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26-08-2020 22:18

Got Palace scroll at ogre town
Mr. Addy
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26-08-2020 23:45

08.07. Scroll of shopping form Mordor Caves
18.07. Scroll of ancient wood from Thick Jungle
19.07. Scroll of the hidden mine from Mordor Caves
26.08. Scroll of the Palace from Mordor Caves

Also got a map of calmere island when the whole thing started.
31-08-2020 11:10

I would like a mining scroll please or a cinnamon scroll ...

Edited on 31-08-2020 11:11
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[3]12:21 lushes added 24 Puranium ore to Port Senyn
02-09-2020 04:15

Palace scroll from Hawk Mtn
07-09-2020 22:08

can we please sticky this thread, so all the info gathered by players doesn't get lost forever?
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09-09-2020 00:22

Mods/Devs/Borneo - Could we at least get a tally of how many of each scroll there currently is in game? Doesn't matter who has them.
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10-09-2020 02:51

20 Shopping scrolls.
93 Palace scrolls.
20 Woodcutting scrolls.
19 Mining scrolls.

- According to the game played today in world chat

Winners of the scrolls :

Scroll of Shopping -> By Tor (Guessing the number of shopping scrolls)
Scroll of the Palace -> Twitxhy (Same)
Scroll of Ancient Wood -> Anarchy (By killing Bacon of Doom at OL 80)
Scroll of the hidden mine -> HoB (initially given accidentally to Isaac and then removed from his inventory... by guessing number of hops in the game)

Edited on 10-09-2020 06:20
Congratulations! You've gained an attack level (142)
Congratulations! You've gained a mining level (200)

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10-09-2020 04:45

I got a shopping scroll from Ammon
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10-09-2020 08:29

Thanks Bacon for the games and Barun for posting the totals
Why would I shoot a bloke BANG, then carry him to the bloody car and wizz him off to the hospital at a hundred miles an hour? It defeats the purpose of having shot him in the first place.
13-09-2020 19:06

Got scroll of hidden mine at ogre outpost this morning after a month of fighting here
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25-09-2020 21:22

Sroll of the ancient wood at Kingswood forest while fighting.
07-10-2020 16:51

Palace scroll today fishing at Mariners Depths.
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07-10-2020 20:26

I have a shopping scroll, palace scroll and ancient wood scroll.
Shopping Scroll: Exella Mountain about a week after it began
Palace Scroll: Beset Catas about 1.5 months ago
Ancient wood Scroll: Exella Mountain today
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13-10-2020 15:41

Got a scroll of the palace chopping wood at Ammon.
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13-10-2020 19:41

You got 1 Scroll of the palace!
You have 8414 Steel bars, you have 3611 Iron ore and 3611 Coal left.
Web Haven
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120 mining: 2019-02-11
140 mining: 2019-12-22
170 mining: 2020-06-12

Mining level: 156 (50000000 exp, 403263 for next level)
19-10-2020 23:38

Palace scroll mining at Rose mines.
20-10-2020 12:45

Scroll of the palace today, oct 20th, cooking a few Salmon at Web Haven.
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20-10-2020 13:28

Today: Scroll of Ancient Wood, Valera, on a gnome
22-10-2020 15:12

i got a scroll of the palace at endarxs last night
23-10-2020 22:17

Scroll of the palace fighting at kingswood forest. This is the 34th scroll that I have
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27-10-2020 04:16

You have 304 wood.
You got 1 Scroll of the palace!
Kingswood forest.
You have successfully thieved M2H, but they are not carrying any gold at the moment.

You have married Solunar!
5th March 2020.
Dark Nero
27-10-2020 15:34

palace scroll fighting at outpost
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Common Sense
27-10-2020 17:33

Scroll of ancient wood..

fighting at TJ
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27-10-2020 20:05

Mining scroll from fighting at morrie fields
30-10-2020 17:17

Got a market scroll ages ago, I think I was fighting at Ogre Outpost.

Just got a Palace Scroll walking to Rose Mines on Serpenthelm.
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