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16-04-2010 23:39

Sad to report Xartas

Been gone going on a year with no sight in him returning.

Best clan leader ever and my mentor.

I will miss you bro.

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16-04-2010 23:46

Had I known 6 months or so ago, that you would need an exact date, I would a wrote it down. Alas, Brogs, I didnt. He woulda had more than that 130, but he had to sleep sometime.
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17-04-2010 01:53

I miss Xartas. [~LoL~] was awesome
01-05-2010 08:12

What about Dark Lord Abu?!
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09-06-2010 19:17

Looks like it's time to take Tomg off this list. Why?...

2]19:08 tomg: because i love you
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09-06-2010 19:38

This has become too much of a 'people who have quit' thread. =/

Edited on 22-04-2012 13:21
09-06-2010 21:04

To put it simply...

Who the hell are these people!?
09-06-2010 21:22

I feel a legendary can be anyone, depending who. Someone in my clan who was legendary to me wont be to someone else because they didnt know them like I did.
06-07-2010 15:58

Maybe not really legends, but more a list of people that played near the beginning of Syrnia. Lots that have quit, some that still play.

Heck i haven't played this game for 4 years until just now.

This list is a reminder of fun days playing this game when it just started.

I'm glad this was stickied and not deleted.
06-07-2010 19:51

If people that are still here are on the list, like zandramas and tomg, I want to be on it too!

Because Im a fluffy bunny crabbit.
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06-07-2010 19:53

"How did we forget TIW? Famous DW member, One of the first OL tough guys, and founded a great guild called RUM. Great at putting noobs in there place as well."

We didnt, he's hiding out in SaS
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07-07-2010 06:31

I think its time Calgor should be on the list
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21-07-2010 03:08

Calgor - Known bad guy. Had a fairly large burnt fish collection. Account frozen by the powers that be. Also the famous Six Shot mod I believe?

Edited on 21-07-2010 03:28
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21-07-2010 03:23

Calgor had his account frozen???
21-07-2010 03:23


rofl, i said calgor without even looking at the posts before this 1

Edited on 21-07-2010 03:59
21-07-2010 03:29

Yes, Calgor, may he forever live on, inspiring mod-bashing in all of us.
21-07-2010 18:10

Kenny666? Not exactly a legend, but a name most knew who is not with us now, forever frozen in time.
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21-07-2010 20:01

antiyou1 XD
21-07-2010 20:14

Wullie - frozen along with kenny666, very strong miner.
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21-07-2010 20:16

Combined or..

Drain you of your sanity, face the thing that should not be..

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21-07-2010 20:20

Wullie - Person to mine the very first Obsidian Ore
21-07-2010 20:31

thats a lie Carbon

and why does a multi deserve to be on the list ?

Edited on 21-07-2010 20:31
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21-07-2010 21:16

a_f_c - He was a good feller
19-09-2010 19:47

[2]19:45 pedro: good health to all ....and remember ...arch 2 is mine ....bye ...
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19-09-2010 20:37

Thidran - legendary for giving trading a bad name.
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