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27-01-2013 15:33

i'll miss ya Vicius, but where ever we meet in whatever the afterlife is, you still owe me my 15 bathides from our bet.

You were a great friend to many, including me, and even though you were a veteran player, you never treated us newbies any different to your other friends.

I'll miss you greatly bud
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27-01-2013 18:53

I missed vin a lot we was long time a friend we always called each other

Habibi (Friend).

Will not forget about you habibi
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27-01-2013 21:22

*doffs cap in a moment of silence for Vinny*
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The Godfather
27-01-2013 21:32

You will be missed bro! you were a great and a very helpful person.
27-01-2013 22:09

very sad indeed
my condolences
27-01-2013 22:24

very much missed, a young man with a big heart.

28-01-2013 01:35

From the Members of MUTED we send our deepest condolences to his family and Friends. Rest In Peace!
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28-01-2013 02:36

I never met Vin in person but i did get to chat with him a few times through whispers and i honsetly have to say he was very nice and sometimes down rite crude when we talked. Most of the time that he was crude was when i asked something stupid and well like most of the other people who play syrnia he didnt like what i said and gave me a tongue lashing for it.I deserved it and i never got to thank him for helpin me. Vin, gods arms are around you now and u have ur wings. May god bless your family in their time of grief and instead of crying that you are gone, let everyone rejoice that your life really didnt end but actually restored itself as an angel.
28-01-2013 08:48

R.I.P vincius.

Years of chatting on msn and in-game. We had such fun in chat.

To receive this news today has shocked me.

You always made me laugh.

Rest easy now my friend.
FaNgZ RoCkZ!
28-01-2013 11:45

Vinny the man who loved to kill me in OL ... you were a great guy and player.. RIP hun ... we will miss you !!!!!

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28-01-2013 17:17

He will be missed by all of us! Rest in peace Vincius.
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28-01-2013 20:19

I was so surprised to hear the news about Vinny. We weren't close, but we'd have fun little conversations in world chat...teasing back and forth and the like. He was a lot of fun to have around Syrnia, and my prayers are with all who survive him.

RIP Vinny. You are missed.
Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you are by far the Charlie Browniest.
28-01-2013 22:23

I couldn't.. can't believe this. I thought it was some weird joke when I first read it.

Vila i frid Oskar, fast det är alldeles för tidigt
Vem ska nu snacka skit med mig på svenska?
But you, and you, and you and you
you're just a animal developed into
You and you and you and you
a monkey needs to dance so do you
29-01-2013 01:59

Sad to hear this....
If I should meet thee
After long years,
How should I greet thee?
With silence and tears.
29-01-2013 04:55

30-01-2013 21:05

Oh gods. This was a total shock to come back to. Vinny you'll be missed.
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Rawr Carrots!
31-01-2013 03:19

I finally got myself to read all these.
I will miss you my dear friend. We will have to teach me how to ski and drink vodka on the other side I guess <3
Love you and miss you a ton!!
Elle <3
31-01-2013 03:32

RIP vinnie, you were one of the first of us and sadly one of the first to key in that great big botcheck in the sky.

You livened up chat with your humour and I enjoyed swapping links to some weird and wonderful Youtube videos

I'm sure you will continue to live on in the memories of many, both here and on the other side of the screen - you will be missed.
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31-01-2013 04:08

I'm quite shocked by this. He was a good guy and an "old" player at that.

Syrnia won't be quite the same without him.
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31-01-2013 17:02

i knew vin from 2 games- one which shut down ; i am so sorry they have gone But i hope they are happy & i also hope the family is well dispite the lost- yes i think i will miss them a bit too- i can feel small tears in my eyes already RIP my friend
31-01-2013 18:33

I am sorry to hear about this loss as he was a friendly person and very cheerful most of the time. RIP Vinny you will be lost but not forgotten. Sending my condolences to the family and prayers to get through this hard time <3!
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Novus Mortuus
03-02-2013 12:11


Didnt know him very well but had bantered with him in chat sometimes. Does anyone know what actually happened? Was he ill?
18-02-2013 03:05

Very sad to find this out today. He was a true pillar of the foundations of Syrnia. May God bless his family and friends through this tragic event.
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21-03-2013 02:53

Oh, Oskar... I am so sad to hear of your passing! You've been such an amazing friend for so long. I will miss you terribly! I haven't been around Syrnia much lately, so I heard the news about your passing sooo late. I am horribly distressed by your loss. Rest in peace, old friend. You are definitely gone too soon...
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07-04-2013 22:54

This is from his father posted with his permission:


After reading all comments, thougts and wonderings on Syrnia´s memorial forum, do I just send you info of Oskar (Vincius) death. So many ask questions of why he died and so.
We know now after an autopsy that he died from a heart failure. We didn´t know anything of him having problems with his heart - he was just 20 years old.
There was no traces of drugs and also did he not do anything to harm himself. He just passed away in his sleep, on Jan 20th.

Björn Mörtberg
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