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04-01-2012 07:47

Very true. Ignore my previous post
Affliction(110) attacked Jack the Reaper, and did 40 damage. Jack the Reaper had 1 HP left.

Thief Prowler Last seen at: Mentan - Completed
You got 105 thieving experience.
The thieving guild paid you 60 gold.
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28-03-2012 11:39

If you have time, the table BB codes would be vey useful.

Im sure there are people out there who would do it for you
2012-01-12 10:57:03 Jack the Reaper killed barun511 arvindr

Rest in pieces dear friend.
Dark NeroxusTemp
15-05-2012 17:27

would anyone be opposed to having this copied by a more active player to keep it updated?

not sure if orange is around often enough to have it edited by himself
ofcourse orange would be credited in full

Edited on 15-05-2012 17:27
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31-10-2012 08:20

Update for the Skeleton King!

33/115 The Skeleton king struck at Affliction and did 82 damage. 82
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31-10-2012 08:36

Was that the skeleton king, a frost giant or captain keelhail?
Otherwise Orange hasn't updated this in AGES "As of writing (29-10-2011), the highest hit seen so far is 77 damage, but its very possible it can hit even higher than this."

2/102 The Skeleton king struck at Deedar and did 99 damage.

Edited on 01-11-2012 18:25
You merely adopted the lag, I was born with it!
09-01-2013 21:11

Would like a reconfigure on the Sekehemet requirements if possible, apparently 42 is now the max recorded hit with a torch equipped. Cheers!
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Hotdog killed you at Desert arena 3 :-D

Thorntree got 1 Waranerus spike!
Thorntree got 1 Stemosaurus tail spike!
05-02-2013 14:59

from TL grounds:
`Your defense level works to reduce the chances you take damage. The higher your defence level, combined with the armor that you wear works to reduce the chances monsters hit for their maximum, and in the same breath, reduce overall damage taken.`
so what is the max hit you are talkin about? was it on a nacked CL1 player?
25-12-2009 13:15

Well you clever Syrnians, I thought that would keep you busy all day but within 2 hours is fantastic going!

Congratulations to kkman who wins the Competition
07-02-2013 13:27

"Your defense level works to reduce the chances you take damage."

That doesn't mean the max hit of XYZ mob is reduced, but rather lowers the likely hood of XYZ mob hitting its max hit.
In other words whether your combat level is 1 or 100 the max hit of a particular mob will still be the same, just that the likely hood of a max hit occurring will be lowered as you level up.
R2 D2
02-11-2013 19:55

[3] 18:59 Ardarel[Puddy]: 14/62 The Skeletal warrior struck at you and did 40 damage. 40
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09-01-2015 19:34

[2]19:31 And[AFK]: The Sekhmet struck at you and did 40 damage.
just an update would be nice...
Burnt Cod
09-01-2015 21:58

Did you have a torch equipped?
[6]18:19 (Mod)Moderator: *Comes to Burnt Cods rescue*

You have successfully thieved the Burnt Cod!

[3]15:06 Killruna[O.G.]: all hail the burnt Cod!
Dark Nero
10-01-2015 00:27

he was fighting it at cl 32 and was wearing iron armour ofcourse he would be hit that it changes nothing to the recommended posted. just stupidity on his part
Adapt or Perish

You and 0 players are attacking a Deep sea monster (125) at Eylsian docks.

The Deep sea monster died. All warriors got 80 experience in attack, defence, strength, Health
10-01-2015 00:44

From Orange's post:

"All the Health Point recommendations are intended to help the player avoid being killed in 1 Hit by the Monster, Auto Attack Monster or highest level Monster at each Combat Area when the player has Full Health."

If the Sekhmet can hit 40, then that sentence should be changed if the recommended HP for fighting Sekhmet isn't changed, since it doesn't suggest that the recommended HP also depends on CL. Unless there is a good argument to believe And is making up being hit for 40--I can't make that argument.
10-01-2015 00:51

this was a poor guide from the time it was written.. use it with a pinch of salt and not as combat training guide imo.
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10-01-2015 03:04

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10-01-2015 08:47

09-01-2013 21:11

Would like a reconfigure on the Sekehemet requirements if possible, apparently 42 is now the max recorded hit with a torch equipped. Cheers!

In 2013..
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08-05-2015 19:04

[Skulls Nose (Skull island)

Combat link appears as Recruit pirates

While this option isn't an actual Combat Area, as long as there are resources in the Pirate Stockpile you can Recruit Pirates to gain 5 Combat Exp in all 4 of your Combat Skills, but there are Combat Level requirements to train the different pirates]

This part of the guide is wrong/outdated.
* Recruiting Pirates only yields 1 Combat Exp in all 4 of Combat Skills--not 5 each like the guide claims.
The Puppeteer
08-05-2015 22:13

Sameal there are 4 skills, this guide says *5 exp in all of the 4 combat skills* but i must say that is incorrect the combat exp earned are:

Pirate: 1 experience point in each combat skill.

Dread Pirate: 3 experience point in each combat skill.

the rest, well ask a vetren pirate
23-12-2015 14:51

Just got hit 24 by a baby frost giant.
12-02-2017 04:49

Combat Level 84.

You are attacking a Giant squid (67) at Thabis.

The Giant squid died. You got 146 strength experience

The Giant squid struck at you and did 21 damage.

You got 1500 defence experience.
You have completed the "Squid of the Deep" quest!
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