends are working on so can people please join it and get their friends to join it aswell. thanks

a gangster game similar to gangster paradise. start low and aim to be the godfather and run casinos etc.
01-03-2009 22:03

Just wondering if anyone here has or does play secondlife? I tried it today but found it so confusing and very very laggy.

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05-03-2009 16:15

Fallensword, is a really cool browser based mmorpg. Many different levels and skills. Lots of armor sets and monsters to kill for money and equipment. ITS FREE btw. Use this link to join for free now!

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Referral link removed- again, 16:18 5-3-2009
05-03-2009 17:09


3.6Gb client, still in beta, gets released on 19th march '09

If you want a 3D online game with better graphics than i've seen in a long long time try this.

Only snag is a small config change and then it's plain sailing.

Loads of skills, spells, monsters. Kinda reminds me of Flyff, but the graphics are WAY better.
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