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27-09-2009 00:01

Probably cause lag going into OCE1, which would be quite bad
Mr. Addy
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27-09-2009 00:03

Koolkitty "If something as stupid as no drops in the OL gets passed, then there should be no drop trades anywhere, cause next ppl in arch 4 will complain of drops lagging while fighting the dinnos"

It totally lags my combo chest guessing too!
27-09-2009 00:04

Yeah, But it's lag loading OCE1 instead of Lag loading OL35 where you can be attacked. I dunno, maybe, But the way it is, it seems like all the big drops of 1 Item are only happening at OL35, There are 99 numbers to kill someone at, so it cant be from a death.. But i suppose it's argueable, so i guess there is no easy fix.

"only showing 3 items" Would kinda suck if you got a big drop, you'd be forever clicking, not knowing when it was going to end, Not a problem for high level pk'ers,as they dont need to worry about getting 2-hit. I suppose it would kind of help prevent people from stealing part of your drop.. But still, I like the ols as it is, Would love it even more if CL50+ People stayed out of there.

Edited on 27-09-2009 00:07
Tazz struck and dealt 20 damage to the Waranerus >:)

2009-08-31 01:45:44 Tazz(46) did 5 damage to PvP. PvP had 103 HP left. >:)

2009-02-24 23:58:27 Tazz-99 killed Orange
27-09-2009 00:11

A thought out response from the mods. Does everything asked by the community.

Getting items back was never going to happen as lag related deaths never do. Maybe the copy and paste wasn't working for part 3 of the rules pasted above:
"3. Any player deaths caused as a result of "lag" shall not be compensated. This is because there are many possible reasons for this, both on the player's side and on Syrnia's side"

Punishments if they happen are between the mods and the offenders. If I was going to be punished with something I wouldn't like it to be pasted all over the place. So people may be punished though you will not know it.
27-09-2009 00:19

Hazgod's two items was an example. Would probably be greater than 10 items, if implemented.
27-09-2009 00:22

Anibas, that's a pretty weak arguement as it is known why people are lagging out there. Player controlled lag does not in my mind count as normal game lag.
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Frank Lloyd Wright (1869 - 1959)
27-09-2009 00:36

It's the rules not an argument. You don't get to pick and choose which ones you get to apply to yourself when it suits you.
27-09-2009 00:37

Well in that case why are the suspected bug abusers not punished yet?

Moderator edit:
mod edit.

I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.

Frank Lloyd Wright (1869 - 1959)
27-09-2009 00:41

"3. We are still discussing punishment and this post functions as a warning for all players to not engage in this activity anymore. The staff does not find this action acceptable whatsoever."

Is it international get to point 3 and stop reading day?
27-09-2009 00:47

Since this has only officially been declared an abuse in the last 5 minutes, I'm not sure you can expect retroactive punishments for something that is not actually against the rules.

We will look forward to and appreciate your documentation of future events since it will help us start a list of players on warning.

Did you not read that?
I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.

Frank Lloyd Wright (1869 - 1959)
27-09-2009 00:50

I did. Try reading it again and tell me if he sounds sure about it yet.
27-09-2009 00:59

There are good reasons for manual drops. That is 100% not a good solution
27-09-2009 01:02

Disallow manual drops in the OL.
Been bandied about quite a bit, bad solution.

All drops via kills go immediately into your inventory. Simple...
What, and basically make it a freebie for any vulture who comes by and manages to get in the last hit? Also, why make it that easy for PK'ers anyway?
27-09-2009 01:06

Yes by limiting the number of items shown to a number that doesn't cause lag. What don't you understand about that? Everyone gets the best solution. PKers can drop traps, miners can drop ores, rest of us don't lag. No one has given any reason against it yet
27-09-2009 04:15

to everyone saying that they were abusing a bug just where does it say it was a bug?

1. The staff has determined that it is indeed unfair and undesirable behaviour to intentionally lag out another player. While we all understand that OL speed is completely dependent on one's connection this issue causes a potentially unequal issue to become more unequal. We therefore are stepping in to level the playing field a bit more.

it says its unfair and undesirable behaviour but it does NOT say its a bug
27-09-2009 04:37

Unless it is an intended part of the game coding then it is a bug. This is clearly not intended.
I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.

Frank Lloyd Wright (1869 - 1959)
27-09-2009 04:37

It is a bug. There is a problem with the system that can be exploited. The intended functionality of dropping items in the OL is clearly not to get unfair kills by causing other players to lag.

The fact is some have misused something they have found out about to gain an advantage.

It needs to be punished properly to prevent players looking for loopholes like this and getting quick gains from it. At the very least they should have all the items they got from kills using this method removed. Personally what I lost was a bit annoying but nothing major. I'm sure at least 1 person is going to have lost a lot of stuff. It's already enough of a risk to cross the OL for low level players as it is without people fixing it so they are guaranteed to get a few hits in

Edit: What was edited? Looks exactly the same

Edited on 27-09-2009 12:34

Moderator edit:
Mod edit.
Demon Hawk
27-09-2009 04:46


A software bug is the common term used to describe an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways.
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27-09-2009 12:58

How many of all complainers actually have been in the OL when there were alot of stuff laying on the floor.
I went to check it out myself having someone else dropped 100 stuff there.
I walked there and experienced NO lag at all.

This is an issue that has to do with your PC speed and internet connection. So basicly you are now stating that having a good pc with a good connection is an unfair advantage over others who don't. If you put it like that just erase the OL completely as it will ALWAYS be unfair in that case.

Also I would like to point out that the people who used this didn't even intend to ''abuse'' a ''bug''. They took advantage of the greed of people who got killed while they wanted to pick some stuff up in the OL. Now the greedy people get rewarded for their stupidness by this new rule.

Also for those who say ''making dropping in the OL impossible''. Get your mining to lvl 70 and mine some platina there please. Then you know why there is a drop box in the OL.
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Ihit Youdie
27-09-2009 13:00

Jeffrey, i have a ping of 20ms.. my broadband speed is 56 mb.. my comp is brand new and i am using firefox/with add ons.

I experienced major lag. With and without the images turned on/off chat disabled etc.
27-09-2009 13:10

My ping is also ~20ms
27-09-2009 13:11

Do you think it was intended to let players lag by dropping stuff? Even for the miners it basicly is bug abuse. It is also strange to allow the bugabuse defensively, but to punish players who use it for the offensive. It is both the same basicly. The community seems biased about this...
27-09-2009 13:16

Miners don't drop stuff to make people lag, they drop the ores so their high level friends can hold on to it as they are less likely to die. Also, dropping picks for other miners or sharing food if a lot is being used. All good reasons do drop stuff. If the miners drop 1 of every item then that also wouldn't be allowed
27-09-2009 13:28

Players have been doing this since I started playing this game , I think it was Bull who did it quite a lot, he was never punished for it , nor were the other players who used to do this , why should this change for players now?
27-09-2009 14:21

it would make life for a pker very hard
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