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18-12-2020 00:48

in the theiving section, it would be nice to add the locked tirnus chest and the locked ore chest with the relevant info

Moderator edit:
Dev team didn't want these added to the manual /just/ yet.
Mr. Addy
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06-01-2021 13:23

In the Smithing section of the manual, it states 3 bars are needed per hatchet in all levels, but it should be 1 bar and 1 wood per hatchet.

Moderator edit:
Fixed, thanks!

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24-02-2021 17:57

Can we put both Arch caves into the same segment in the Smelting Section?

We have Arch caves for arch caves 4 and Heerchey for Arch cave 5.

Just have them both under the same Heerchey island or Arch caves?

Moderator edit:
This is now amended!

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26-02-2021 12:50

if i am incorrect then by all means correct me, but i believe the manual does not show combat drops? could we get those added if in fact they are not in the manual?
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26-02-2021 12:58

The reason drops from combat aren’t in Manuel is because it’s not supposed to be. Fan sites such as TLGrounds is where information like that is found in games, but unfortunately TLGrounds hasn’t been updated in years.
The only way your ever going to get a combat drop list up to date is if somehow TLGrounds gets revived or someone makes a new fan site.

This was the response I had gotten when I mentioned no drops in the creature list.
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28-02-2021 06:40

In the construction section...

Houses are storage places for items. Items are stored in "slots", with one item per slot. Remember that several of one type of item do not count as one and for example10 logs of wood require 10 slots in a house.

Space needed between 'example' & '10'

Moderator edit:
Fixed. Actually rewrote most of the Constructing page.

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04-03-2021 02:43

Apprentice Jester - 20hp
Good Jester - 58hp

Moderator edit:
Forgot/missed this until now. Fixed! Thank you.

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26-03-2021 06:33

Rules, Section 3

6. Name changes can only be done once. Take this into account when creating your character. Contact the Cheats/Multi department for a one time only name change

It needs to be changed as it is already not up to date.
03-04-2021 14:25

In the Combat -> Creatures section, could an explanation of the meanings of the coloured asterisks be added please? Think it used to be there, but cant see anything now.

Moderator edit:
At the time, the revised creature section was still a WIP. I have since revamped the system and added a key to it. :)

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05-04-2021 06:34

The Moss giant died. All warriors got 2636 experience in attack, defence, strength and health.

solo exp for moss giant
Fight the Waranerus 128 (168hp)
undecided got 1 Saurus hide!
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3:55 game time on 19/01/2020

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15-04-2021 02:47

I guess puranium smithing table is entirely wrong.Sabatons 800, hands 900, scimitar 850, long sword 925, I just made them.

Moderator edit:
I took the data from the previous table, so it must have been incorrect for a long time. Thanks for the info.
23-04-2021 22:44

Magic section (Possibly add the below)


Rare drop from fighting Emma the Teacher


Rare drop from fighting Antha the Cave Troll


Rare drop from fighting Anders the Deserter

Moderator edit:
Done, thanks!
26-04-2021 04:20

With your trading level you can install up to 5 Obsidian safes.
Level 59 trading
Manual says level 55 for puranium safes.

Moderator edit:
Changed to 60, as this is probably the proper level with the normal Puranium level jumps. Thank you!
28-04-2021 19:07

In the smithing section, under the dropdown for each metal type. None of the tables follow any sort of order. Should they flow in order of level required to smith each item? As of right now there is no discernable pattern.

Moderator edit:
Edit edit: This has since been fixed. It was a simpler fix than I had anticipated. Thanks for bringing it up!

This is not a quick fix, but I'll get to it sometime soon.

The initial images that show when the page loads are from the Bronze tier. The Bronze tier has a ton of items that you can make at level 1 that are all different levels for every other tier. The initial Bronze tier has the items displayed alphabetically when they are smithable at the same level. I kept the future tiers of items in the same place in the table physically so the item images didn't jump around, but you're right, it just looks odd in the later tiers. I'll fix the later tiers, then Bronze will follow their same pattern, just breaking the alphabetical sorting of Bronze.
29-04-2021 07:35

Taken from the smelting section of the manual:

Arch Cave 4.7 Iron, Steel, Gold, Platina, Syriet

This looks like all are available all the time. But platina and syriet is not.

And sorry, no idea on the schedule. Smelted enough there in the past but had a sleep since. I am sure others know. Or else just put the same explanation as mount Flags smelting times.

Edited on 30-04-2021 07:10

Moderator edit:
What times / days are Platina and Syriet available?

Edit: All good. Thank you! Fixed.

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30-04-2021 05:31

Hi Syrnia
In the combat section of the manual (https://www.syrnia.com/?page=manual&manual=combat) - the defense level stated for wearing Steel Sabs is 25. The game requires you to be at level 26 (Defense).

Please update the manual to accurately reflect the game expectation.

Thank you

Moderator edit:
It shows level 26 Defence for me.
30-04-2021 16:22

Cooking section at "Baking Bread and Cake"...

Should be added "baking cupcake"

Require 1 grain
Heals 5 hp
Exp 5 (if i remember right)

Can be baked at Syrnian BD event
01-05-2021 01:05

Smithing tiromyth hatchet 602 exp, cauldron 1800.Also, as I said it already in a previous post, dagger is 600.

Moderator edit:
03-05-2021 05:49

You get 3exp for making a bronze hatchet and not 4exp, like Manual says.

Moderator edit:
Manual says 3exp for me.
22-05-2021 20:47

Kingswood speed training should be added to the manual.

Ideally both afk speed locations (JE and KF) would be organized together in a grid format. One of the columns could say JE gives 10xp (60 seconds), KF gives 15xp (45 seconds) and another column show the drops.

Currently the manual has JE xp info buried in the text.
24-06-2021 19:35

Yeti King 245hp
The Yeti King died. You got 305 experience.

Moderator edit:
Fixed, thanks.

Okie Dokie
01-07-2021 16:54

The Hooked pirate died. You got 162 attack experience, Manual say 129 exp
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01-07-2021 19:15

The manual is pretty inconsistent when it comes to invasion exp. Sometimes it includes it, sometimes it doesn't.
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17-07-2021 10:59

In the combat section, the bronze two-handed sword has a picture of a bronze axe. This only happens when viewing a higher tier (say, selecting and viewing iron weapons), then selecting back to bronze weapons.

Moderator edit:
This doesn't seem to happen for me.

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18-07-2021 18:39

Tirnus plateau does not drop LACs, Lsarcs, or Carnelians.

It does drop ancient wood if you have the woodcutting scroll.

Moderator edit:
Fixed, thank you.
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