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30-11-2020 02:07

Who defines that obby would be enough, maybe pura or tiro could be required...
I don't know what people are expecting, as long as a max hit can't kill it doesn't actually matter at all (will only affect food usage).
- if the negative effect would simply be max hit everytime (like 110)...doesn't really matter
- if it's e.g. double or triple damage -> then it's suddenly mandatory to wear the required minimum armor level (whatever arbitrary value will be set). If thats pura then yes, it will hurt and might keep ppl from actually joining fights (especially as you'd need multiple pieces to be sure to survive a fight)

Both would change very little how boss fights will work out. Just who can enter/participate.
The damage numbers (dealt and received) have such a large devation (I hit 5 times single digits in a row, and also 3 or 4 times > 50 damage in a row...deviation is too big; and for hits recieved it's mostly large numbers anyways nowadays) that I honestly think the equipment used doesn't really make that much of a difference vs. bosses.

The only thing that makes a noticable difference is how many ppl join the fight.

Or are you thinking permanent penalties if the requried armor type is not used? Like take an injury and loose 1 defence level? ;)
Mr. Addy
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30-11-2020 09:50

Considering the max hit of the creatures is in the low 100s, I doubt that the mminimum armour level considered would be anywhere near pura. I think you're getting worried about something that you don't need to. (or the devs want us all to be very unbalanced with ridiculous defense levels )

With the health needed to fight them being around platina/syriet level, I think that would imply the armour needed may be something similar. (Which is not expensive in anyway and we could fight them for the years and barely dent the amount in game)

For higher bosses maybe it might be more, but if the higher bosses are even better drops/exp than these, then it might be better if they are harder to fight?
30-11-2020 10:47

I'm not worried ;)
And platty armor...platty plate is 35 defence....where's the difference between having 100 defence and platty armor or 135 defence and naked (if that's how armor actually works...)? Or how about fighting the Kraken with 2-handers?

I see no point in it at all.
Actually I see no point in the armor breakage special attacks...they are just a gimmik.
Anthas weapon breaker is a bigger deal, as you might fight with lower level weapons and prolong the fight that way.

Anyways, my point is that some are asking for consequences if you are fighting naked or with lower level armor/weapons.
But nobody states which kind of consequences.
Should they be harsh (risk of death, permanent penalties, thrown out of the fight, etc..)?
Or just some more HP used? (which IMO won't matter at all and should already be handled by combat mechanics)
30-11-2020 11:41

+1 on pretty much everything Jeffreyj said
Fishing level: 119 (19191919 exp, 443978 for next level) - Oct. 2020

97 Critical hit: You struck and dealt 97 damage to the Yeti. 0/60
11-12-2020 15:32

Logging out during a boss fight, or not entering a botcheck for 2 minutes, should throw you out of the fight -> no xp and no drops

As is you can just logout (or just not enter a botcheck if it comes up) and come back when the fight is done for full xp and drop chance.
11-12-2020 17:18

+1 Rag

Exactly my thoughts in regards to its current means.
97 Critical hit: You struck and dealt 97 damage to the Yeti. 0/60
11-12-2020 17:19

Its been that way forever Rag, Dino's/Dragon's/Group fights, as long as you log back in before the lockout HP.
11-12-2020 17:53

But there's no lockout HP here.
You only have to get one hit in when the fight starts. Then logout and come back 30 mins later for xp and drops (also if the fight is already over).

Maybe it's similiar with other group fights, but that doesn't mean it's working in a good way. IMO for the other group fights it should be the same -> you are no longer fighting (let's say no attack made for 2-3 mins)...bye bye...out of the fight -> no xp/no drops.
11-12-2020 19:23

So basically, its ok to abuse this?

Considering the mods are yet to say its against the rules, what's to stop any low level combatter joining, hoping that they survive that first hit, logging off and then coming back 20 minutes later?

Provided you've survived the first shot, which is good odds, you've got a very easy way of spamming ridiculous exp for low levelled combatters?

Moderator edit:
This action is prohibited, players should be advised that abuse of this will lead to consequences. (See Forum - Announcements - Notice regarding bosses) Please, do not abuse this.
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