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13-11-2012 20:15

evert i see your point but why force ppl to work 1 of 2 skills just because they couldn't be online and working the event. its like "u don't play enough so we are penalizing you"

my main issue is i'm lucky if i get in 4 hours a day, but having 50+ hours of work left just to get into the caves is 50+ hours of lost xp in a skill i actually want to train, and x amount of xp in a skill that has absoutly no use to me

Edited on 13-11-2012 20:19
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13-11-2012 20:18

It's a requirement to get in, and it's actually completely fair...there were plenty of chances to do the appropriate amount of actions when there were drops involved. If you didn't do them then, it's nobody else's fault that you have to do them now without drops. I remember similar whining about needing mining lvl 30 to access Beset when anasco opened.
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13-11-2012 20:21

If you wanna whine bout this, then don't go to AC5 Simple as that.
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13-11-2012 20:27

Syrnia is a FREE game. Please do not complain about wasting your money on DONATIONS here, they don't buy you anything to benefit you.
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13-11-2012 20:28

I dont mine, but I have 60+ hours of mining to do to have access. I'm not happy, but I'm not (seriously) complaining..just the occasional bitch in jest. It's just a game, relax.

If you dont want to put the time in, you dont have to. Having access is an option, just like being a Pirate is an option, going to the OL is an option, ect.
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13-11-2012 20:32

I agree with Ryuuk and Affy...if you don't want to do it, don't go to arch cave 5...if you don't want to get mining 30, fight somewhere other than beset...if you don't want to have to train combat, stick to smelting silver or mining gold or platty.
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13-11-2012 20:40

I looked at is as a reward for those who helped, not a penalty for those who didn't. They gave an exceptional amount of time and were rewarded for it, the rest of us gain access the typical way and the way that players will have to for years to come.
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13-11-2012 21:54

Further to a message sent to Haz. I apologize for my earlier comments, it was a good event. I was just frustrated at the result and it came at the end of a particularly crappy day at work.

Never let it be said I won't admit when I am wrong ... it just doesn't happen that I am wrong very often ;)
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13-11-2012 22:02

Woo 35th on list! What a great event Haz, you are to be commended!
14-11-2012 07:37

#54 Woot!
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14-11-2012 07:49

People are not being penalized for not having the time.. they are doing the required quest for the caves, where as those who joined in are being rewarded for taking the time to do all the skills.
It's like saying you feel cheated that others get a reward for clearing out an invasion when you didn't, even though you didn't do as much work, regardless of when you can and can't get on, fact is, some people could..

But no point trying to reason when you can't please everyone, thank you Haz, it was a bunch of fun, most seem happy
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14-11-2012 13:52

#26 woot

Nicely done Syrnia, I don't care what the whiners say.
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14-11-2012 14:02

I came in 17th in this (yes, yes I do have too much time one my hands), but I have to say, complaining about not being able to have access because you didnt do enough actions is the same as if I complained because I can't use the AC5 yet either - Im CL 14 RAWR *sounds more like meow* I have yet to do enough "actions" in the area of combat XD
14-11-2012 19:42

Great event! Big thanks to whole team for this!!!

And this quick xp is nice addition imo , would hurt me more to see timer 80 while mining coal instead 45 here . Easy xp is always good.
Besides going there when below cl100 doesnt seem a good idea if u ask me, unless one want to hunt DD's there .

Thanks again, bring more of those in future plz
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14-11-2012 21:10

get a life people.. seriously.

Haz great event, got to train a few skills id forgotten about
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14-11-2012 21:13

to come first would take roughly 9000 minutes.. says it all
Im not crazy!

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20-11-2012 21:25

#20 YAY! Thanks so much for this awesome event! More please!
20-11-2012 21:30

At least the quest is repeatable for nice construction exp
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