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07-06-2020 21:00

That was beautifully written. I didn't know her but now I feel that I do. Very sorry to hear about your loss my old friend...
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07-06-2020 21:05

R.I.P. Marley
I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer.
-Homer Simpson

R.I.P. Darrell Abbott,Jeff Hanneman and Vincent Abbott
07-06-2020 21:09

We always had our ups and downs and always made up after a disagreement.
I'm glad you're out of pain but sad that we'll never see you again
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[W] 02:42 Vonstuker[~FoS~]: if I had a son it would be you <3

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07-06-2020 21:10

What Lovely words from everyone, she'd smile an impish smile at them all and dismiss them in her modest way.

Ni'Night Marbles, Sleep tight, you did it your way Hon, sooo verry sorry it wasn't to be. A very hard battle well fought, Sleep easy xxxx
Lived a very fun filled life with the grains of salt that make you appreciate the laughter and the love of family and friends

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07-06-2020 21:28

rip tinkerbell
07-06-2020 21:36

R.I.P Marley - F Cancer
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Anarcho FooBear
07-06-2020 21:47

Marley specifically asked not to have an in memoriam, that's why I never wrote one, she's been gone since mid February
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07-06-2020 22:26

I'm really sorry to hear this, Marley was a great person.

I'm glad I got to know her.
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07-06-2020 23:20

So sad to hear this news. RIP Marley
07-06-2020 23:49

"I believe death is only a door. One closes, and another opens. If I were to imagine heaven, I would imagine a door opening. And he would be waiting for me there." --David Mitchell

Rest easy and await a time that you will be reunited with old friends once again.
08-06-2020 00:58

My condolences to family and friends of Marley. Sad to hear of her passing. She was a good friend to so many. RIP Marley!
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5th March 2020.
08-06-2020 01:37

Marley was one of those players that stood out in the game for the way she conducted herself. She would always weigh in on situations in Syrnia with ways to better whatever was going on and always did and said what she thought would be best for the game and most importantly, it's players.

Even when she disagreed with something and was explaining why, she always did it with respect and took the time to hear the other person out. Because of this, she deserved nothing but the utmost respect back.

The world is a sadder place without you Marley, I'll be forever grateful for the time you gave to our little community.

Condolences to those who knew her the most, the hole her passing would leave could never be filled.

Rest in peace Marley.
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08-06-2020 03:07

RIP Marley. You will be missed. I am very sad to hear this. You were always great clan/guildmate. I am glad that you no longer have to suffer.
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08-06-2020 06:49

Marley is one I will truly miss, I have been in and out of clans/guilds on various games for many years, she was always good for a yarn or a laugh Rest In Peace Marley.
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08-06-2020 07:34

Oh my goodness I hope she's doing well now, wherever she is. she was amazing, and kind, and thoughtful. A lovely person.
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08-06-2020 09:08

For your peace, Bane.. dear one.
At surface appearance, I am not an easy person to like or know.
I will clash if you choose only to see my mask. Marley, couldn't understand my mask, nor I hers..til we both dropped them & pretense. She irked by my brash demeanor, myself irked by the goody 2 shoe, friend of everyone, peacemaker vibe I will now miss. I'm glad we bothered to make peace.
She was acceptance. And grace. Just as we are. I think most all of us learned a lovely thing from Marley.

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08-06-2020 17:28

God Marley was one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Always Looking at things in a positive light, always trying to keep others positive. Calling out those in chat that were hurting others.

Syrnia and the world will be worse off without her in it.

Rest in Peace Marley.
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Creepers gonna creep
09-06-2020 00:31

So saddened to hear this, Rest In Peace Marley
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asking for a friend
Cruz Nairb
09-06-2020 02:32

Thoughts are with her loved ones.

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09-06-2020 16:41

Rest in peace
*lights a candle for Dreamer and Maranda*

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09-06-2020 20:32

... Marley gave me one of my fondest memories in this game, with the best one liners I've ever seen. she will be missed. best wishes to her family and closest friends.
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The Couch Yeti
09-06-2020 21:08

I am at a loss of words.
Log in to see what was new in the world, read some messages from Marley... and then I opened up forums.
I am at such a loss of words.

She was always one of the people who treated everyone fairly. She was sweet, kind, stubborn, loving...

We use to talk on the phone so much... would laugh and giggle about anything and everything....

Love you Marley, you will always be remembered and loved.
10-06-2020 00:16

Oh my friend,

The pain has past, of that I am happy for you. My heart is breaking from missing you. There is nothing more to say through the tears in my eyes. I will always love you.
10-06-2020 00:27

A beautiful remembrance of a good player. She will surely be missed.
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10-06-2020 00:36

Marley, you stood up for me when nobody else would. You welcomed me into your clan and made me feel like family. Iv never met anybody as selfless as you. I know your in heaven right now and that's the only reason im not tore up about loosing you. Rest in peace <3
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