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03-11-2014 06:46

Treat: 1 Syriet Ore
Need an Enchant? I can use your Gems or Sell My Gems, +3 Power = 3k each, +3 Aim = 4.5k Each, -6TT = 4k Each. 300 HP free too as always* :)

*All enchants over a Kanzo Teleport Orb.

Raimche = The Constructor of Syrnia.
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03-11-2014 06:50

Trick: 50 Cooked Frogs
[3] 16:58 ShapeShifter[*TF*]: barun I love you. That is all. :P :P

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06-11-2014 16:44

Trick: 200 Rocks
06-11-2014 17:19

Treat: white horse


Treat: four locked toolboxes
26-12-2014 03:03

Unlocking LCP (Locked Christmas Presents) gives 100 Thieving XP.
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Dark Neroxus
26-12-2014 23:50

incase you have not got the info furs and patches are also found woodcutting on PI from what I have seen in chats
Adapt or Perish

You and 0 players are attacking a Deep sea monster (125) at Eylsian docks.

The Deep sea monster died. All warriors got 80 experience in attack, defence, strength, Health
28-10-2015 21:04

I loves the holidays
[0]01:01 No other players got a reward, as they didn't meet the criteria.
29-10-2015 05:15

Werewolfs also drop ambers.
29-10-2015 06:03

I just got a diamond from a werewolf. I have also seen an amber tonight.
[2]07:33 EZEebs[AFK]: Inside the chest you find 4 Keg of rum!
[0]07:33 Darn it - they found me Rum!! Arghh!
29-10-2015 07:12

The Skeletal warrior died. You got 194 defence experience.
You got 4 Peach seeds!

...also 4 broccolli seeds

The Skeletal warrior died.
You got 4 Pear seeds!

Edited on 29-10-2015 08:15
29-10-2015 09:01

ghastly zombie<<<they are not in list
29-10-2015 12:07

I got 4 Apple seeds from a Skeletal warrior.

Are they safe to plant, grow, and eat, or should the source suggest that attempting this could be dangerous?
Bacon of Doom
29-10-2015 15:03

Skeletal warriors also drop hard silks.
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29-10-2015 16:03

Possessed Skeletons drop Avrils and a Skeletal warrior just slipped me 4 Broccoli seeds

Edited on 29-10-2015 19:08
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Hotdog killed you at Desert arena 3 :-D

Thorntree got 1 Waranerus spike!
Thorntree got 1 Stemosaurus tail spike!
Thorntree got 1 Roodarus horn!
29-10-2015 18:04

Giant Canlo Skeleton hit me for 30 before
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31-10-2015 05:44

locked sarcophagus and Locked ancient chest from Skeletal warriors.
haajykhaobbiet drank Keg of ruh*burp*and gaiened 1 HP
You cut down a hollow tree, a 14 was hidden inside it!

Thieving (#19) 2/20/14
Thieving (#222) 10/28/12
Thieving (#1000) 4/28/12
31-10-2015 21:00

"You cut down a hollow tree, a Bone spade was hidden inside it!"

Apparently this kind of thing can happen during Halloween events. I happened to see this during a level 25 forest woodcutting event at Unera, but I think it might be a potential find at any woodcutting location, invasion or normal.

...not sure what other skill events might drop bone items.
Koban Knight
31-10-2015 21:05

it would seem all bone items are dropped via skelly hounds, possessed skellies and skelly warriors.

Bone items can be gathered during woodcutting events? possible?

not sure if non events you can gather bone items ?

Or if mining or fishing yeild the same concept?

Skelly hounds also drop moonstones and ltbs

Possessed skellies drop avrils lacs and lsarcs and soft silks

Skelly warriors drop spars lacs sarcs hard and soft silks

Borneo drops hto's? XD
You and 5 players are attacking a Roodarus (211) at Castle Rose.
03-11-2015 04:35

Ghastly zombie Cl 39 - 98 (I think!)

The Ghastly zombie struck at you and did 17 damage <highest hit on me
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dreamer349 April '09
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PeZ July '15
24-12-2015 04:35

It would be nice if you wrote down the procedure for making a Christmas Stocking for us that dont know.
24-12-2015 09:26

Holiday lake, Party Island
If you've got all required parts, you can make a Yellow christmas stocking

You need:
1 Yellow christmas sock. Found by Search for Christmas decorations at Port Party
1 Santa, Snowman or Rudolph patch. Found at Port Party as above
2 White rabbit fur. Found whilst walking around Syrnia
5 Stocking decorations 2015. Found at Port Party as above

If someone would like to check that is correct please?
Lived a very fun filled life with the grains of salt that make you appreciate the laughter and the love of family and friends
dreamer349 April '09
The Creator of Fishhead Soup
Maranda March '13 My Dear Sis
PeZ July '15
26-03-2016 22:06

Great list thanks guys

Just a suggestion here but it's a long time between Easter and Halloween could you add a random contest in June/July maybe?
29-10-2016 08:19

An awesome guide that is very useful for Halloween ;)
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15-04-2017 11:27

Thieving drops from Easter bunny:
Bronze Easter egg
5 Cucumber seeds
15-04-2017 15:50

The criteria for getting a reward from chasing the NPC in section 6 are wrong, or at least incomplete.

I have thieved and been at the location 11 times in Easter events this year, and been among the players who did not meet the criteria, according to red text--I have tried a lot more than that, but those times there were fewer than 3 rewarded, including once where nobody was rewarded.

Edit: Borneo confirmed that there was a bug during the time that my attempts above occurred, and has said that the bug has been fixed. I did get a reward after Borneo reported that, so it looks like the criteria listed in this thread may be correct again.

Edited on 16-04-2017 00:05
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