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09-09-2021 23:27

Read today than an old player died on Tuesday.
I'm putting this here as some would still remember her and might like to know.

Rip celadawn
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10-09-2021 00:08

I was in Choob with her for quite a while, she was pretty nice and took care of everyone.

Heard she passed away from Covid.

May she rest in peace.
10-09-2021 00:08

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10-09-2021 00:09

This is very sad news, RIP Cela.
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10-09-2021 00:15

RIP Cela. You were always so nice to me, and helpful. One time you sent me a handwritten letter in a time I felt really alone, and it helped me out so much at the time.

You will be missed.
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10-09-2021 00:19

Celadawn was in all of my first clans, from memory. It's a tragedy that she's gone.

R.I.P. Cela, we had some good times.
10-09-2021 00:45

Rest in peace.
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10-09-2021 01:20

A name that i remember back in 2008.
10-09-2021 01:58

RIP to Celadawn. Sending condolences to the family through this tough time
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10-09-2021 02:16

I had the great good fortune to know Celadawn in real life as well as in-game. She was an absolute treasure. She worked for a long time at KWTV-9 in Oklahoma City, where Gary England was the legendary meteorologist. She got me a signed photograph of him before he retired. She and I also took a really fun girls' trip to Branson and visited Silver Dollar City.

Definitely a bright light in the world, and gone far too soon. Love you, Angel. You're missed.
I love my US Navy sailor! Thanks to all who have served or are serving!

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You're missed, Farinsongteeth. Always.
Mr Coffee
10-09-2021 04:56

Sad news indeed. RIP Celadawn, you are missed.
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10-09-2021 05:19

So sad to read this. The angels have taken her back. Rest In Peace Celadawn.
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10-09-2021 05:56

Rest in peace. Cela was a beautiful person.
I love you so much, da. I know that you are resting in peace now, without pain. Thank you for being my mentor, my best friend, and my hero.

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10-09-2021 09:38

This is really sad news. Cela was an asset to the community, she was always happy and was nice to everyone. You knew it was going to be a good day in Syrnia if you started it by talking to Cela.

So many times she helped people who were feeling down without even knowing she was doing it, just by being her bright self.

Rest well, Cela, I'll be forever grateful for privilege of calling you a friend.
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Dark Nero
10-09-2021 13:58

Cela was such a lovely woman, no matter what was going on in her life she would talk to you and put you first, she was beloved by everyone and a true treasure to have around you.

No matter how awful the day you had no matter how you woke up, if you spoke to Cela things just felt better every time and it was and still is very rare to find someone who can change your day like that.

RIP Lovely, may you sleep well and always know you will be missed here and the mark you left on the community forever strong <3

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10-09-2021 14:22

I was also with Cela in Choob and before that also.

She left the game a good few years ago and was missed but I kept tabs on her life through facebook.

What a lovely woman she was, Like a mother in the game to me when I was ten or so years younger than I am now and loved our daily conversations.
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10-09-2021 16:26

I was very good friends with Celadawn in and out of game this is what her daughter wrote on her Facebook:
Hello everyone, This is Dani, Angels Daughter. If you don't already know, my mom Angel passed away at 3pm on Tuesday afternoon. We will be holding a memorial service via zoom on Saturday 9/18/21 at 3pm. I would like for everyone attending to think of one story of my mom that you would like to share. Or if nothing else maybe something she said that made an impact on you, at the very least, just something funny she has said or that you like about her. If you can provide pictures and share them via her messenger (I will check in on it) for me to add to the event, that would be nice as well. If you don't want to speak, that will be ok too, but I wanted something more personal than a preacher reading bible versus. if there are songs that remind you of her please feel free to share those as well. I would like music playing very softly if we can manage to do it, during the memorial. Thank you to everyone for your condolences, and thank you for caring and checking in on her when she went into the hospital. Please keep your own family in your thoughts as you consider mine, think about how you want your death to go for them. Make those living wills so difficult decisions don't have to be left to them and talk about all those important things you're too scared to say out loud. Much Love to you and yours, and I will update everyone on my mothers page and via text messages with the zoom link and password once I have them ready, sincerely,
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Gary Hans Slug
10-09-2021 19:03

Was sad to see that on FB yesterday. I hadnt spoken to her in a very long time after I took a break from the game but she was wonderfully friendly and a lot of fun.
11-09-2021 14:00

This is such heartbreaking news.

I remember Celadawn as one of the first players to help me when I was new and she was in one of the first clans I joined. She was always happy and helpful and we had so many lovely chats.

My sincerest condolences to her family.

Rest in peace Celadawn.
11-09-2021 19:45

Always sad to see such a good person leave us.
Thoughts and prayers to family and friends
*lights a candle for Dreamer and Maranda*

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12-09-2021 08:12

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13-09-2021 00:25

so saddened to hear this, Celadawn was a really good person, sent me a Christmas card, RIP
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13-09-2021 16:33

Although I consider many Syrnians 'friends', Cela was one of the closer ones. I was saddened to hear this news.

*doffs cap and bows*
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16-09-2021 00:19

Awful news to hear Rest well, Cela!
Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you are by far the Charlie Browniest.

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22-09-2021 14:59

RIP Angel, by name and virtue you were. Hearing of people passing is always sad, but this hurt closer to me. I've lost track of how long I've been part of CHoob now and Cela was there drom the start. ALways bright and sunny with everything.

I remember that one time she helped me IRL get a random stuff toy my friend had made for me over to me in the UK. I hadn't asked her for help, but she stepped in straight away.

THe night sky will be made brighter by your precense Angel x
~Sol~ :D

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5th March 2020.
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