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18-08-2014 05:43

R.I.P littlebro
Mr. Addy
Keeping this game free by adding ads to every topic
30-06-2016 17:24

Happy birthday hun, miss ya
*lights a candle for Dreamer and Maranda*

2016-01-16 18:15:26 Foxy(92) did 31 damage to Z3ll. Z3ll had 33 HP left.
Z3ll(59) attacked Foxy, and did 0 damage. Foxy had 38 HP left.

Joined: August 21, 2007 - 17:32
30-06-2016 23:55

Happy Birthday and Rest In Peace.
The Godfather
01-07-2016 18:27


Forever syrnian
Corps for Syrian Life.
02-07-2016 09:56

May he RIP
[W]11:10 Calgor[Fangz]: savour your victory while you can.

Ad Astra ~ADV~
09-07-2016 21:22

omg ! I just got the news I knew of him in rl here in Calgary Alberta . we worked at the same place for awhile the T&C. I can't believe it he was a true friend, thoughtfull and caring.Always a smile even in pain. I will miss him very much xo little bro love ya
09-07-2016 21:31

he's also the one who introduced me to this game ages ago .. been to my house several times , left behind a young daughter . So sad
30-06-2017 19:04

Happy birthday hun. Miss ya
Rest in peace ♡
*lights a candle for Dreamer and Maranda*

2016-10-16 01:56:59 Foxy killed A wild JR

Joined: August 21, 2007 - 17:32
03-07-2017 06:35

Happy birthday. Sleep well, Kelly. You are loved and missed.
I love my US Navy sailor! Thanks to all who have served or are serving!

[1]02:04 Cradle[~SaS~]: but the other speed items also decrease time? or do you have only boobs?
29-08-2017 06:16

Damn I've been gone to long. RIP littlebro... great guy
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