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09-03-2013 20:45

This is one of the hardest posts I have ever had to write. It is with a very heavy heart that I share with you all that Maranda passed away on Thursday. Maranda was the wildest of us wild ones! She always had the ability to cheer you up, even though she was going through the roughest times. Maranda was my friend, my go too in times of need and always loving, caring and there for me when I needed her! I will miss her deeply as I am sure everyone who ever got to know her will too.

Maranda's Loves:
I love quiet moments, when your mind is lost in thoughts that seem to echo off still waters.

I love how the wind will gently caress you on a hot day and rush you to shelter on a cold one.

Watching birds catch waves upon the wind.
And how a cat will slumber in sunlight.

I love the rare moments in wild, when chat is full of laughter and fun, reminds me of why i have this clan.

I also love watching you all interact with each other, there is nothing like friendship.

Writing poetry and other things.

Bashing away!!

Maranda and Dreamer are reunited at last!

Adding this: The Wild Clan will be having an open house for those of you who wish to join us in our treehouse to laugh, cry and remember Maranda. Please message or whisper a wild member to join us.

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09-03-2013 20:47

Rip my dear Aunt, love you. Glad you're finally done with pain, and back with your missed loved ones, you'll be greatly missed.
09-03-2013 20:47

RIP Maranda
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09-03-2013 20:48

Wow I am stunned! She will truly be missed. R.I.P.
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09-03-2013 20:48

This is very sad.
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09-03-2013 20:48

aww this sucks, i miss her too she was always kind to me and she was just awesome all around
09-03-2013 20:49

I can't believe this...

Maranda was a wonderful, kind, caring woman who always, ALWAYS brought a smile to everyones face. Truly one of the best of us here.

I will sorely miss her, and my heart goes out to those who were close to her: friends, family, other players.
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09-03-2013 20:49

RIP my thros are with hur famly i have only play for a bit and she was all ways a cheer full plare
09-03-2013 20:49


do not think I can handle much more of these

What can I say I am speechless you were always so kind and fun loving with a huge heart <3

ok try this again *takes deep breath*

you were always there for people even though you were in pain.

you gave your time and love to syrnia and syrnia in turn loved you back

Wild has my love as they are the loveliest wildest bunch under the great Maranda I will miss you <3

Edited on 09-03-2013 21:05
I am Pretty

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09-03-2013 20:51

Maranda, you are one of the loveliest people I ever had the honour, priviledge and pleasure to meet and get to know. You will be sorely, sorely missed. My heart felt condolences go out to her family.

:'( Preff
09-03-2013 20:51

R.I.P Maranda, you truly were a sweet person.

My condolances to her family and clan.

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09-03-2013 20:51

A true lady and a great, great friend. this place will never be the same without her wit and charm. May she be at peace with her loved ones . I will truly miss her as a friend and a Syrnian.
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09-03-2013 20:51

so sorry to hear this, rest in peace Maranda
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09-03-2013 20:52

I surrendered My flesh to Satan so God could save my Soul.

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R.I.P murderdoll22
09-03-2013 20:55

So sad to hear She was dearly loved by the Syrnia community and I hope she rests well.
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09-03-2013 20:56

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09-03-2013 20:57

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09-03-2013 20:58

Maranda was special. Even though she was always in pain, she would always put others first. She went out of her way to make you smile if you were sad, be and ear if you needed to vent. She was the wildest of the Wild ones, but she was also the sweetest of the sweet. The world is a little darker today, but we can find a little comfort in the fact that she is no longer in pain and she is with her beloved Rick and they are both happy together.

Maranda I love you, and I will miss the world out of you.
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09-03-2013 21:01

My prayers to the family and friends of Maranda, and to the Syrnians that knew her. She was a great person, always giving a second chance for people that no one else would bother with. I loving heart and soul. *salutes*
09-03-2013 21:03

R.I.P. Maranda. My thoughts and prayers go with her family and friends. She will be greatly missed.
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M S Scott
09-03-2013 21:13

So very sad to lose one of the nicest people in the game..:'( She will be greatly missed.
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09-03-2013 21:13

09-03-2013 21:14

RIP, the syrnia community will definitely miss you.
09-03-2013 21:23

It was always a pleasure to talk to you and I remember lots of fun times in chat with you around.

I'll really miss those times.

Rest in peace.
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09-03-2013 21:25

I would just like to offer my sympathy, and that of Choob to all those that knew Maranda and will mourn her passing.
While I never really interacted much with her, I was always impressed by how much others in this game greeted her sorties into World chat with joy and affection, and I am sure that her memory will never die in the hearts of those who cared for her.

*Raises a glass to Maranda*
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