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21-03-2008 00:02

Hello and welcome, now you've either chanced along this fine topic by accident, or you've been directed here to advise your good self on how to file a ticket that is going to be dealt with efficiently and effectively.

I'm going to begin with general rules for tickets, and then will add specialised sections covering each of the ticket types, what you should use them for, and what additional info you should provide in a ticket.

To access the ticket system to send us a ticket please click the "Messages" link in the menu on the left hand side of the main game screen.
In the messages popup click "Contact the game staff, use the ticket system". In this window you can either "Create a ticket" or "View your ticket", you want the former, the latter shows a list of all your tickets.
You then fill in the details. Click send.*Ticket&action=create
(remove *)

Preface: Moderators are not paid. They give up their free time to help you, there is zero incentive to help awkward people.

General Rules

  • Be polite and courteous. This is the Number One tip I will offer you here. We don't need nor expect sucking up, but insulting tones, and attitude will only serve detriment to your ticket.

  • As much as you think your in a unique position, we really have seen it all before. (Well maybe not all but you get the drift.)

  • Context, context, context.

  • Different issue, different ticket. Same issue, same ticket.

  • Never presume to know who is reading/answering your ticket, experience has shown that more than nine times out of ten you'll be completely wrong.

  • Take your time, re-read your message, is it clear, is it readable?

  • What is your topic? Make the topic specific, this is key to getting your ticket answered quickly, and by the person who can most help you.

  • Don't spam us. If your ticket is open, and has not received a reply, it will do as soon as possible. Complaining about this generally does little good. You are in a queue, as soon as a qualified person comes along they will deal with you. On our end of the system we can make notes and flag the ticket as important to more senior mods, but you don't see this. All you need to know is that if the ticket is still open, it is still showing up on our list of tickets to resolve.

  • This is going to sound arrogant, but, as much as you think you know everything about the situation, we have access to a lot more information. If you've compared your situation to someone else's and you are seeing a different, unwanted, outcome it is more than likely because there are all sorts of different factors involved.

  • We are not infallible, if we make a mistake, calmly, and politely inform us of our mistake.

  • Dont ask us if you can be made a mod. You'll just get the simple answer of "No". You dont go to us, we come to you and we approach you if we want you to join the team.

  • Now we do have senior members of staff but be aware that players dont have the right to say "I want it dealt with via a senior member of staff". We decide if it is necessary to pass it on, not the players.
  • Note: In the case of a player challenging/querying a punishment, then a senior mod may be requested.

    Game Bugs

  • Details, details, details

  • Please give us a full walk through of what led up to the problem, exactly what the problem was, and the expected successful outcome had the problem not occurred. This should be described as if to someone who has only played Syrnia a few times.

  • We're not rude. We could write a little auto delayed randomised reply. But we haven't. We may have added a lot of notes to your ticket on our end, we may even have escalated the issue, but we might not always reply to tell you this.

  • Our priorities are different to yours. You might hear that someone who just filed a bug ticket got responded to straight away, yet your still awaiting a response. There are simply too many possible reasons for this, don't take it personally.

  • Random facts and details. We want your every passing thought as you experienced a bug. We prefer too much detail than too little.

  • To be continued...

    Registration / Game information

  • If you have been punished and you wish to query the punishment or need clarification as to why, then send us a ticket, with the time of the punishment.

  • Before you even consider sending that ticket to us, check it first. The vast majority of tickets we get are actually questions that would have been much more suited to Help Chat. Guides are usually around to help you if needed. We arent really there for that sort of information. There is the Syrnian manual available for that.

  • We also get the occasional ticket saying that their information is missing from fansites and that things are wrong with them. Remember, these are not our concern, if there is a problem with one of those sites, you take it up with them.

  • Some people send ideas to us for the game. Again, we dont do suggestions. All suggestions are to be put in the "Feedback" section for them to be discussed by Syrnian people. We dont take any suggestion in the form of a ticket.

  • We do not deal with typing errors/grammatical errors within the game. There is a thread in the forum for this, Forum -> Feedback -> Spelling mistake

  • We do not deal with chat violations. Please use the report option.

  • There are lots of things we dont do, now for some things that we do deal with. A lot of players introduce friends or family to this game. If that is the case, then you can contact us and we will send you all the information you need to know and get all the information we need from you, so that nothing can go wrong.

  • We can deal with any queries regarding registration such as e-mails not being sent, accounts not being activated etc.

  • If it is an abusive message sent to you, we need a copy of the complete message, timestamp, FULL name of sender etc. If we dont have all of these, we cant check it. And if we cant check it, we cant get to the bottom of the situation.

  • If you have been punished and you wish to query the punishment or need clarification as to why, then send us a ticket, with the time of the punishment. We will check it out for you, and clarify your query. Mods in this department are not chat mods, therefor were not involved with the punishment. Please, do not keep opening the same ticket if it has been closed/solved.

  • Moderators are not here to have abuse thrown at us. If you speak to us in a calm and rational way, we will do the same for you and we can come to a sensible resolution. However if you start swearing at us and being rude, it will not help you at all. If anything it will just get you into a lot more trouble.

  • Remember, we have heard it all before. We have had every single excuse in the book thrown at us including pets, family members (particularly younger siblings) or vacuum cleaner related incidents. We dont deal with excuses and it does not grant any immunity from the punishment. Consider the fact that there is no way for you to prove that it wasnt you and was instead your cat, and so the punishments stand.

  • Give us some time, same as with the other moderators. We have a lot of things to do usually and we have a lot of tools available which we can use to check information. It does take us a while to do checks. We do also pass things on to other staff members. That means dont start bombarding us with tickets and the like saying "Whats been done, its been ages now blah blah blah", because thats very counter-productive.

  • Cheats / Exploits / Multis

  • Currently, we are offering a once only name change. Remember, messages with your name will change, any forum posts etc.

  • If it's an offensive name, send a report to the chat mods, they will deal with it.

    To be continued...


  • Report option is located at the end/or below chat line.

  • Name of abuser. If we know who its about, we can get our thinking caps on and be ready. Also, unless its glaringly obvious and hitting you right between the eyes as to whats wrong, what the problem is or a chat line or 2.

  • If it's a rule violation within the chatroom, then you MUST select which chat/s. Although we can probably scan for about half an hour to find it, its a lot easier if we know roughly when it occured. The game automatically sends the chat with the report. If its a whisper you have received, select whisper.

  • Remember, chat mods are solely involved in disciplinary action and if anything actually goes wrong with chat, send it to the Bug Moderators. Or we can redirect if you get it wrong.

  • You can be punished for abuse of the report function (including false reports).


  • The Forum Ticket procedure is pretty much to the same sort of standard as the registration/Game Information Tickets and follow the same sort of rules.

  • When you see something in a forum post that is inappropriate, against the rules or questionable, send us the information. When you are trying to show us what thread the issue is in, it is far easier to find a topic if you give us the path to it, IE: Forums -> Feedback -> Topic, as opposed to a URL.

  • Name the people you feel are in the wrong to make our lives a little easier. Its a nightmare reading through a post trying to find a problem but not knowing where the problem lies.

  • Forum bans, on average, tend to be a lot longer than a chat mute. Largely because it has more of an effect if done for long periods of time as opposed to a chat mute. Remember, even if it is a forum related incident, we can and will use the other punishment options if needed.

  • Again, we arent here to be abused. If you start insulting us, we'll either just ignore it or we can just bring disciplinary action against you.

  • You cannot request a senior mod to deal with your ticket, unless it is about a forum ban that you are challenging.

  • Dont send requests asking us if we can sticky a topic. We only sticky topics we feel are useful or worth keeping.
  • Clan recruitment threads can be stickied/locked upon request for 2 weeks.


  • If you are going to ask us "Why havent I receieved my red gifts", make sure youve checked with the company first. Remember, adding the red gifts to your account is the responsibility of that company. If your account hasnt been credited with the item(s), then speak to them about it. Failing that, then ask us.

  • Saucy;)

    Moderator edit:
    Updated with information about reports.
    Updated with information concerning name changes and sticky/locking of clan recruitment threads.

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    21-03-2008 00:08

    I know it aint finished Saucy, but I would just like to say Nice.
    21-03-2008 00:12

    "Game Bugs

    We're not rude. We could right a little auto delayed randomised reply that makes you feel loved. But we haven't. We may have added a lot of notes to your ticket on our end, we may even have escalated the issue, but we might not always reply to tell you this.

    Just spotted a typo, "We could right a little auto..."; you have right, it should be write. ;)
    Gotta say i appreciate the effort put into this, i've tried answering people who've asked how to file a ticket, it's much easier to point them to a thread that explains it with good details (even if it isn't complete yet).

    Moderator edit:
    Edited, thank you.
    19-12-2008 15:01

    Please read this thread. Has lots of important information for players.
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