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24-12-2021 20:43

Me as well please.
Appreciated, thanks.
Mr. Addy
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24-12-2021 20:43

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24-12-2021 20:43

Check your local Miller's Outpost
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[4]04:12 piranhattack[Elite]: dont be a lazy nub...just go to xanso and buy one from a shop like millers outpost :P
24-12-2021 20:43

Me too!
Merry Christmas everyone!
2]20:08 That_Guy[Drunk]: Rofl! that was either lunacy or a strange form of genius...
24-12-2021 20:43

le dot
24-12-2021 20:43

Oh oh pick me! Pick me!

Just as a bit of feedback.

I dislike this form of a contest. It's quite a lazy approach with minimal input and detail. Most don't even know what they won and the whole number after your name method is quite disappointing.

I would suggest using the island maps of Syrnia, Then putting an over grid on each map say 30 x 30. Giving the links to each map which can then be edited to show the names of the selected spots by the mod in charge.

Then a player can select a spot like map 1, B, 5.

Then the maps can be revealed like a scratch card in a sense at the end of the event. Showing all won and unwon prizes should there be any. Then to add a bit spice to it. Any un won items can then be quizzed out in chat about the event that is out.

I. E Christmas.. What is the first place to get to on celebration island in the Christmas map (tinsel Town)

Easy and fun stuff

Edited on 28-12-2021 21:04
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24-12-2021 20:43

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24-12-2021 20:43

Merry Christmas!
[2]18:15 JoveS[-TL-]: less hater more potater

[6]09:51 Sephiroth[*TF*]: Got owned by the Great Potato

You have married Whiskey!
24-12-2021 20:43

Black Wolf
24-12-2021 20:43

yup sure
24-12-2021 20:44

me too
24-12-2021 20:44

Me please
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Dorset Madman
24-12-2021 20:44

Me too
24-12-2021 20:44

Moi too
Pour toujours et toujours et un jour.
24-12-2021 20:44

Would love a prize!! Me please 😁
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24-12-2021 20:45

I do enjoy the pick a spot raffle, although, open to other options and interested in what can come about.
1 Entry please
24-12-2021 20:46

Enter me, please.
24-12-2021 20:46

yr a winner X0X
24-12-2021 20:46

24-12-2021 20:46

Merry Christmas
24-12-2021 20:48

add please
24-12-2021 20:50

Merry Christmas everyone have a happy New Year
24-12-2021 20:53

hello this is my entry!
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24-12-2021 20:53

add me to the heap
24-12-2021 21:38

I am in
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