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10-07-2015 13:30

Just heard the tragic news from Okietrader, his rl friend, that PeZ passed has away soon after coming home from Hospital following spinal surgery.

PeZ was an awesome person, his priorities in life were Mason, his amazing son and his lovely Wife, Nancy.
Quite often he would chat about their latest exploits, Cruises, Games, School events and Family occasions and he was an incredibly proud Dad and loved Nancy and Mason so much.
Our thoughts are with his Family and Friends at this very sad time.

As a friend, PeZ was very knowledgeable and spent hours chatting over all sorts of things, so many diverse topics. He taught me about The Trail of Tears, the Massacre at Wounded Knee and the tales of his Ancestors.

I remember one day when he taught me to 'dress' a Deer and I was struggling with it - he laughed so hard he made his throat sore. To him it was easy, but through Clan Chat we managed to 'sort' it!

PeZ was also a determined Fighter, he'd often advise Clannies and coach them through their concerns and helped them to grow, he could easily have moved onto a huge fighter Clan and had been in several successful ones in the past, he had many friends and was always happy to help others not only in Syrnia, but other games too.

Gone far too soon, too young, with so much Love for his Friends and Family left to live...

PeZ will be very sadly missed, it is an honour to have known him and counted as a Friend, we will all miss 'Pezzy' ... Sleep in peace xxx

For those that would like to help his Family, please go to;

Thank You

Edited on 27-07-2015 01:19
Have lived a very fun filled life with the grains of salt that make you appreciate the laughter and the love of family and friends

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10-07-2015 13:36

Rest easy brother scoundrel. You will be missed.
Cruz Nairb
10-07-2015 13:39

Didn't know him well but always seemed like a good guy. My thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP PeZ.
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10-07-2015 13:51

Pez (Tom) was a very close RL Buddy of mine. i am still upset.

we are close friends, i will miss him.
10-07-2015 14:03

Pez, You are, were and will continue to be a legend.

Rest easy Scoundrel

Im not crazy!

Im just a little unwell
10-07-2015 15:21

Your time is not done PeZ, The Great Spirit has plans for you on the Wheel of Life, of that I am certain.

For now rest easy mate, and my thoughts are with you, your family and your loved ones.

May the Sun warm your back and light your path soon.

10-07-2015 15:23

My thoughts to his friends and family.

PeZ was always fun to talk to, was always the first to help anyone who needed it and had the patience of a saint (which he needed while talking me through PC issues). he will be missed.

Please help my little cousin Dallas.
All donations and Facebook shares are appreciated and for a great cause:

10-07-2015 15:53

Just found out yesterday from Okietrader that PeZ had passed away and he was only 11 years younger than me.
I knew PeZ as a great game player on here and helped me out from time to time when I needed to either sell, trade, or buy from him.
Even though I may have not known him in real life, to me, he was as great a friend as any of you all are on here. I'll sorely miss him and his friendship too.
Thanks PeZ, for everything you did you on here with us and may you have found real peace now that you're in heaven.


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Mr Coffee
10-07-2015 15:55

Too very young to be taken away. RIP PeZ. Thoughts and prayers to you, your family, and your friends.
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10-07-2015 16:06

My condolences to his family and friends. Okietrader - thanks for sharing the news.

*bro hug*
10-07-2015 19:59

May the angels watch over you in the land of the spirits.
Forgemaster Az
10-07-2015 20:48

R.I.P. Kelly
I will never forget you. You leaving leaves a big whole in my heart. Keep a place in front row for me at Wrestlemania: Heaven Edition! I love you, my friend...and I miss you :,(
10-07-2015 20:55

This saddens my heart and soul. He was a great guy, good friend and I know he loved his family with all his being.

You will be missed RIP Pez.
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10-07-2015 21:17

R.I.P PeZ Thought are with your family too
10-07-2015 21:41

PeZ was a kind and friendly clannie; a true gentleman. During the time we spent together in DRS, he added a calm dignity to clanchat and was always willing to help and support those around him. Very sad to hear of his untimely passing; he will be sorely missed.
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10-07-2015 21:42

My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of PeZ.

He was a thoughtful, funny and generous player, always happy to help others. Chatting with him always brightened my day.

I will miss his presence in game and am saddened at his passing out of my life.
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11-07-2015 04:20

He was one heckuva man, always willing to help anyone and everyone...He helped me through alot and cared so very much for his friends and clannies here and in the other game he played- I was so fortunate to be a clannie of his elsewhere and the things he shared about his family, he loved them so much and he loved hanging out with his son, whom he often would wrestle with and always talked wrestling with...He was the 1 person I could go to for anything and I'll miss him so much Okie- Please take care of his wife and son, they're gonna need ya hun *hugs* And I know u both were so close as friends, I know you'll miss him dearly too
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The Godfather
11-07-2015 05:47

Chatted with him once, But it is always sad to see another syrnian leave. Rip and I hope the Friends and Family are staying strong.
11-07-2015 06:29

11-07-2015 08:45

RiP. Condolences to his family and friends.
R.I.P Dad 20.4.13
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12-07-2015 00:09

:D * FFF Teddy * :D

Be jelly so I can eat you up ;)

You died attacking ShapeShifter at The Outlands 49. LOL
12-07-2015 00:40

Prayers go out to family and friends. Syrnia takes another hit as we mourn the loss of yet another great person. Rest in peace in God's hands.
12-07-2015 07:10

My thoughts and prayers are with PeZ's family and friends tonight and always. May they find peace and healing now and always.
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13-07-2015 02:07

rest in peace PeZ, sorry to hear this
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13-07-2015 03:34

i msged nancy on thursday before pez got out of hospital, all had gone well and he was going home, and i went to the cabin... i called on saturday to see how he was doing and nancy gave me the news ... loving husband and a great friend.. she sent me a text later on saturday...

Im sorry to have had to tell you that he passed. He thought of you guys like family. Shoot, you guys talked to him some days more then me. He loved you all. He was doing well, he laid down and just didnt wake up. We are not sure what happened and the autopsy test result wont come back til sept. I woke up at 5, tried to wake him, started CPR and called 911 he had passed sometime between 3 and 4 am, the fire department said he was gone for about an hour. I know you will miss him. Please let me know if you need to talk, i have his cell phone too, it gets much better reception then mine at the house. Please feel free to share this news as you need. I know he had a lot of friends online .... nancy
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