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27-07-2014 06:26

this breaks my heart, but at the same time you're at peace lb ♥ thank you for that conversation that was had- you were ever so helpful with your wisdom and in just listening
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27-07-2014 06:47

R.I.P Littlebro.. Glad I could have the honor of knowing you for the short time I did.. You will be missed bud.
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27-07-2014 06:49

I got the news this evening....all I can say here is at least the pain is finally over for lb. I can honestly say I have never had a friend I knew so well or who knew me so well.

there's no more words--I love you, littlebro and god how I am gonna miss ya.

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27-07-2014 06:57

Goodbye littlebro. He was a good player, and will be missed by all.

My condolences to his family...

Zen has lost a great player... Sadly...

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27-07-2014 07:45

Rip lilbro my best friend and clanmate you will be missed by all
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27-07-2014 07:54

it is always sad to hear about someone's passing on to the next life
peace be to you littlebro and to your family ,
i only talked to him a few times so i can't say I new him but like everyone here I wish peace for you and your family
27-07-2014 08:17

Oh. My. God. We'd fought dinos together so many times and laughed at us hitting like girls.. he seemed vibrant and I still can't believe he's dead.. Rest in peace, my friend.
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27-07-2014 09:18

Wow, this came suddenly. Always a pleasure to talk to him when we had encounters in world. Hope his family can find some peace.
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27-07-2014 10:41

Rest in peace, littlebro.
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27-07-2014 11:27

There is a very large hole in Syrnia, in The Zens and in our hearts now with the passing of Littlebro. RIP. I'll miss you bro.
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27-07-2014 11:39

Sad news indeed and such a shock.
He was always full of life and optimism.
Will be sadly missed.
RIP Bro.
27-07-2014 11:58

Oh my, this is very sad news

I have known him for many years, he always put a smile on when chatting. I will miss him very much
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27-07-2014 12:16

RIP lilbro, you were an awesome dude and clannie, and will be sorely missed, you were fun, and one the nicest dudes around.

Hail Littlebro!

May the afterlife treat you well as you go on to your second life full of second chances and new hopes and dreams. You will be missed dearly!
27-07-2014 12:30

Rip mate, been a pleasure knowing you
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27-07-2014 13:23

Truly saddened to learn of this. My thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones.
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27-07-2014 13:53


We talked each other on several occasions. You always tried to give me strength and courage to hold on. Our pain, both mental as physical, brought us closer, but your spirit and empathy kept us close. I'm not strong when it comes to the social part in life. Thanks for pulling me from behind my mask.
Our open conversations and the way you talked about your daughter and friends will always be something I'll remember. The worries, the care, ... What you were willing to do/give, made you a very strong 'mang'.

Take care wherever you are now. It's time to rest now. I'm glad you went so peacefully. Unlike your life, unlike your spirit, unlike what was expected.

We'll miss you, mang.

Rip littlebro

Strength and sympathy to your daughter and the rest of your family.
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27-07-2014 15:37

A true shock....

One of the person who liven up things in here, always got laughing stories to tell, super jokes and interesting things to come up with, he was such a great pal for many of us!

I hope you now be in a place you like, I'm sure you will leave nice memories to everyone that was part of your life!

RIP Littlebro, our favorite canuck!!!
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27-07-2014 16:51

Such a great guy RIP
27-07-2014 17:47

I know Ive been away from the game for a long while, but this is a terrible reason to be brought back. Littlebro was a great guy and always had a kind word to say to me, so he will be sorely missed by the community. Im so sorry to hear about his passing
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Forgemaster Az
27-07-2014 17:53

Kelly, we always joked that if I came over to Canada or you over to Europe we could finally meet face to face. It is unbelievable how close you can get to somebody you have never actually met. We talked for so many hours about the demons we were fighting. And we both shared our passion for Wrestling. When people say that you can't make friend over the internet they are just wrong, because I considered you a friend, a brother in arms. I love you bro and I will miss you so much. I hope one day we will finally get the chance to meet. Damn...I already miss you so much...
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27-07-2014 18:12

RIP bro, where ever you may be. May the roads rise to meet your feet, may the sun always shine upon your path and keep warm your soul, May you be 3 days in your saviors grace before the devil knows your gone.
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27-07-2014 21:44

It's always a tragedy when someone suffers in silence. I don't know what happened but it's always a loss when a community looses a friend. I admittedly didn't know littlebro too well but I knew OF him and I always heard nice things about him. It's a loss when a good person passes in such a way. I hope whereever he is that he has finally found peace.

Godspeed bro, Godspeed.
27-07-2014 21:52

This is very sad news indeed.. I remember having many a heart to heart chat with
littlebro, always a good pal to talk to in Syrnia. My thoughts are with his family.

RIP littlebro...
28-07-2014 02:00

OMG RIP my friend ... u are and will be missed even more ... fly with the angels and soar like an Eagle no pain no challenges no fears ... you are gone too soon and will be always loved xoxo...My prayers with the family
28-07-2014 02:55

I did not know LittleBro just saw him in chat but its always a shame when a young person passes before there time. My best to his family and friends
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