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21-06-2012 05:07

Hola, pleased to meet chu.
RIP Dime
RIP Layne
RIP The Rev
Mr. Addy
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21-06-2012 18:14

<-- I'm the creeper >: D *Begins to hiss*
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Proud member of color
21-06-2012 21:30

MH3 looks like a freaking boss. Epic.

Vampyre is doing a mighty good job at that!
22-06-2012 19:47

haha thanks nirv. that was about a year ago, me and my buddy were messing around at a halloween store.
RIP Dime
RIP Layne
RIP The Rev
25-06-2012 18:58

A new one as my avatar, the dimensions are bit broken though. Full image at:
I kept my hair nicely combed and straightened for the event of taking a photo.

Edited on 25-06-2012 18:58
Minerizer :D
Anarcho FooBear
11-07-2012 04:04

<-- There I am
[2]03:11 Garin_Whitewolf[=SoA=]: I pity da Foo(zard) *said in my best Mr. T voice*

Proud member of =SoA=

foozard won and got a Desert arena medal and 200 combat experience (3 players)
18-07-2012 04:49

<--- That's me and my sailor.

Can't remember if I already posted on this thread or not. Wheeee!
I love my US Navy sailor! Thanks to all who have served or are serving!

[1]02:04 Cradle[~SaS~]: but the other speed items also decrease time? or do you have only boobs?
18-07-2012 10:53

Just updated my avatar to something that's actually me. Yes, yes, I know. I'm a beauty killa.
Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
~ Lewis Carrol
18-07-2012 11:51
You have successfully thieved the shop and got 45267 gold!

The Captain Keelhail struck at Tazz and did 76 damage. 0/60
First player captured.

Tazz struck and dealt 21 damage to the Deep sea monster.
18-07-2012 17:12

I have no pic at the moment but I swear that I am ugly

Edited on 18-07-2012 17:13
2012-07-02 03:36:09 Arioch(56) did 12 damage to Affliction. Affliction had 95 HP left.

The Roodarus died. All warriors got 667 experience in attack,defence,strength and health. Arioch got 5 Saurus meat!
18-07-2012 18:32
[Metal] Is Recruiting, Message Me.

22-07-2012 17:32

should be in my avatar XD if not then
[3]20:23 loubeelou[-TaG-]: I did notice u have a big one Bummie
15-08-2012 07:38

I did have some terrible pics up but I decided to update

Well the links didn't work so I'll fix it later lol

Edited on 27-03-2015 14:46
15-08-2012 09:44

I'm the guy squeezing the girls cheeks.
15-08-2012 19:33

Scary lol
A ghost could be licking you right now and you would never know...

The Roodarus died. All warriors got 667 experience in attack,defence,strength and health. Arioch got 5 Saurus meat!
17-08-2012 09:26

latest pic of the wife and i
1] 00:47 _Lady Iso_[-TL-]: he gonna kick all our buts :S
[1] 00:47 Amnesiaa[Corps]: then im off!
[1] 00:47 RedWyrm[Pond]: the human lacvac is back
[1] 00:46 RedWyrm[Pond]: pedro here now :(
17-08-2012 21:11

<--- Yours truly
R.I.P Anubis 6th February 2011 - Gone but never forgotten.
18-08-2012 05:15

<-- me
You dont make a sandwich. A sandwich is, or is not.

Cooking level: 105 (12345678 exp, 362243 for next level)
04-09-2012 23:09

I believe my avatar is a recent pic of myself..
[3]21:27 MadameMasque[O.G.]: *ges with Walkear*.

[W]01:08 Mobbie[O.G.]: cool.. we're the same person then cause I'm a multi of Kenny!

+352,225 <-- See Rubo, I'm not ALWAYS a slacker. ;)
Mr Tiddles
07-11-2012 10:39

<--- blah
Your all noobs
CFH for Lyfe
07-11-2012 14:15

07-11-2012 19:09

I am the younger one
Our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real - Hannibal Lecter
09-11-2012 02:40


#1 is definitely my favorite, m'lady!

*doffs cap & bows*
"Laughter is an expression of spontaneous passion. Laugh often, my friends!" - Ravir

(Mod)Moderator: Congratulations Ravir and ladytabitha!
09-11-2012 03:14

>.> Rawr, I'm scary >
There are some great people in Syrnia <3 Thanks for all you do, you know who you are! :D
16-12-2012 22:43

Here's a couple pictures of me and my girlfriend..

Here's a pic of me trying on cloths for homecoming
"Maybe this world is another planet's Hell."
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