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31-03-2018 19:07

Wish I had seen this sooner.. According to TLgrounds the rabid bunnies didn't drop anything, so I went to fight bouncing bunnies and died..
Now I can't fight at all since I lost all my combat gear Haha
Oh well, back to safer adventures!
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01-04-2018 11:30

Rabid bunnies drop all the eggs, carrots, and LWE's.
2018-02-09 06:15:40 barun511(93) did 34 damage to A wild JR. A wild JR had 104 HP left.
A wild JR(148) attacked barun511, and did 3 damage. barun511 had 77 HP left.
03-04-2018 02:50

Avril from Big Bad Bunny
[1] 04:47 spidey101[D2A]: chris doesnt like me.

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Miss Bubbles
20-04-2019 10:40

Bouncing bunny dropped gold egg ^_^
20-04-2019 22:13

rabid bunny also drop purple eggs
22-04-2019 14:05

Bouncing bunny drops:

1 Cabbage
1 Cabbage seed
3 Red Easter Eggs
3 Yellow Easter Eggs
3 Green Easter Eggs
3 Blue Easter Eggs
3 Purple Easter Eggs
3 White Easter Eggs
3 Black Easter Eggs
3 Orange Easter Eggs
1 Bronze Easter Egg
1 Silver Easter Egg
1 Gold Easter Egg
1 Moonstone
Carrots (have had a few different numbers)
1 Locked Wooden Egg
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15-04-2020 19:00

jamestowner[Choob]: The Lethal Bunny died. You got 117 strength experience. You got 1 Locked large wooden egg!
16-04-2020 00:25

Lethal Bunny
The Lethal Bunny died. You got 117 strength experience.
You got 1 Spar!
16-04-2020 02:05

The Lethal Bunny died. You got 117 strength experience.
You got 1 Bronze easter egg!
02-04-2021 23:06

You are attacking a Bouncing bunny (20) at Kinam.

You got 1 Blue easter key!
03-04-2021 04:27

Rapid Bunny - Red Easter Key
03-04-2021 18:26

Combat Level 65 Spriggan
The Spriggan died. You got 177 defence experience.

Gems: Amethyst, Carnelian, Garnet, Moonstone, Spar
The Spriggan died. You got 177 defence experience.
You got 1 Ruby!

Lockeds: Locked large wooden egg, Locked wooden egg, Locked ancient chest, Locked sacrophagus
Keys: Black easter key, Orange easter key, Purple easter key
Seeds: Pear seeds, Broccoli seeds, Peach seeds, Orange seeds
Orange easter egg
It looks lika a Bunny, doesn't it?

Edited on 03-04-2021 18:43

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Edited on 04-04-2021 15:55
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05-04-2021 04:10

Bouncing bunny(c20)
green, yellow and blue easter key, spar, amber, grain,tomato and strawberry seeds, locked wooden egg and locked small chest, blue easter egg(13hp), silver and gold easter egg

BB Bunny(c35)hp34 - 88exp

Amber,Moonstone, yellow, blue and pink easter key, LMC, LWEgg, green pepper seeds(2),corn seeds(4,6), strawberry seeds(3,5), yellow easter egg

Edited on 06-04-2021 03:15
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