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29-03-2020 03:43

ohmy... Lord of all. I am so sad to hear of this. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends now and always.
I love my US Navy sailor! Thanks to all who have served or are serving!

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29-03-2020 12:12

Awww No!! SirDrinks as I knew you best as, you will be sorely missed mate. To his friends and family you have my deepest condolences

29-03-2020 19:45

so sad RIP Aelias
30-03-2020 06:56

RIP Sir Drinksalot, sending my condolences to the family through this tough time
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30-03-2020 13:49

Wow horrific news.. he had it rough for so long in and out of hospital and a such a hard struggle.

Yet despite that he always had a witty barb and was a lovley lad. Gutted to see this post....

RIP fella.
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30-03-2020 16:05

RIP Aelias
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31-03-2020 01:31

R.I.P Aelias
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01-04-2020 04:45

I am going to miss his popping in to clan chat here and in another game. Guy had a great sense of humor, and always would make me smile, and laugh. Best of all he was compassionate, and had concern for others. May the angles keep him, and may he look down over the rest of all of us. RIP Mr. Sir Drinks!
01-04-2020 09:22

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01-04-2020 17:45

RIP Aelias
*lights a candle for Dreamer and Maranda*

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02-04-2020 09:33

Rest in peace.
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03-04-2020 23:51


I am the Bane and i bring the Pain.

R.I.P murderdoll22

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06-04-2020 02:33

Rest in peace aelias. Never really new him but he has donated some wood to me about a year or so ago. Told me about the illness. Havent seen him in syrnia since that day never had a real chance to say thank you for the kind gesture. Rip. Best wishes to his family in the time of grieving..
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