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The Couch YetiTemp
11-03-2013 14:10

Here is something Maranda posted in her clan forums, a request of her from someone. Just... made me awe.

03-04-2009 12:19

A clannie thought it would be fun to find more out about each other, since we are all on at different times of the day, its hard to keep track

So here goes. Post what info you would like to share

I love Wild, and Syrnia!

And can't imagine a day here w/o you all

I love quiet moments, when your mind is lost in thoughts that seem to echo off still waters.

I love how the wind will gently caress you on a hot day and rush you to shelter on a cold one.

Watching birds catch waves upon the wind.
And how a cat will slumber in sunlight.

I love the rare moments in wild, when chat is full of laughter and fun, reminds me of why i have this clan.

I also love watching you all interact with each other, there is nothing like friendship.

Writing poetry and other things.

Bashing away!!

Dislikes: Arguments. Lag, bragging. Cheating.

Ok your turn.


This shares so much about her, I must say though... my favorite part in reading this is the very last part... "Ok your turn." <-- Gave me a chuckle. Optimistic, full of life.
One of the warmest hearts syrnia has had to offer.

I just felt I had to share this - something... magical in it, or so I feel.

Rest in Peace, Sweet, Sweet Maranda. Founder of the Wildlings.
Maranda(Wild) ~Wild and Wicked!~

Now, here is a poem ...a more recent one of hers.

21-04-2012 18:35

heres one of mine..

Mother Earth ~ Father Sky
(aka Sedona)

Red rocks, tree tops,
flowers bearing seeds.

Birds afloat, destination remote.
Streams secretly calling,
like the rain that is falling.

The winds howl,
a wolf's growl.
The sacred hoot,
of an old horned owl.

The writings on the wall

All that is above,
is all that is below.
All i never knew,
blends now with all i know.

Mother Earth ~ Father Sky,
The land is beauty,
so am i ...


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Mr. Addy
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11-03-2013 15:10

goldarnit that really sucks

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Fangz - Established 2007

RIP Stickvilla and korniton
11-03-2013 15:22

I am totally speechless to read this. There were times on msn that Maranda and I chatted for hours. I haven't been here for sometime and when I logged in today and was pointed to this thread, my 1st thoughts were 'no this isn't true!' I know Maz wasn't well, but she covered that by being a bright bubbly person in chat.

RIP Maranda, you are home.
FaNgZ RoCkZ!
11-03-2013 15:53

Maranda, one of my few Syrnian friends, i was blessed with the pleasure of knowing such a warm hearted, kind person.
You will be missed by many.
My condolences to those who were close.
12-03-2013 00:55

Sad to hear for sure. I remember when Wild and whatever we were called at the time had a heated rivalry. It was all in good fun for us but Maranda couldn't stand it! She didn't want any confrontation at all. It was pretty much through her and others in that clan that if MUTED could ever feel love that might be the closest it gets.

I'm sure she is surrounded by the ones she's lost in a special place and that alone should give peace to those who are in mourning.

Edited on 12-03-2013 00:55
If I should meet thee
After long years,
How should I greet thee?
With silence and tears.
12-03-2013 01:29

I don't even know what to say. I logged in specifically to post on here but I am at a loss for words. Truely an amazing woman, she will be missed very much. I am sure her and dreamer are smashing gnomes somewhere nice.

R.I.P Maranda, never to be forgotten.
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Novus Mortuus
12-03-2013 20:05

14-03-2013 05:40

Once the proud leader of PsyKo

You have divorced Mel Mel!

The Dark One lives again!!!!
15-03-2013 00:55

I'm speechless, *sigh*
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15-03-2013 14:24

My heart goes out to all of Wild! for the loss of Maranda. Having had lost a few friends here myself I know just how hard that can be. Leopaulus and I argued and fought but became good friends in the end. Funny how after playing this game for years with someone you start forming bonds and relationships and it's never an easy thing to loos that.

RIP Maranda, you'll be missed by all and never forgotten

Thank's for the correction

Edited on 15-03-2013 14:31
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15-03-2013 15:21

Truly sweet Lady. She will be missed.
'Do you know I love you like crazy people love bus stations?'

'Some people find 'god' not me, I found Crystal.'

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16-03-2013 10:30

Somehow, I didn't know about this until Sels told me personally. I can't believe it.

I don't really know what to say, either.

I think it's shock that's got me halfway between thinking it's a joke and halfway between bargaining for what can't be taken back.

I miss you, Maranda.

I love you.

You basically 'trained' me. When I was an, excuse my language, 'ass' you calmed me down. You taught me to be what I am now. I was in Wild years ago and dumb arguments ended that part of mine. And now I see that I was beyond stupid. None of this matters now. I should have taken your lessons to heart.

Please rest in peace. I really mean that I love you.

Kristin Marie
16-03-2013 16:29

R.I.P Maranda

you will be sorely missed.
When the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls
And the stars begin to twinkle in the night...
18-03-2013 11:28

We hadn't spoken in world for a long while, but I remember you being a bright, happy person.
Rest in peace
Playing since Fri, Feb 8, 2008 at 9:54 PM
18-03-2013 11:49

Never, ever forgotten, my dear 'Sis' who bore so much with a smile...

Reunited with her beloved Rick and Dreamer, who she loved and missed so deeply.

We are all going to miss you Hon, in here you were the strong, smiling Warrior who revelled in a challenge, loved her Clannies and friends and tried so hard to see the best in every one of us.

A great loss to us, an even greater loss to her rl Family and Friends, sleep easy Hon, you earned it a hundred times over.
"Have lived a very fun filled life with the grains of salt that make you appreciate the laughter and the love of family and friends."

dreamer349 April '09
...Creator of Fish head Soup like no other
21-03-2013 02:58

Oh, Maranda! RIP dear girl. You will be missed. So sad...
I love my US Navy sailor! Thanks to all who have served or are serving!

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21-03-2013 19:02

I haven't been paying much attention last couple of months and just returned from holiday, so I'm pretty shocked to read this

RIP Girl, you will be missed!
Not everything is what it seems to be, so stop judging everything like something it might not even be.
26-03-2013 21:32

RIP Maranda! You will be lost but not forgotten. I am sending my condolences to the family in this rough time.
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29-03-2013 14:56

R.I.P. my friend.
29-03-2013 17:57

Dam.... Hard to hear that!

Peace upon your soul Mara!
Where I stand, high between heaven and hell, I guide all my fellows to an unreached place called Knowledge! "Give troops food and skills, they'll move mountains, give erudits whispers and thoughts, they'll bring us a New World Order".
30-03-2013 00:43

Maranda was one of the best players this game has ever seen. R.I.P.
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30-03-2013 04:49

I caught this forum post in one of my rare trips back to Syrnia so sad about the passing of Maranda so many kind messages and comments have been posted on here that anything I would put would be superfluous so all I will say is ditto and leave it at that.
When in doubt and trouble and everyone has left you there is always robot teddy.
11-04-2013 17:55

I just had a scary thought ... Maranda & dreamer in heaven together brewing up a special fish head soup waiting for my arrival
Then I remembered ... I'll be going elsewhere
Just hope they don't work out some sorta delivery deal.

Miss them both every day
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You are sent to jail for 735 seconds.

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13-04-2013 06:25

Such a sweet soul. She was always a great friend. My blessings to her family and friends.
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13-04-2013 07:34

A beautiful garden now stands alone,
missing the one who nurtured it
But now she is gone,
Her flowers still bloom, and the sun it still shines,
But the rain is like tear drops, for the ones left behind,
The weeds lay waiting to take the gardens beauty away,
But the beautiful memories of its keeper are in our hearts to stay,
she loved every flower even some that were weeds,
So much love she would plant with each little seed,
But just like her flowers she was part of Gods plan,
So when it was her time he reached down his hand,
He look through the Garden searching for the best,
That's when he found Maranda, it was her time to rest,
It was hard for those who loved her, to just let her go,
But God had a spot in his garden, that needed a gentle soul,
So when you start missing Maranda, remember if you just wait,
When God has a spot in his garden, She'll meet you at the gate.
You have married lestro!

*lights a candle for Dreamer and Maranda*

Joined: August 21, 2007 - 17:32
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