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15-10-2009 00:20

I was always a 'Sels' of sorts, I'm def not from the early days and I last saw Lemmi a few weeks back ...

joe2...Did you mean 'Willie'? Used to change Clans like the rest of us change socks
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15-10-2009 00:53

Why hasn't this been stickied yet?

*votes for a sticky*
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15-10-2009 01:16

Ric didn't make the first Price Guide

And qqqwwweee, muted for 3? 3 what?
15-10-2009 01:37

Zandramas- I think that's how she spelled it.

Attila - Good person who died in a car accident. RIP
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15-10-2009 01:48

Zandramas.. a very helpful a kind player
15-10-2009 02:14

Thank-you rosebud for remembering attila,( he had style"), his mum sometimes logs in to say hi,he was the future of norways soccer team he always said, he loved it, was killed crossing a busy road to go to practice....he was 12 and a very serious little character...good player
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15-10-2009 02:58

What about Pixieslave she was a bit rude but a good player and active in the chat. And eleanor who I haven't seen for a while. And who the heck used to log in and hug his horse? Is Edam still playing? And what about chats great sarcastic players crazybob?
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15-10-2009 05:45

Nipsy - Co-founder of Syrnia's first OL Beer Smuggling Shop

xiaoxiong83 - My friends...hehe!

Eschelon - TIW's little sattelite
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15-10-2009 08:54

kiwi1960 one of the angriest players I can remember!
Left in a hissy fit of terminal rage never to return....
Cruz Nairb
15-10-2009 09:21

Kingmurderer - biggest clan hopper that korniton ever has known of.

I'll second that.
Lord Of Fire
15-10-2009 18:57

KoolKitty- first one to write a list of famous people on syrnia!

lol good work
16-10-2009 00:34

I thought Desann started the "Fail DW" thing

Stainmaster did alot and is a close friend (or was) but i think someone else actually started the phrase ;)
Critical hit: You struck and dealt 20 damage to the Gold scaled gaman.
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[2]23:51 Z330Ls[*I*C*]: bob we do it all the time, people are just no whining about it :P
16-10-2009 00:36

Aren't Stain & Desann the same person, anyway?
16-10-2009 00:47

no they are not ;)

I know this as fact

Desann is in my guild in movoda and stain is not as he is Banned from movy.

And they have 2 entire different personalities and humors.

I know em both pretty good but Know desann personally and he is not stain
Critical hit: You struck and dealt 20 damage to the Gold scaled gaman.
Married to Kat 2/13/2008
[2]23:51 Z330Ls[*I*C*]: bob we do it all the time, people are just no whining about it :P
16-10-2009 00:49

Can't forget Zeken :o A good friend

Edited on 16-10-2009 00:50
16-10-2009 00:55

I started Syrnia 1k days ago and I only know 2 of those people xD. lol
16-10-2009 05:55

Dark_Warrior88 - Spindoc's first sweetheart.
16-10-2009 14:18

Retired :)

P.S. Maggie.. You will be always in my Syrnian heart.
16-10-2009 14:19

Isnt blazer123 back on the game under a different name?
Its never funny to the person you are making fun of.
16-10-2009 18:31

Averagejoe (not sure if he plays still or not or even if he's up there already)

That guy was the game's 1st dominant fisher. Good guy too.
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16-10-2009 18:56

I remember senji she was a big help when I started the game in 2006 along with Dale in the Love clan. One of the reasons I continued woodcutting today. She was a bright cheery person and always a big help and heart when helping people in the clan and outside the clan.
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Missed my 1000th day by one day :P
16-10-2009 19:13

PraZ still logs in once in a while.
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16-10-2009 19:24

"For he to-day that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother"
16-10-2009 20:52

Does Indisponte still play?
16-10-2009 21:02

I think Beowulf still plays Aqua, I see exp gains on DW, hehe. Also had a short encounter in OL's with them not that long ago when I tried to sneak in some mining xD
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