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13-06-2008 20:01

Warrior fields is offline . It should be brought back.
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22-06-2008 15:26

how about Syrnia.com?

23-06-2008 02:47

27-06-2008 08:45


an online role playing game based in the future. so far in it's gamma stages. current max lvl is 20. planning on raising. take classes at gears university to become a better mech operator
27-06-2008 10:42

there is one more
27-06-2008 16:28

What about Super Smash Bros. Brawl. >
27-06-2008 16:36



interesting space real-time game. Revolves around heavy teamwork. Pretty much a space-fight simulator. I'd compare it to Starcraft in a way. Completely free, though you can buy upgrades. Most you can get in-game though.
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28-06-2008 21:51

29-06-2008 03:47


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01-07-2008 04:21


Its a prtty good game it is text based so of course u wont get visuals but for some unknown reason it is addicting you can do what you want as far as a job anything from fishing to mining to comabt and you can join diffrent clan
01-07-2008 05:41

Rubies of Eventide has got to be the second best game I have ever played (behind syrnia, of course). The game has the best community I have ever seen in a game, with the best graphics as well.

03-07-2008 19:29


it's a nice little stratagy game i just started playing

you start with a few creatures, upgrade and equip them then go fight other players in a turn base battle
after the battle your creatures get exp and get more upgrades
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03-07-2008 19:37

very good game , old 2 months come and see XD
03-07-2008 19:57


Rated game of the year in 2007. Wonderful graphics, great community, and tons of fun! Check it out!
21-07-2008 23:50


In Beta, and ok game, just looking for a few peeps for guild. Rofl.
22-07-2008 16:19

I think we should add whether these games require a DL or not... Personally, I cant be bothered with havin to DL 20 different games etc.
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26-07-2008 03:56

26-07-2008 16:52

anyone play war of empires?? if you do my name is lammyy5 in the game...
27-07-2008 10:47

thanks Novus,I will try it out
06-08-2008 10:58


I Most Play this so i thought i mite as well put them down lol
06-08-2008 14:48

www.timeofcastles.co.uk still in beta for now, but with a huge update planned on 16th of august it is very promissing
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10-08-2008 01:01


is the forums of my game
11-08-2008 19:23

I used to play tibia, u have to download the client but its worth it tibia has amazing gameplay and user interface, multiple people can attack one monster which creates amazing team hunts as well as guild wars.

The downsides are lots of idiots can interfere with your gameplay, there are TONS of botters, in the pvp servers some people will kill you for no reason, and the graphics are not that good.

Also try www.dragontavern.com

Its a cool game if you just feel like burning up a few minutes

One other game is www.lords.com
This also a game that is just good if u are looking to burn up a few minutes before work, school, ect.
17-08-2008 02:00

soory i havent been updating guys i kinda quit playing for a while but im back so ill try to update this post
28-08-2008 18:46

First off what I want to say about this amazing game is it has the most outstanding player base, it is so kind and even when you first log in and are doing the "tutorial" you get so much help and it just feels like family- now on to how to get started!

Go to http://www.forlornonline.com/ This will bring you to the homepage. You will notice an "Account Login" option in the upper left hand corner of your browser, if you look a little down from that you see a "signup" button. Click it!

Choose your account name,
Under that box, pick your password, and type in your email address, and after this step Under the "how did you find us" Tab click lands of hope player. Then you notice this- Payment of a one time fee is required to advance above level 100 (payment is optional)< But one of the reasons I love this game...is you can make ingame money to buy HC (hope credits) . So basically you can make money in the game and buy this currency without spending any money in real life! This may take more work but if you can't pay in real life...this is a great alternative!
After you have done all there is to do on this page and filled everything out, click the terms of service box, and click signup! From here you get an email sent to the one you entered from before...Go check your email it should be there within a few minutes. Once you get it you get a conformation code so only people who enter valid email addresses can play. Then wahoo!! account is created and you can go log in on the main page! (upper left hand corner...remmember) You will need to download the game file before you can start playing however, do this on the main page on the left hand corner of the page click downloads and download the whole game file.
A few notes about this game.
The gamemaster is on EVERYDAY and chats usually atleast a few hours a day, neat right?
There is an idea center and the gamesmaster looks at ideas and a good majority (if they are good) are excepted for player voting...you can vote yes or no on an idea...and if yeses are the majority the idea is accepted! Just think you can come up with neat things to customise the game for your liking!
You can make 5 characters in this game....There are 18 realms total so far with 10,000 tiles a realm that is a lot of tiles right?
You can duel players, or pvp players. You can fight with pets aswell
There are 3 expansions so far ....there are like a new game all of itself there is so much information and to do in them
Thank you for reading this and I hope you consider the game!

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Only the games home URL is allowed, no referal numbers.
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