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24-04-2008 16:47

It was a popular subject at the feedback forum, has been requested by many and was already around previously: The ignore option.

The ignore option allows you to specify a few usernames to ignore, you will then no longer see their chat lines and you will not receive any of their messages. However, the ignore option does not cover the chat history and the forum. The message block only applies to player messages, not game messages such as thieving notifications.

You can access the ignore tool via the chat options. There you'll be able to specify at least 20 players to ignore. Donators can ignore up to 40 players.

If you were online during this update, you will need to relogin to use the ignore option.

Edited on 24-04-2008 16:48
Mr. Addy
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Forum -> Announcements -> Ignore option

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