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05-03-2008 00:18

The fifth of March is Syrnias birthday, it all started 3 years ago when the first players arrived. Exactly those 1096 days ago, Syrnia looked a lot different. Much has been improved to make the game stand where it is today. Step by step Syrnia is expanding and growing daily, and due to that its important to remember and celebrate the day it all started.

All of the players are invited to celebrate this glorious day with us, many events are scheduled throughout the day, starting from 00:00 till 23:59. Below is a list of activities scheduled:

  • The battle arena has fights scheduled all day. Each fight is limited to certain combat levels. Everyone can participate 3 times today. Remember: If you die in the Desert arena you will not lose any items, so it's safe to try.
  • Craft unique blue balloons at Festival forest ! Yes blue; no red balloons this year .
  • If you're lucky you can get one of the few Birthday cakes from the chests that appear during the day.

  • You can fish (the red striped fish) at Holiday lake
  • There is a trading post at Syrnia celebration center
  • You can woodcut at Festival forest, the forest has very high seed rates.
  • You can collect a free gift at Syrnia celebration center (You can choose a Kanzo teleport orb).
  • Rumors go about invasions..you never know when the monsters attack!

You can reach party island via Port Senyn, Crab nest, Burning beach or Eylsian docks.

We, once again, want to thank all players that have played, continue to play and welcome all newcomers. Syrnia could not have been where it's today without YOU! We hope you will enjoy yourself today, and calibrate Syrnia 3rd birthday with us.
Thank you on behalf of the Syrnia staff.

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Forum -> Announcements -> Celebration time!

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