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19-04-2013 18:17

Sadly Vinny needs to be added, too young, too soon.

Also Maranda, always heading off to the best fight and found the best in all of us
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19-04-2013 19:42

Not Qqqwwweee. Please...no... *Begins weeping*
19-04-2013 19:49

Jester I thought you was Qqqwwweee
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20-04-2013 18:16

He was my mentor.
Cruz Nairb
14-08-2013 01:26

Maybe we should consider adding clans to this?

DW, ~SaS~ and ohno come to mind.
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- Cruz Nairb of Fangz -
14-08-2013 01:41

A lot of the players added on the list aren't close to "legendary". Boooooo.
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14-08-2013 09:57

sels said the person i was thinking- vinnie, may God watch over his family and friends, heard so many good things about him- RIP dude ♥
14-08-2013 11:49

Lestro and Dos still play
Home of lost causes, forsaken beliefs, unpopular names, and impossible loyalties!

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14-08-2013 12:26

Agreed Walker.
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16-08-2013 04:21

+1 Walker.

TKoT only ever cut 1 million wood. Wyks has the screenshot ;)
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21-08-2013 09:07

Ravir needs to be added to this
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22-08-2013 14:00

Typo I am sorry but no he does not he has neither done anything legendary or worthwhile to feature a mention. granted the guy was decent to the community and his attitude did add a certain fun atmosphere to chat but apart from that which I personally feel is not worth being added to this list there is nothing worth adding to this post.

I a sorry if people feel otherwise but we have a list of legendaries but yet these people are merely friends of friends or clan members there are few players here who have done something worth a mention and yet even a few of those used certain methods to achieve them feats.

if I was KK I would re do this whole post I am sorry if I have offended anyone but this is my honest view of this post.
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22-08-2013 16:06

ok i read above and i agree,so what then does denote 'legendary'.
shall we set a guideline of possible firsts',or great acts whether they be on the bad side or good?
lets define the issue clearly then we can make a genuine list.
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Cruz Nairb
22-08-2013 16:41

Would be nice to see a list of actual legendary players. Not saying there isn't a place for a list like this, but there is a difference between legendary and just old friends and clan members. Things like: first player to have a gold axe, most feared OL hunter and so on.
A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?

www.TLGrounds.com, your TRUE Syrnia resource!

- Cruz Nairb of Fangz -
22-08-2013 18:38

Greyscale ~ Awesome designer, artistic with all he does.

(Yes he may be a clan/friend...but to me he is still a legend, and will be missed dearly.)
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22-08-2013 19:09

+1 to the above.

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22-08-2013 19:39

Didn't greyscale design the Pirate weapons,New Flowers & the dragon armor? :o

If i remember right, that's pretty legendary ;).

Edited on 22-08-2013 19:46
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11-12-2013 17:45

Ravir - Most Gentleman Syrnian
Demon Zito
17-05-2014 08:45

Mr. Addy
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18-05-2014 07:22

I would absolutely love to see Vincius to be added to this list. He was a great guy
26-05-2014 11:54

piranhattack[*TF*] still plays
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26-05-2014 14:12

I agree, qqqwwweee should have a spot

So should I!
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Edited on 26-05-2014 14:21
26-05-2014 14:18

piranhattack does not still play. His account was deleted, and an impostor took his name.
26-05-2014 14:38

Ravir Still exists in syrnia he is not gone
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01-07-2015 09:09

Henry Crun, amazing mentor and a great chat. Good fellow and no longer playing but will be missed!!
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