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15-04-2017 16:40

Could be a bug, but there are still players winning, so there is *some* criteria that they are meeting...
Mr. Addy
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16-04-2017 23:27

You are now lockpicking a Locked wooden egg...
You opened your Wooden egg...It contained 1 Blue gift!
16-02-2019 07:58

The Frost giant died. All warriors got 3257 experience in attack, defence, strength and health.
Scary got 25 Locked christmas present!
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16-02-2019 09:31

All Hail the hobbit! i guess Raim aswell...
[2] 19:46 Batfink[Snake]: I would love to visit OL but that would just be suicide, I might aswell stick my head in a lions mouth and flick its love spuds with a wet towel
30-10-2019 03:57

The Skeletal warrior struck at you and did 39 damage.


[2]03:59 JoveS[-TL-]: 70 Skeletal warrior 40 what I have

Edited on 30-10-2019 04:01
[3] 18:38 Foxy[~one~]: *pushes all out of the way* no squishing my son >:(

Congratulations! You've gained a mining level (120)

Congratulations! You've gained an attack level (142)
03-11-2019 00:06

221 Spectre Chests Opened
- number in parentheses is how many chests contained that item.

15 to 25 Spinach Seeds (25)
15 to 25 Corn Seeds (18)
15 to 25 Onion Seeds (17)
15 to 25 Pumpkin Seeds (17)
15 to 25 Tomato Seeds (18)
15 to 24 Pumpkin (33)
15 to 25 Candy Corn (32)
1 Beryl (14)
1 Diaspore (12)
1 Zombie Brain (1)
1 Halloween Pumpkin (29)
1 Blood Assassin Mask(1)
1 Blood Assassin Legs (2)
1 Blood Assassin Gloves (1)
1 Blood Assassin Kunai (1)
Guests are reminded that Platform One forbids the use of weapons, teleportation and religion.

My felicitations upon this historical happenstance. I bring you the gift of bodily salivas.
03-11-2019 21:54

very nice indeed
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28-10-2020 11:26

A big up to this useful guide! Thanks a lot.
29-10-2020 00:17

The Halloween witch died. You got 23 attack experience.
You got 1 Pumpkin seeds!
You got 1 Locked spectre chest.
beryl, amber, locked toolbox, red gift and burnt frog

Edited on 29-10-2020 00:23

Edited on 29-10-2020 00:57
03-11-2020 02:31

Captain opened a spectre chest and found a halloween spider
"Lofty timbers, the walls around are bare, echoing to our laughter as though the dead were there."
You have married captain !
03-11-2020 03:02

You opened your Spectre chest...It contained 1 Halloween group fight summoning orb!
"Lofty timbers, the walls around are bare, echoing to our laughter as though the dead were there."
You have married captain !
26-12-2020 05:41

Santa gave you 500 Coal (it's listed, but not how much)
01-11-2023 17:19

4. Halloween
Begins: October 30th 00:00 Syrnian time
Ends: November 2nd 00:00 Syrnian time

seems this is not 100% accurate any more.
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