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Burnt Cod
04-04-2011 05:43

Anubis- so many things could be said about this great friend. One of the kindest syrnians I'll ever meet. Rip buddy.
Mr. Addy
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Dark NeroxusTemp
04-04-2011 11:01

im with burnt anubis was great friend to many if he not on here id like to see him RIP buddy
05-04-2011 04:51

I third that, Neroxus.
05-04-2011 05:16

05-04-2011 10:45

Guys there's already a list to remember him and others that we have lost, 'In Memorium''
FaNgZ RoCkZ!

A closed mouth gathers no feet !!

Build a bridge and get over it!
06-04-2011 00:13

[W]10:29 (Mod)FarinSongteeth[Core]: hurry back honey miss you already

You have married yoshibo! 23/06/2010 :)
24-06-2011 14:30

dreamer349 - A joy, a wild one! (Rip - 4/22/10)
timetraveler - A wonderful friend to many and a great clan member!

Edited on 25-06-2011 16:27
[2]12:51 Sephiroth[Choob]: Saved from the tyrannical, insane, bloodthirsty, mad, corrupted, vile, evil and downright monstrous Maranda. D:
Rest in peace dear dreamer ~4/22/10~
25-06-2011 15:06

how come fruc was not mentioned here?
i cant say he had the best combat lvl or mining as i nefver really looked othard,but we talked alot.
fruc was one of the most knowledgable people in syrnia and coolest i ever have known.
the guy helped everyone at any given time no questions asked.
i also was friends with tcg another very cool person.
Ham is good...
25-06-2011 15:08

I believe Fruc still plays now and again MrZee
You have married MadameMasque! <3

[3]01:59 MADitude[O.G.]: Andi's awesomeness is only second to his greatness

Andi - +7,338,035 - 2011, Week 22. Best gains for a week thus far!
25-06-2011 15:12

I heard a rumour PVP might be retired
25-06-2011 15:13

Fruc :o good guy, where did he go, all cool guys quits when i do
You had more crop than expected ! You found 27 more Eggplant than you planned to harvest.
25-06-2011 15:32

Has anyone mentioned Kuli?
FaNgZ RoCkZ!

A closed mouth gathers no feet !!

Build a bridge and get over it!
25-06-2011 15:38

Kuli is mentioned but not added, Maggie
You had more crop than expected ! You found 27 more Eggplant than you planned to harvest.
26-06-2011 08:22

bakertommy, for his countless hours and persistence on this game.
06-07-2011 13:49

the only thing PvP is a legend at is cheating and would be a disgrace to this list.
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06-07-2011 13:53

06-07-2011 14:03

arent manda, ziolablue, Desann and lestro back by now?
Go the Fro!

[2]23:54 ruboxjr[O.G.]: Cloud is #1!

Cloud killed brogs <3

[3] 21:17 MadameMasque[O.G.]: I <3 you.

Rest in peace my friend, Anubis.
06-07-2011 23:59

Yeah Kuli should be added, not just mentioned
07-07-2011 00:17

Lestro hasn't come and gone... gaining xp as we speak.
Burnt Cod
26-08-2011 21:46

Orange - Awesome Guide, and first player to hold a Slamyeord


Spindoc - first 100 in a skill

Nam - First player to smith an obsidian item?

Edited on 26-08-2011 21:55
28-08-2011 04:47

Bhangra - lightened up chat with witty humour and a touch of class
"Your manuscript is both good and original, but the part that is good is not original and the part that is original is not good." - Dr. Samuel Johnson
08-07-2012 17:50

its seems it is time to add GTods Messenger to this list...
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08-07-2012 23:13

Does KK Still play?
08-07-2012 23:29

Bhangra still plays
09-07-2012 03:49

Lestro does have great combat skills, and keeps on getting bigger. Think he needs removed
2012-04-01 03:19:03 foxylady killed Lamb
Affliction(114) attacked foxylady, and did 28 damage. foxylady had 1 HP left.
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