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03-07-2020 20:33

Oh wow... what a shame, he was indeed a Kozmik Soul.
Have been trying to think of what to type for a few days, a long history (from Wild/Fanz days ), but we sure had some laughs in later times.

Sleep deep Koz, you reallly are going to be missed xxx
Lived a very fun filled life with the grains of salt that make you appreciate the laughter and the love of family and friends

dreamer349 April '09
Maranda March '13 My Dear Sis
PeZ July '15
Kayeplay Jan '17
Mr. Addy
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04-07-2020 02:28

This makes me sad, all I ever saw from him was kindness and a wonderful soul
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04-07-2020 04:36

Very sad to hear. RIP
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04-07-2020 10:36

Koz was a great clan leader, always patient and willing to help.

Kozmik Ken was a cool dude. He'd talk about shows he was putting on and he'd try to get me to check out different music, which was his passion.

I haven't been on Syrnia much lately, but I will miss him.
04-07-2020 18:40

I am so sorry to hear of this. Syrnia, and the world, will miss him. *removes cap*
"No life too small; no dream too tall"
04-07-2020 19:48

Ah that's very sad news, Kozmik was always very friendly to me when I started playing nearly 12 years ago. My condolences to his family.
06-07-2020 06:17

To Kozmik's friends: There won't be a funeral, his Mother is having him privately cremated and his ashes will be scattered at a Music Festival next year.

Kozmik was cremated today 17 July, midday in UK at a private ceremony.

This link is for the music dedicated to him:


Edited on 17-07-2020 15:31
I'm Clean!
24-07-2020 23:10

Absolutely shocked and gutted. One of the friendliest players here....Rest In Peace.
R.I.P Maranda, my clan leader, friend and confidant, much loved and VERY much missed. With you and Dreamer up there there will be many Wild times. No words can express the depth of loss or the grief. No more pain my dear friend only rest..:'(
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