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13-05-2016 11:06

Detailed event list. What kind of rock to mine, what fish are there to be caught, how many creatures were first invading.

really dislike the increased bot check timer.
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13-05-2016 12:58

I personally aint a fan of the list in general, if you are going to expand on it, you may as well just get red chat to tell you there is an iron ore invasion over here.

I voice my opinion to remove the list outright and bring some fun and exploration back into the game.
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13-05-2016 13:08

As far as I know Borneo said he won´t redo anything that was already add to the game. And there are a lot of People who mostly donate only for the Event list. So removing it would maybe lead to things where People would maybe want their Money back?

More ideas:

-Able to Change your game font
-Replace the order of your skills on the right side. Like Change the order to put the skills you like on top and the ones you don´t on the bottom.
-Be able to see Positive and Negative fame scores as right now the only way is to check fan sites, or?

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13-05-2016 14:45

I agree Fabius in some sense you are right, I understand a lot of donators only go for the event list so maybe there are alternatives to such things like maybe the sharing of info in public chats? maybe modify the list to show the islands the events are on instead of the exact locations?

there are some of us who still enjoy the exploration and the community participation but being told where things are sometimes aint what we want or need.

maybe an option for mods to send invasions that do not appear on the list? so we get a special set of events that are a mystery to everyone but the lists are still good for majority of the time?

Edited on 13-05-2016 14:46
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13-05-2016 21:04

Ability to not have underlined names would be awesome
13-05-2016 22:09

If not ill blow up everyone aboard all airplanes
14-05-2016 05:41

i am 1 billion % against the ideas of taking away or changing the event list. You don't want it then don't ask for it or if you know your clan posts it in the forums or the news don't read it.

You don't need to take away one of the main things people donate for. It should stay as is and not get invasions that fail to show up on the list because then what is the point of having the list if things don't show up on it.

Things I could see added to the list would be:
a minor botcheck timer increase of up to a maximum of 30 min. No higher then that.

A list to show what stage your crops are at in your house.

A 2nd trophy slot to even things out.

Titles to go before your player name ( or something along those lines)- these would need to be approved via the mods prior to use.

A list of where all your skills rank on the high-scores view-able in the stats menu.

A showcase of sorts the player can get for items to not use shops( as mentioned before)

A special trophy only non-tradable item obtained for various donation amounts/milestones. Something minor with no stats like well a trophy made of the various metals.

Kinda ties into the last one but a milestones or achievement system that can award the player points so even truly free players can earn them in some manner.
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[2]14:32 Deedar[TAG]: I ♡ monsters
14-05-2016 08:31

Maybe the donation perks could be more focused on aesthetics as well? Per example more layout color options (inventory background, action center screen, etc)

I find the font idea amusing, and worth it to me anyways -

I don't think much that is already in the game needs to be changed. Though I may be a fairly new player, the game has been played for over a decade just how it is. Adding new content that older and newer players can both enjoy is the best option for everyone's satisfaction. I've only listed a couple ideas, keep in mind. This shouldn't be turning into a debate rather than where we all share ideas that Borneo and ourselves can reflect on to see what the MAJORITY of players will enjoy, not just one or two people.

Keep in mind most of our ideas likely won't be implemented for months, if then. But we are all a family, no need to be hostile!
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14-05-2016 09:37

ok then fine, I would like the option to turn perks off

how is that? I am one of the highest donators in the game with You have a total of 17121.00 premium points.

I have every option and then some but I am not a fan of a lot of them.

I would like the ability to turn off certain perks such as the event list, underlined name and any other future perk that can be turned off IE chat colours or what ever else.

on another note I would agree make the donation perks aesthetic, there is no need to further add to how easy this game is, I honestly do not think such perks as extra bot checks, farm list, more detailed event list are needed.

we have done 11 years already without such means, I think we should focus on aesthetics instead of perks lazy people want to make their play time easier xD.

Edited on 14-05-2016 09:40
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15-05-2016 00:56

After having fought and participated in many events I always found it annoying to no be able to see where I ended in the rankings of that event.
An option where I can see that ranking would be nice. Either be it by msg or by some history log one can look into.
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15-05-2016 01:16

@jefferyj if you go to the spot the invasion was at there is a list of the top 100 players you can see until the next one happens. So there is that. The contest ones however can have you potentially listed thousands of times if you entered it enough so that one might be a stretch. However, a thing showing where you ranked added to the mail from defending a place would be nice.

As for saying you are one of the highest donators and using that as a way to try and force changes is just sad. Personally my wife has more points then you by double and no doubt others have even more. As for the disabling of name underlines , I have no idea how that would work just like how perhaps different fonts in chat would work as well. Perhaps the ability to disable your own underline would work but not everyone's.

Things that allow you to change the look of the game to a minor amount would be a nice addition ,such as different themes. I wouldn't go as far as allowing custom CSS in the game though for the sake of the server and potential lag issues.

Lastly, while not a perk the players can get , it would be nice to have a bar or progress meter of sorts that once X amount has been donated to the game the Devs add something. For example say the goal was $1000, once reached the devs will award all players( not just the donators) red gifts or ltbs or just any random item that would not drastically harm the economy( i am looking at you platina/syriet ore/bar winners). That way there is a donator goal of sorts to encourage players to donate. Could also be a raffle will be held upon reaching the goal or a contest as well or even invasions. Just a little thing to say we reached our goal lets celebrate.
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[2]14:32 Deedar[TAG]: I &#9825; monsters
15-05-2016 04:36

monsters, Jeffreyj is identifying an issue where if an orb is set off at a location right after the previous event completes, it erases the ranking information of those who participated in the event. I agree that it would be a nice benefit to have the ranking sent in a message upon completion--the list is already made up for posting at that location, and messages are sent out to players who rank high enough to get rewards, so it probably shouldn't be too difficult to combine those things.

I have always said that I don't like the event list being a benefit that gives advantage to players who pay to obtain it. I wish the game had not been implemented that way, as it is a pay-to-win benefit. But because many players have paid specifically to obtain this benefit, I don't think it's fair to remove it.

Having said that, I like the idea of some events being sent that do not appear on event lists--but if such events are done, I think they should be announced in some way, perhaps with hints about where to find them, and players can collaborate on trying to track them down and share info with clans or world about where the event is.
15-05-2016 11:35

I understand it would be unfair to remove the eve events list now after so many years of access to it, however I do support the removal of pirate invasions from the event list, if doing so was possible.
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[3]23:41 Kunzite[TLO]: i would think sis, a day with sheep would be like sunshine every day
17-05-2016 10:37


I apologize I in no way stated I was using the amount I donated as a means for change?, I merely brought in how much I had donated to show that I had indeed got access to every perk and then some, so when I stated that I would like to have the function to turn off certain donation perks, I know what I am turning off....

after reasoning I agreed that people were correct in the removal of the event list, I understood the implications of what I had asked and instead went a different route to allow players to turn off certain donation perks.

on another note, I also agree that pirates should be removed from the list unless sent by moderation.

Edited on 17-05-2016 10:52
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17-05-2016 11:35

I would like to help everyone out with this discussion and give a few insights into some of the direction things will head in this.

1) While I have no obligation to honor moneys that have in the past been donated, as they do not go to me in any capacity, I can assure you if you had the perk before, you will keep it going forward. I know as a person I would feel slighted if I had in good faith given money to a business only to find out that they changed hands and that the new ownership was not going to honor that arrangement. Your current perks will stay in tact.

2) I appreciate all of the feedback on this list and will not comment - yet - on what will and will not be implemented going forward. I will, however, comment on the "pirate invasion" issue only to say that this will be addressed as part of a much larger adjustment that is coming. I am working with several people, both pirates and mainlanders, to address this issue in a way that at this time seems to satisfy both while adding a new spin to the game.

3) This process is taking some time as we are changing from a tiered system to an option system going forward. This will allow you to purchase the perks you wish rather than take stuff you don't. This will eliminate in many cases the need for an on/off switch for certain perks, other than ones you would carry over from the original system. If, after the new system is in place, there continues to be a need for on/off or even simply having a perk removed we will address that accordingly.

I would like to have players continue to add or discuss potential perks they would like to see in this forum. Many of the ideas we are looking at or working on implementing have come directly from this forum as we monitor it regularly. Please understand that this is a work-in-progress and when the new payment system is installed, donations will be able to be placed but all new perks will not be rolled out right at its inception. Some ideas, such as farming or modifications to the event list have possible affects on the way the game is played and others like opening a museum or a 2nd trophy slot will need some testing in development (this is not to say any of these ideas are being implemented). These topics are therefore being discussed and troubleshot to see if its viable or simply not worth the effort and/or trouble it would cause the community.

I hope that helps with some of the minutia.
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17-05-2016 13:55

I have no idea about coding so don't know if this is possible -

But how about a donation option where all the forum codes are set as clickable buttons along the bottom of the post for making it easier to input them to your post.

I've been on plenty of forums where clicking a button sets the code in the text for you
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[3]23:41 Kunzite[TLO]: i would think sis, a day with sheep would be like sunshine every day
17-05-2016 23:12

Another donation idea (if such a thing is possible)

A return of the night time pictures, I remember travelling and certainly some skill images changed to a so called "night-time" image at 6pm game time. What I propose is as a donation option you can personally set a time bracket you want these images to appear at (so it matches night in your rl location).
Again, I have no knowledge of coding so apologies if such a thing is not possible.
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Thanks to Greenlady for her kind donation.

[3]23:41 Kunzite[TLO]: i would think sis, a day with sheep would be like sunshine every day
18-05-2016 01:19

Another donation option off the top of my head.

In clan chat - the ability to edit your log in message, add a silly name or whatever.

I've also seen previously mention of ordering houses like the Stockhouse. I'd certainly support this as a donation option.

Edited on 18-05-2016 02:32
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Thanks to Greenlady for her kind donation.

[3]23:41 Kunzite[TLO]: i would think sis, a day with sheep would be like sunshine every day
18-05-2016 10:11

I think those options from sheepy sound quite doable and fun to have.

I personally would love those options and would definitely donate for them
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18-05-2016 11:56

I just feel like I am missing something here?

can someone confirm to me how a list telling you the state of your farm is not a means that breaks the following stated by sels?

1. They will not affect the mechanics of the game.
2. They will not encourage or promote a pay to play/win system.

farming is plant your seeds and remember when you did so or face the penalty of them rotting.

been this way since day 1, many ways this was avoided was people using a pen and paper, leaving notes on their computer table or even using google docs, or the journal.

I just believe personally myself the means of a list is in fact going away from the whole mechanic of the farming skill.

even if the list was something basic like


all it takes is a few clicks to see the state of your farm. I am not a fan of this but if people can explain how this is not a means of pay to win then I am not against it being inserted but right now it very much looks like a pay 2 win mechanic.

this point is also shared by a variety of players and as I stated this was just me asking for clarification on how this list would work so it meets the requirements of the OP.

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18-05-2016 20:41

@Benguin regarding farm state perk. I don't think this is any more of a perk than seeing the inventory of your houses. Without the donation option, you have to travel to your house and look at the inventory. Currently, to see if your crop is done, you have to visit your house and look at your farm. A donation option to check the state of your farm would certainly avoid travel time, but it still requires checking. You can walk there and check or you can check your farm state stats. The only time my crops have rotted is when I have forgotten about them too long. A farm state checker would not have helped or given me an advantage since I forgot to check.

@this thread now...

In 2011, I sent this ticket which was never acknowledged nor did it receive a reply, but it is certainly relevant:

"Just an observation. For donating the first 50 Euros, a player unlocks 26 different incentives. For the second 50 Euros, a player unlocks only three more incentives.

The one appealing incentive for me is a longer botcheck, but it doesn't seem like the botcheck will be much longer if at all. Depending on the skill, I already have a botcheck that is between 17 and 31 minutes.

Could you please clarify how the botcheck would change were I to dontate another 50 Euros?"

Well, the important part is really the first paragraph. It seems many people are against a longer bot check and I really couldn't care less about that. The fact that 31 minute long bot checks are possible on long chops on Anasco or large fish, for example means that one can already choose longer bot checks were they to level a skill that had really long timers.

I really liked the idea about an extra line while working that said something like, "You have xnumber of chops left until your next level."

Maybe not a donation option, but I'd rather have a pop-up when you get something special like a locked chest since when you work afk, you often miss those things.

Most importantly, it is necessary to get a donation system in place that doesn't require ordering an obscure payment card from Denmark for twice the amount you want to donate and requiring a passenger pigeon to deliver it (please read as possible hyperbole). I've actually offered to send money on several occasions via PayPal but never received a reply to my tickets.

There was one other idea that I fully support: that of donating as a group to get some in-game perk for everyone. New items, new creatures, new islands, whatever. That way it doesn't give any one person an advantage, although it would be best to avoid elite items that only a few people could access. The new flowers are a perfect example of an addition to the game that everyone could access.

Moderator edit:
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19-05-2016 10:31

thats a very valid point, thank you Greensky. that was what I was curious about as it seemed to myself and others it seemed a pay to win so I just wanted some clarification from players how the list would work as well as how it would not be an advantage.
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20-05-2016 04:32

At a certain donation lvl that money goes to pay someone to finish wyks's work on new tlgrounds website getting all high score lists to work.
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Mr Tiddles
20-05-2016 19:27

I have always been a fan of a mount or donation suit that does nothing.
in the past players were rewarded with wearable items for donating.

I think a location ONLY for players who have donated a certain amount would be cool. like a pub (the city menu gives no real benifits) just an extra location in an area where there's currently nothing there.
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21-05-2016 19:47

Not sure if I should post this here but:

-Disabling Whispers (as now you only are able to disable otehr Chat Chanels)

And a message when someone whispers like:

[W]19:44 System: The Player Fabius has disabled whispers.
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