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26-09-2009 21:12

That doesn't fix the issue Rictor

Edit -
Overall, I applaud the Mods for coming forward though

Edited on 26-09-2009 21:17
Mr. Addy
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26-09-2009 21:15

couldnt people just disable images as a quick fix to this or does that not work for dropped items in the OL's?

have to say grats to mods for discussing and posting this in good time though.
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Ihit Youdie
26-09-2009 21:15

It does work wullie, but the lag still stays just not as bad.. ive tried.
26-09-2009 21:16

While I agree some response had to be made to this 'bug' I also think some more clarification needs to be made. While it seems logical that this statement does not include death drops, it's reasonable to ask for that clarification and to ask what happens if the PK'er leaves some of those items. Do they now have to stop and clean up the mess they made before moving on to PK someone else?
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Ihit Youdie
26-09-2009 21:17

I want to agree with poj on this matter after reading that.

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26-09-2009 21:18

Looks puzzled. I put a comment and it got deleted. Is it because I named a player who may have been guilty of this offence?

Ihityoudie reply to you.
"I want to agree with poj on this matter after reading that.
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Ihit Youdie
26-09-2009 21:19

Wow, viper your correct.. it was deleted as ive read your post..

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26-09-2009 21:20

Something needed to be done, and it was. So good job.

However a problem arises, and I will use an example to show it.

*Offender A* has *Accomplice A* carry a bunch of different items into OLs.
*Offender A* kills *Accomplice A* and does not pick up any of the items.
*Offender A* both stay in OLs and use the items to create lag for others, and kill them.

No player has dropped any items, and the offender can argue that they did not want to pick up the dropped items because they felt the items were useless. Same problem exists, no one to blame.
26-09-2009 21:21

26-09-2009 21:10

I think an option to quickly disable the drop box would be an easy fix to all this mess.

If your crossing OLs just to move across you could turn it off and not experience any lag from items on the ground. Obviously if your there to PK, then your your call.

thank you Rictor, thats the idea i had in forums
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26-09-2009 21:22


The mods now say that, "Okay, you're right, this is a bug. Anyone abusing it from this point forward will face disciplinary action."

How is that not good enough for you? Are you on such a crusade of vengeance that you just want to see people burned at the stake, fairness be damned?

They did something that was not against the rules. It is NOW against the rules, and if they do it AGAIN they will be punished. Why is that not good enough?
26-09-2009 21:22

Exactly Calydor. This is how things get added to the Rules.
26-09-2009 21:23

It was against the rules before. It was abusing a bug, as has now been confirmed.
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26-09-2009 21:24

It's a bug?
26-09-2009 21:24

spindoc i have a question about this. So this is unfair behavior and not bug abuse? Would this also cover other instances of unfair behavior like say (scamming)? I am wondering if this statement of your is amending the official rules which has no real ruling on said "unfair behaviors"?

Edited on 26-09-2009 21:26
26-09-2009 21:25

Well the ability to intentionally cause players to lag wasn't an intended aspect of the gmae, so tehcnically yes.
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26-09-2009 21:25

Thank you very much community, staff, mods, senior mods and M2H.
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26-09-2009 21:27

Parker brings up a good point, would that be considered the same as dropping items to create lag? if they have a friend or clan mate run out there with a bunch of burnts or glass and kill them do they get to circumvent the newly stated rule?
26-09-2009 21:27

"Well the ability to intentionally cause players to lag wasn't an intended aspect of the gmae, so tehcnically yes."

What next? Can I report people for being online as too many people online causes a load on the server that causes me and everyone else to lag?
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26-09-2009 21:27

Good work mods.
26-09-2009 21:27

Pipster: I don't really want to go into the particulars of any differences of the 2 issues. I know that I am planning a post to delve into the subject of scams a bit more and hopefully show some distinction, that may or may not exist, between these 2 issues. As for when a post will be made, ideally it will up after the new island launches.
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26-09-2009 21:27

I personally do not want to see anyone banned. At the same time I do not want to see anyone break the rules and get away with it becouse their clannie is a mod/senior mod.

The mods should have jailed offenders for a period of time considering the income they have made from the drops using this exploit.

But it is now glaringly obvious that its one rule for one, onle rule for chums of the multi/cheat mods.
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26-09-2009 21:28

Okay HOTS, not how I see it but

mindcrime93 - There aren't enough types of burnts in-game to cause lag, unless maybe you were on dial-up, in which case you're dead with or without.

Edited on 26-09-2009 21:29
26-09-2009 21:31

good point Theta didnt think about it thanks
Ihit Youdie
26-09-2009 21:33

Items sitting there should disapear after 5 minutes?
26-09-2009 21:35

Thanks for finally putting an end to this Mods.

I do however think that this is a bug, and therefore bug abuse, so there are rules to say there should be retrospective punishment here. The fact it has now been declared a bug proves it was a bug all along.
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