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28-04-2013 13:43

If someone checked my stats right now, I joined yesterday about this time but six or seven years ago i joined this game. Reading that she passed away, made my heart skip a beat (not quite literally) and I'm sad to see that she's gone. I spent six months here- I was in Wild a majority of the time. People who pass on never really leave if they made in impact because somewhere,sometime they're still alive. I didn't know her then, and I don't know her now but I can faintly remember dreamer and Maranda. I've never been good with words when it comes to these things. I'm pretty sure i'm extra late in this *and* it would be hypocritical of me to say condolences but I quite want to... actually.
I remember seeing the Wild tag and when i saw her name i wrote this:
And memories of her came rushing in and stayed
A fleeting moment of familiarity then a stranger filled my vision
Her grace even in simply moving
Her starting intelligence and eloquence when she spoke
The inner strength to live even through the pain
And the determination to see things through to the end
Even the smell of her perfume tickled my nose but she had disappeared
This stranger, this ghost of the woman whose name escaped me but touched my heart
Mr. Addy
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15-05-2013 05:31

I feel crushed... I didn't even get to say good bye.
13-10-2013 11:43

on behalf of wild and maranda i discussed it with karisade. Maranda will be included in the game syrnia quest 2 which is in development. i knew maranda for a while as well and she is greatly missed by all. she will be the spirit watching over the chapel in rose. yes i know it is a small thing but this will help her memory go on past syrnia. i would love to have her added to syrnia as a figure some where but m2h is hard to reach for these things.
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13-10-2013 17:21

Awesome idea, monsters !
14-10-2013 00:59

Monster, this means a lot to us Wild ones. Maranda was a very special person and she loved so many people here in Syrnia. And a spirit that watches over the chapel is just the right fit, since she watched over so many people. Thank you doesn't seem to even come close.
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14-10-2013 01:08

I second that :')
R.I.P Maranda, my clan leader, friend and confidant, much loved and VERY much missed. With you and Dreamer up there there will be many Wild times. No words can express the depth of loss or the grief. No more pain my dear friend only rest..:'(
14-10-2013 01:21

I first joined Syrnia and Unity (union)8 years ago and at that time I met Maranda and she's always been very Kewl to me and she was a very exceptional person on here. I don't know how she died or what she died from, but, I will always miss her.

God Bless and God Speed Miranda, you have certainly made a difference in everyone's lives in Syrnia including mine.

Love always Girl,

17-10-2013 22:39

21-10-2013 06:35

Oh my

I really wish I hadn't opened the forums. This saddens me so much.

Rest Well, old friend.
29-10-2013 09:31

Once the proud leader of PsyKo, now a Goon

You have divorced Mel Mel!

The Dark One lives again!!!!
13-11-2013 01:27

Happy birthday Maranda. Your in our minds.
[2] 10:20 Karisade[-DRS-]: The best way to handle a giraffe is to confuse it by painting yourself yellow and black and calling it "mummy"
[2] 10:21 Karisade[-DRS-]: This usually works 50% of the time
01-01-2014 04:19

bye bye sis
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06-09-2014 10:12

Wow didn't see this post when it came out will be missed
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23-08-2015 12:18

R.I.P. Girl
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