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04-10-2009 21:28

I suggest you all stop trying to be the popular dude and just let the mdos do their job.
After all M2H made them mades cause they are reliable and capable of making decision. If you think you can do better go write M2H an email with an application.

Im sure the mods discussed this and came up with a punishment they find suitable. Ofcourse this can also mean they aren't punished at all because it wasn't a bannable offence yet.

Get over it people.
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04-10-2009 21:31

*points Jefferyj to HeartOfTheSun's post*
04-10-2009 21:52

Jeff...man...a while ago the mods posted a list of players who could not get online...I robbed 1 of those players shops...and because of their incompetence I was punished Immediately...not days later...not weeks later...but immediately...do you know why? Cause that player is one of those favorites IMO. If I was the one causing this issue I would have already been punished! No debate would have been needed.
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04-10-2009 22:01

PvP and GM are not the only ones ;)
PvP Says he dinnit know it caused lag
Someone else said they knew (note Siggy)
Now as far as PvP goes I give him his dues and Lestro so be it But ONE player said that they knew it caused lag and done it because he knew it cause others to lag.
I feel that this player should be punished.

With that said I am very please at the mods response, and that they actually are looking at it.
I do not tell the mods what to do nor do i feel I am in the position to call it favoritism.
Neither is anyone else.
Whether the obvious is done is not my call. Nor will I push for ban, jail, void of kills etc.

Thats up to the staff not us.

If there is a staff problem that is also not up to us.

Syrnia in my opinion is in good hands.
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05-10-2009 02:09

"Moderator edit:
"So what if those doing it are Moderators themselves?" Incorrect."

Looks like the mods are up and at it defending themselves XD

Must not be comfortable on how this matter turned out

But anywho, I'm not going to post my opinion on this particular matter, that didn't turn out too well last time I tried it. And I'm not going to congratulate the mods for the up-stepping, either.
05-10-2009 14:04

"Now you see the truth," < You're a conspiracy nut. I can tell.

Boo, he deleted his post. That would have made for some funny replies, too.

Edited on 05-10-2009 17:12
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