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23-09-2008 01:28

does anyone know of a free online no download game that you can walk around like nowhere-else.org but NOT RUNESCAPE

ps: dont listen to Rictor!!!

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Mr. Addy
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23-09-2008 01:57

Yes, get up, walk to the door, open it, and go outside.

Your all set.
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24-09-2008 07:59

What happened to Stroceta? I just joined last night (different name) and it looked good. It'd be nice to have another game like Syrnia and Movoda
24-09-2008 16:04

Try Stryth.com
27-09-2008 19:23

The west, build up you cowboy/indian, and live out life in the wild west, even build your own town with fellow town members.


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05-10-2008 17:45

Become a Criminal on this new game that is building up members. You train stats, hospitalize, mug, mine for points, hunting, smuggle points, do crimes and more.

06-10-2008 15:34


This is a browser based, text-based trucking simulation. I have been playing for about 10 days. It's kind of interesting if you ever thought about being a trucker.
This game is free to play


The home of City of Heroes which is a massive multiplayer Hero/Villain game with multiple servers and thousands of players. You must purchase this game and there is a monthly fee to play but if you ever wanted to be a Hero/Superhero this just might be for you.
07-10-2008 11:56

www.bigpoint.com is game were dark and and gladius2 and such things are on
07-10-2008 12:22


A spider man game . I think spider man is drunk in this game .

EDIT : Highscore for me 15,083

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11-10-2008 19:40

Novus shut down Stroceta, but it has been given to me. I have taken ownership and I am working on fixing bugs and improving the game with a small group of Closed Beta testers. Information on an Open Beta can be gotten at http://www.stroceta.com/ or http://www.stroceta.net/
12-10-2008 05:42

http://www.heroeswm.com/Personal referral Link removed

A strategy RPG game. Customize your own army, and choose your own unique race. Gather resources and kill enemies or players!

Elves get better at lvl 3 ^^

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17-10-2008 15:24


A online text-based Maffia game. You are a gangster who can rise through the ranks, doing drug and booze runs, engaging in heists, shooting at things to get better at killing and much more.

You had the link already Just added the description ;)
28-10-2008 01:41


This is the global version

Maple Story is a MMORPG with levels, islands, guilds and all that...the great thing of this one is what this is a PLATAFORM GAME

This dont ask for a very powerful pc, and need around of 2-3 gb of free space to download

Free to play, but for "extras" (As clothes what only dress up you character)you have to pay

My favoryte active MMORPG of all, very recommended, really really very funny

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chicken chips
07-11-2008 18:18


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07-11-2008 18:41

08-11-2008 11:24


Yes I know it was stated earlier in the original post however I believe it did not get enough credit.

Cantr II is all about your character evolving into the greatest he/she can be. Strive to be the best (or worst) at what ever you can imagin. Sometimes just being the town goof is the most fun! There are no NPC's in game every character your character interacts with is another player. So you should not treat them as NPC's!

I suggest if you like actual RP then you should really look this game up. Start with only one character and if you don't like it just push the green X. He/she will die of a heart attack and get a good burial, usually.

Before you join please read the Wiki and/or join the forum and ask some questions. Join the forums especially if you like the game. We like to keep in touch with each other. It's difficult in game because of the CRB, but please join the forum!

Cantr is slowly loosing its english audiance and since english is all I speak I really don't wan't that to happen. Don't be turned off by a bad first couple days because I'll be honest may be a little difficult. Just remember if you keep in character then you'll have fun no matter if they live or die. I've had characters that were fun to get killed off only because of the characters personality.
16-11-2008 13:56


its a cute little farming game ^^
19-11-2008 15:14

Just a game i found today,its text-based and takes only a few minutes per day to play,there are only 1k registered so i assume its quite new.
Its a game where you have a robot(but you cant see it) and you buy parts,up its' defense/offense,tweak weapons,challenge computer and players,gamble and use hackers(like spies).
well,personaly i liked it,and my name there is the same as here.
19-11-2008 17:29

unforgiven war is a fun text based game like this set in 2008 where you go round killing people go in platoons sell stuff own a house go up levels its a great game!
19-11-2008 21:09

i'm gonna get my stickers ready and... What?? no description for dragon fable? Here's the answer!

"DragonFable is an animated fantasy RPG (It has Dragons!) that you can create a free account and play using your web browser."

oh errrm that was from the webbi
19-11-2008 21:12

I have another game to add to the list

Samurai of Legend


Play the most addictive text rpg themed samurai game. In a land ruled by the sword, where a person lives or dies by their wits and cunning, each samurai struggles to carve out their place in history. Do you have what it takes to become the best? Live by a code of honor and defeat any who stand in your path in the most amazing text rpg of all time? Travel to the world of the Samurai Game where every choice is crucial, and every battle gets you one step closer to you goal of becoming the top player in the best online text rpg.

Become part of a clan and unite forces to vanquish your enemies, visit different cities, train to improve your abilities and gain many new skills, forge great weapons to use in combat, and more. There is a lot to do if you want to succeed in the most entertaining Samurai Game. With many rivals you will need to gain allies to survive this text rpg so be ready for anything.

Each samurai controls their own destiny, what will yours be? Start your journey now young warrior because it's a long road to becoming the SAMURAI OF LEGEND in the fastest paced online Samurai Game
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23-11-2008 01:09

This isnt a "game" pivot3 do google shearch you can make stick figures move and fight and do crazy things look up on youtube pivot door its coll ideas
23-11-2008 21:01

a fun text based game like syrnia.
a 3d graphical game with over 40 million players
a fun game where there are over 5 million players, and it is easy to interact
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02-12-2008 03:28

dragon sword
and dragon sword2
and dragon sword3 (in beta) stage
04-12-2008 00:07


Great game. Great staff. Crafting system. Monthly and yearly events.
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