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02-11-2020 18:26

I do like the idea of limiting it to 3 a week or some cap on the number of times it can be fought.

It would keep them as a rare event, and would require people to plan with others on when to fight.

Moderator edit:
The idea of limitations as well as the current spawn times are being further considered within the development team and updates will be provided as appropriate.
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Mr Coffee
02-11-2020 22:03

Keeping track of when they spawn is going to be troublesome.
Perhaps on the boss screen when you go to see him/her, it can say something like "Emma the Teacher was defeated last on 2/11/20 22:02" or something. Then we can at least do the math and figure out when the next spawn will be.
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02-11-2020 22:05

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02-11-2020 22:14

Absolutely. As is right now it's a pain to keep track and won't work for smaller clans/groups of friends in the long run.
05-11-2020 03:45

I want cooler location images for the boss locations rather than the gray AC3 image.
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05-11-2020 05:17

I'd say implement further nerfing to boss exp. Here's my input:

Boss level 0: 1000 exp for Attack, Defence, Strength and Health
Boss level 1: 2000 exp for Attack, Defence, Strength and Health
Boss level 2: 3000 exp for Attack, Defence, Strength and Health

This would give people who miss out not a significant disadvantage anymore, but still would give a decent bonus. The new boss mechanic is good but it needs a further nerf to make it fairer. The impetus for the boss fight should be a chance for great loot, and even though it still needs exp to make it worth the time, I still think the surplus exp added to regular combat is still too much.
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G Bob
05-11-2020 06:57

1. lower exp. (what Sephi said sounds good)
2. timer (my clan is keeping times easy, but smaller clans cant do this)
3. if the exp. gets lower than maybe more drops? I mean.. you cant make the boss spawn at 17h, giving low exp, and low drops. It has to be something that people want to come, make time to come and kill, cause the drops are nice and maybe get the chance of a great drop. So the drop list I saw at a boss likes nice. Maybe get it at the rest as well?


As you can see in the image above. But Karki doesnt get a list like this,only 1 or maybe 3 players get drops.

Thank you, I love the Bosses

Moderator edit:
There are plans for a further reduction of boss XP and some of the drops as part of the next full batch of changes (sorry folks!). The timer is something we are aware is rather high and as mentioned on other edits, an alternative is being considered.

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05-11-2020 08:43

High xp low drops or low xp high drops.

+1 to “Emma was last killed at XX:XX”
06-11-2020 00:18

My first thought when I saw the bosses was there should be additional requirements to fight them.

Emma is in the university archive, and who hangs out in universities and university archives, but students of universities. Therefore, it makes sense to have a minimum constructing or trading level before you qualify to fight Emma.

Karkinos drops fish that are only accessible to higher levels of fishing and cooked by higher levels of cooking. To fight Karkinos, why not establish a minimum cooking or fishing level first?

Antha ... ditto but for mining or smithing.

Anders seems to be purely a fighter, so a minimum combat level to proceed. Or use some of the other skills as requirements. Maybe high levels of woodcutting or farming.

The above would encourage players to level other skills that they may not have considered before. In exchange they get the chance to fight additional bosses.

Of course, the above will not be popular among the pure combaters who want to continue fighting all of the bosses, but it gives more meaning to them and recognizes that there are other skills in the game.

Regarding the schedule. I like the predictable unpredictability of dinos where they may or may not appear, but if they do it will be at a specific time. It would be interesting to have one boss appear every hour, but you never know which one. If that is too frustrating, set a four hour rotation, so each boss may or may not appear every four hours.

Right now, all the bosses appear at a known time, are staggered and don't require any special requirements. In fact, high level combaters can just join the fight naked and not risk any armour or weapons and if they happen to die, they might lose a few odds and ends of food. There really should be a penalty for not having armour and a weapon. Think dragons and Sekhmet who have special requirements or they hit harder.

In order to get Emma to appear in the first place, a certain level of donations had to be reached (I assume). This could be an opportunity for a great gp sink in the game where each boss will only appear once a certain level of donations is reached. Emma gp as that is what is required at universities, Karkinos maybe needs high level fish donations, Antha needs ores, Anders needs wood (ooh a wood sink would be great for this game too).

Those are the thoughts in the very limited experience I've had with bosses and the ideas above are not necessarily related, so take none or one or several, but whatever you do, take them with a grain of salt.
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06-11-2020 09:42

Want to make it extra spicy? Add a cooldown upon death before you can respawn at Sanfew.
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07-11-2020 17:17

Boss Minions Invading Location To Protect Their Boss.

You're Attacking Emma Minion At Archives CL.30
Kill The 1000 Emma Minions To Open Emma. When All Minions Are Killed It Starts A Countdown 60 minutes and Emma appears for players to attack.


Island Specific Bosses, Scroll Fragments From Minions To Give Emma For Interesting Useful Scrolls To Unlock/Explore New Territories.
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13-11-2020 09:23

2 ppl fight vs. Anthas (took ~45 mins, and I used ~4k hp)

Antha the Cave Troll was defeated.
All warriors gained 6200 attack exp!
All warriors gained 6200 defence exp!
All warriors gained 6200 strength exp!
All warriors gained 6200 health exp!
All warriors gained 1000 speed exp!
All warriors got 7 Rocks!
Rag got 3 Gold ore!
Cousin Bubba got 22 Gold ore!
Rag got 1 Anthas club!

So it's obvoius that more players fighting generate more drops (as Anthas drop list is always very long with 20+ ppl fighting, and some ppl also got multi drops then)

IMO that makes no sense. If you want Antha to give more drops, they should not decrease if you fight him with only a few ppl...creates zero incentive.
13-11-2020 10:34

^ Them drops are pathetic.
19-11-2020 10:28

Killed Antha 23 times: 4 ore chest drops

these 4 ore chests contained
- 7 rocks
- 6 coal
- 1 syriet ore
- 10 rocks

Yes, the drops are pathetic in general...
G Bob
19-11-2020 12:55

After many more fights, 100+ , I can say this:

1. I like the fact that you know the times the boss comes. This made me play more, made me set an alarm at night to come and kill more.
I cant come to all, but at least I try

2. The exp. its ok as it is. Its a Boss, you use pto and kto and food and items and time in front of pc. It has to give you exp. its...a Boss

3. Bosses need to do extra dmg. , or kill the player, if the player doesnt have all the items on.
4. When you say Boss, its like...end game monster (for now anyway) so...as Greensky said (good post), make it so we need certain lvl at other skills to enter.
Emma: cl 50, trading 20, constructing 20
Antha: cl 80, mining 85---or speed 50(he gives speed exp), Attack 85 (he breaks weapons)
Karki: cl 80, fishing 80, defence 85 (he breaks shields)
Anders: cl 100, defence 100(he breaks plates), and...something else

5. The drops. hmmm, I think they are low. Karki drops crabs to all...why? I mean...only a few players that can kill it can cook crabs. I think this is better:
All players got 50 shark
Player X got 30 crabs
Player Y got 34 parrot fish
Player C got 1 Amethyst

Like Antha gives some other types of ores.
So make the permanent fish something lower than crabs and the high lvl fish as a bonus drop to..some or none.
Antha, its a boss that gives to all player rocks...really? rocks? and sometimes 3 gold ores...3? from a Boss? Make it silver or gold ore for all, and platina/syriet/obi ore in low amouts for the rest or for only a few or for none.

Also, we need another drop for Karki. Antha has a chest, Anders has a chest. Make something for Karki.

6. I get it the the BS ore is rare from chest. My clan opened 30-50...Lost count, and we got 0 or 1, cant remember if that one was from a chest.
Ok its rare, but... do we have to get rocks cooper and tin? Really? Make it from Coal and up. Its a drop from a boss....

7. Bosses life goes up sometimes after a hit. I lost the pic pic link, but I think a ticket was made

I know that some of this things are still in work, just saying my opinion.

But you have to admit, after 100+ bosses killed, I have: zero books, zero shells, zero clubs, 1 sword, zero pura ore, zero tit ore, zero bs ore, zero timus chests.

So..yeah the drop is low. I am now fighting only for the exp. And praying that I get a little something extra.
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19-11-2020 13:33

I dropped it in chat earlier but I'll put it here.

The drops at the moment are pretty irrelevant, the exp is so good we are all there fighting them anyway.

I get as much exp fighting the bosses once a day, as I did spending full time combat at Beset. In essence I now don't do normal combat, just boss fights and the 40 minutes - an hour of active time per day, is as much as I got doing a full 12 hours of active fighting.

So yes, the exp is still ridiculously overpowered, however if as the implication is that there are more changes coming and the exp does get lowered, then probably the drops may need looking at.

Regarding G Bob's drops, the same people have fought 100 creatures and got a significantly higher proportion of the drops. It's the same names that pop up again and again getting the drops even though there are 15 - 25 of us fighting it each time.
Are we sure the RNG works as it is meant to?
19-11-2020 13:34

[7]Boss Chat
20-11-2020 06:57

Nerf the exp already...
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21-11-2020 19:18


i agree that you shouldn't be able to fight naked

on the other hand, i lost 3 pieces of armor in one fight against anders ; maybe for the big clans or big fighters, that is trivial ; but that is a rather large amount for me to lose in just one fight with basically little to no drops to make up for it ; i've been in several fights now when there was no drop for anyone

so, i guess what i am saying is there needs to be a balance
21-11-2020 20:23

Exp could stand as it is, but only if the frequency of spawn is reduced significantly in my opinion. Of course, it is not my game, so this is only feedback I give.

The reason is that as has been stated, fighting each boss every day (which in many days is possible with some effort) can give the exp that one normally would get in a day (maybe not in a full day but almost) fighting at cata for example, at the levels that those bosses are probably intended to be fought for an exp boost. This supposes a great change to the game as it was, literally allowing people that pay attention to almost double the gains of full afk people without doing f1m.

Edited on 21-11-2020 20:27

Edited on 22-11-2020 07:59
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21-11-2020 20:27

Yep, adding armor requirements would just change it so that bosses are only for the rich, increasing the gap even more.
IMO nothing wrong in fighting bosses with cheaper lower tier stuff (e.g. platina or syriet).

Adding arbitrary non combat requirements also makes little sense IMO.
Right now it's just about the xp. Balance would be created IMO if xp is a bit lower than normal hourly combat xp, but that it actually gives good chances for proper/rare drops. Gaining lower xp for chance of drops would give us more to think, cause XP is king, so if something gives you more xp, even if no drops, you will do it.
22-11-2020 13:22

The drop pool should be static for normal drops. Instead of 50% of fighters getting drops which punishes small groups of players from taking down bosses. If its 10 drops for 20 players and 10 drops for 5 players that would encourage small groups to spend the extra hp cost fighting a boss for the drop benefit instead of refusing to fight because they don't want the cost.
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29-11-2020 19:28

Given that the bosses been around for a month I figure its about time to give my feedback on it.

First of all I really like the additional content this brings to the game. Killing bosses and doing world events always was something I enjoyed doing in other MMO's and its rather enjoyable in Syrnia as well.

Feedback wouldn't be feedback though if there wasn't something I dislike about this update.

1. Frequency
I believe that the bosses spawn too often. By having it spawn the amount of time it does it makes it less special to fight them. I think that it should feel like an accomplishment every time you kill a boss. At this point it doesn't feel like im killing something special when i'm downing a boss.

2. Experience reward
With every boss killed you get about 2-4 hours worth of experience compared to training combat in another way. I believe the amount given is way too high and makes combat progression in Syrnia a ''do bosses or get out''.
If you don't kill bosses you might lose out on way over 40 hours worth of experience a week. This will become even more if more bosses get added that give this same amount of experience.

3. Difficulty
At the moment I think the bosses are not difficult enough. I think the scaling is alright but given that people fight it naked because the game doesn't punish you is not how it should be. I would like to see it more in line with dragons.

4. Loot
I think that better loot should be handed out after the point above are changed.

I think that bosses in its current state are bad for the game longterm. The bosses force you to join in or you won't be able to be competitive. We already had individuals quit the game because of this and i'm pretty convinced we have people who will get burned out. Having people setting alarms in the middle of the night just to fight a boss is not what you should want.

How to tweak it would be up to the devs. A wise decision would be to stop bosses from spawning till a balance is found that doesn't break the game like it does now.
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29-11-2020 23:31

I don't think boss fights can every be made exciting in the syrnia context.
Either you have the hp to survive the highest possible hit, then you have no risk of dying, or you do not.

If necessity to wear hightest level gear with good risk of breakage, then bosses will degrade to "only for the rich" over time. This could lead to less ppl willing to participate.
If there's a substantial risk of death (like making their max hits higher, or making to double hits for insta kill, or limiting players ability to heal in a boss fight, etc...) for everybody, then this will also decrease the willingness of people to participate.

Less participation will make them "harder" (=longer fights and more hp usage), leasding to even less participation -> risk of total neglection

If on the other hand bosses stay as is and e.g. 3 more get introduced, then we'll be looking at the necessity (to stay competitive) to kill 6-10 bosses per day (currently 3-5, anders every day, antha/kraken 1-2 times/per day), which IMO will drive people away (this was always a very slow paced AFK game, bosses change this a lot).

In my opinion the rewards of bosses should be switched around
- decrease XP gains to be on par with normal combat (considering travel and combat time xp need to be cut down to roughly 1/3 of what it's now)
- increase the drops in quantity and quality again
=> so basically make them optional from an xp point of view, but grant good stuff so ppl will still participate

I guess bosses were introduced to increase combat XP gains as it was lacking compared with other skills (fishing, cooking, mining) at high levels. IMO would be better to instead just increase combat xp accross the board to level that.
30-11-2020 01:34

I think the argument about armour doesn't really add up.

Firstly, at the very least the attacks that break shields/plates should have a negative effect if you aren't wearing them Rag, or else those effects are completely pointless.

Currently there seems no impact in the defence or armour of the people fighting, so knowing that it is irrelevant to wear the armour pieces, people just aren't wearing armour to fight the creatures.

That completely removes the point of those attacks.

Secondly the "only the rich can fight" if there is armour needed.
Everyone fighting the creatures is CL 100+, so are very capable of producing gp in a week that could cover the armour use for a full year. The bosses require barely any food and the platina/syriet/obsidian armour is not expensive at all. There's an abundance of obby/syriet in the game with no use so it breaking armour pieces may actually be a good thing.
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