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29-02-2008 09:47

There are loads of things that you can do with the forums. Here is a list summarising everything, consolidate your questions and threads into one single instalment.

BB Codes

BB codes allow you to manipulate text in various ways. To use a code, you put a start code in, and an end code where you want it to finish. If you don't do that, it wont work. Also, if you have to press "Enter" and start a new line, you have to close all active code loops.

This is what each effect looks like:

[b] = Bold

[u]= Underlined

[i]= Italics

[strike]= Strike through

Making Lists

When you make lists in the forum they must all be on one line.

    = Unordered List
      = Ordered List
      [li] = List Item


      [ol]Ordered List [ol]
    1. List Item [li]
    2. List Item [li]
    3. [ul]Unordered subList [ul]
    4. List Item [li]
    5. List Item [li]
  • List Item [li]
  • List Item [li]

    • [ul]= Unlinked list



    As with the others, make sure all the tags are closed. Example:

    <th>Title 1</th>
    <th>Title 2</th>
    <td>some stuff</td>
    <td>more stuff</td>
    <td>another row</td>

    Replace all the < and > with [ and ] and it will produce:

    Title 1 Title 2
    some stuff more stuff
    another row ...

    Remember that the close code is the same as the open code but with a / in there. For example to close bold, you use [/b]
    don't forget that you can mix up effects. You can make bold italics, underlined lists and as many combinations as you can think of.


    Everybody loves adding an emoticon to a thread. These can be used to show moods in a post.

    These are what is available:

    = (*clap)
    = (*h)
    = (*headbang)
    = (*K)
    = (*king)
    = (*puke)
    = (*Y)
    = (*wink)
    = :*@
    = :*(
    = :*B
    = :*D
    = :*F
    = :*P
    = :*S
    = (lol*)
    = =*T
    = =*[
    = =*)
    = (*sad)

    Dont forget to remove the *'s or they wont work!

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