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02-11-2016 08:33

Fun stats!

Number of bot checks completed.
Distance walked? (Not sure if that would change speed's a gender)
Ores mined wood cut like the monsters killed section.
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Luna Yuhi
07-11-2016 05:49

Purchasable global exp boost...

A player could purchase this with points and it will increase everyone's exp on the server for X amount (like 20%) for 10 minutes or something....

Numbers can be changed. Was just a thought to give everyone the boost (so one player cant donate $1000 to get way ahead of everyone) and something that is repurchase-able so if you want to keep donating you have something to use it on.
09-11-2016 18:41

Please never implement the exp boost or anything like it.

Just don't.
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09-11-2016 19:36

Outland player kill ranking?
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10-11-2016 10:23

I like that idea ^
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06-02-2017 22:40

In addition to ''OL kill list'' I think it would be nice to have more of those kind of stats for display.

Outland kills and deaths
Desert Arena victories
Monsters killed (Where I would prefer seperate lists of Dino's and dragons)
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07-02-2017 00:47

I agree with Sal. I appreciate Andrew's intentions, but I don't want to see Syrnia going down the route of purchase-able experience boosts.
07-02-2017 02:47

Donator option to bring back the classic brick layout.
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07-02-2017 03:20

I don't think this was mentioned earlier in the thread but I apologize if it is a repeat. I don't think this would be an "easy" thing to code but I know nothing about stuff. Anyway, here is my suggestion:

-I would like to be able to shift/organize the position of items in my shops without having to take out all of the items. It would be nice to be able to keep all items of one time next to each other, like all bronze items or all axes and what not.
07-02-2017 09:19

Can we perhaps get new options for lay out skins? The black and red layouts are old and id love an option for something else.
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08-02-2017 03:33

possible get a bigger signature length and avatar size.
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08-02-2017 11:25

New lay out options.
06-11-2017 09:33

armour sets that you can switch with 1 click. fits with donation perks because it makes certain parts 9f the game less annoying but doesn't make you progress faster in any way.

i think 1 extra set would be a small donation and for larger donations 2/3 sets.
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06-11-2017 09:43

-event list reorder the option to sort by creature

-event list shows number of creatures left to kill

-contest show what items is needing submitted
skill events show what it is ie tuna cooking, plat smelting etc.

-ability to see what you have items priced at in your shop in stat screen.

-1 clickable gear sets as bummie said too

-house search for an item similar to how to can search all your clan stockhouses

-a way to sort shop msgs from player msgs. i like going to them being able to go back to them but it can be a bit hard as they get buried with player msgs etc.

-a way to see how many of each creature you have killed would be awesome

-chat boxes to be able to have whispers convo with multiple people rather than being all mixed up in chat.

-ability to add text to your player page when someone clicks on your name at a location you are at with them.

was thinking it to go to the right of your stats and under travel time. players could write things they are buying or selling, song lyrics, something about themselves. anything really. kinda like shop info but a player info thing people see.

note i havent read through all these pages so sorry if someone has said already. also not sure some of these things are even worth the time or effort just brainstorming.

will edit as i think of things.

Edited on 10-11-2017 20:22
Makhai of The Legion
06-11-2017 19:13

Perhaps a feature to show if you are currently a FOM or an EOM.
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06-11-2017 20:27

I would like the ability to change my chat colours. It was the one feature of greasemonkey that I liked.

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06-11-2017 20:37

You know you would probably make a fair amount repeatedly by just selling a vanity item option. People pay real commodities for something with nothing more than a roleplay value. It'll finally let people wear a wedding outfit, some weird custom attire or something while letting players sell off their art skills.

Give its 0/0 stats so you can't pay to make something good, takes up any slot of choice. Player is responsible for sourcing the image, uploading it to ensure it meets sufficient size and quality and has to host it somewhere. Moderation has to approve the image, which isn't difficult, charge if it gets approved, staff at any time have rights to revoke if the item URL is *ahem* adjusted.

I mean you already have the trophy slot so the concept of something there just for aesthetics isn't that great a leap.
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Blackout Vision
06-11-2017 23:41

I ran the idea by Borneo, but I will put here as well... Putting the amount of HP is in your house shown in the stats window, rather than scrolling through trying to add up how much HP you have or going to the house and removing it to see how much in your inventory.
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06-11-2017 23:42

The ability to switch between speed suit/combat suit in one click would be amazing, especially for mobile players.
07-11-2017 00:20

Key Fashions

Based on Work's idea, I think it'd be nice to be able to assign different hotkeys to various suits we can construct ourselves (e.g. Warlock Suit, Speed Suit, BM Suit, Outlands Suit, Combat Suit, Comic Suit...).

Hence we'd be able to choose from a variety of suits to change into at the click of a button.

Feudal Tags

We could also implement a medieval rank tag to go before our names. Once unlocked, the tag we can choose to display could be determined by a formula such as:

(Years played * (premium points bought / 200)) + TL

10,000 = King/ Queen
8,200 = Prince/ Princess
6,500 = Duke/ Duchess
5,000 = Earl/ Countess
3,750 = Baron/ Baroness
2,750 = Lord/ Lady
2,000 = Mayor/ Mayoress
1,500 = Sir/ Madam
< 1,500 = Veteran

These ranks could update every week/ month and there could be options to turn these tags off and on.

Edited on 07-11-2017 00:31
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07-11-2017 03:18

Fix the donations that players lost when name changed?
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07-11-2017 03:43

I am not sure if this has been mentioned but an organized event list would be great, showing how many actions are left and sorted by Island would be more convenient. Also perhaps the level of the creature/ action included. As well as what the contest might be.

I would also love to see the ability to save sets of armour, and what I mean by that is a quick access where I can preset suits of armour, such as a speed suit or a +power suit. It can be tedious having to click on each armour piece after traveling.
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07-11-2017 10:54

As suggested by Scary "One click outfit changes."

I think this would be very handy.

Have a 2nd "Suit" equipped below your character, and at a click of a button have them switch.
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07-11-2017 11:16

I would hate an event list telling me everything and whats left....

the whole point of big events like Christmas and Halloween is the community, get into chat start talking and you quickly find the answers to most things.
Rum, beer, quests and mead
These are the things that a pirate needs
Raise the flag and let's set sail
Under the sign of the Storm of Ale, the #1 resource for Syrnia information
07-11-2017 14:10

I agree with Dark Neroxus. I feel that way about the event list as it is, already, but once you let the cat out of the bag...

Having said that, I am happy to share my event list with anyone who asks for the information, so if you can't afford to donate for it, feel free to ask me for the current list any time.
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