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20-02-2008 10:09

This beta's main goal was to speed up Syrnia and fix a lot of bugs, however, it also added new features:

Drag and drop has been added:
You can drag items from your inventory to your character or to the 'use' area on top of the inventory to use/wear items.
You can drag items from/to your houses and the 'Dropped items'.
The Drag&Drop inventory does not scroll anymore, it is suggested you have no more than 6-8 rows of items in your inventory. However, you can also choose to disable D&D at the options page, you'll then use a click system like the old syrnia. This inventory does allow scrolling. In D&D you can also double click to use an item right away.

The cave of trades has been improved:
When an auction failed you'll need to pickup the item where you offered it.
A search option has been added.
The minimum bid when adding an auction is no longer set to 2000 gold, the minimum bid now depends on your trading level (At the moment this is the formula: level 1:1000 gold, level 5: 2000 gold, level 25: 30.500 gold)

You'll never need to refresh any part of the game any more. You can not even refresh just 1 part of the game any more, because the frames have been removed.
All information on the screen is now always up2date; levels, hp etc.

Some people had problems with timers resetting, this has been improved.

The chat now always floats at the bottom of your screen, if you don't like it you can disable the 'floating' at the options page.
You can now also customize the chat height at the options page.

An option has been added to disable the item images
This might save SOME performance on slower connections, but I doubt it's got a big effect.

Performance improvement
Speed improvements, less lag.
Quite a few chat optimizations.

The forums mark new topics since your last login with the red keyword 'new'.
Forum BB code ([b] [u] [i] [li] [ul] [strike] )
Clan tags have been added to the forum

Desert arena
The desert arena has been fixed, fights are being scheduled regularly.

Any items you equip do not show in your inventory anymore (to save room)

The worldmap has been updated. 2 new sailing rotues have also been added: Serpenthelm-exrollia and exrollia-heerchey.

Level up
Whenever you gain a level, you'll be congratulated !

Empty shops are no longer shown in the shop list.

Player list
Offline players are no longer shown at the player list, only in PvP area's they'll show (OL, Desert arena).

Constructing link
The constructing link now always shows.

Crowding is now not always only bound to the skill you are practicing, but also the type of work you are doing:
Mining tin will not affect mining iron.
However; Smelting a bronze bar will still affect smelting iron bars.

The outlands and other PvP areas:
(-The player list has been moved to the right, next to the map.)
-Enemies will show as red, clan members green.
-For OL healing: Using D&D you can now also double click to use food (or use C&C for a single click)

The burn rate formula has been changed, the old formula was incorrect for higher cooking levels. The new formula should result in quite similar burn rates at the lower levels, but more success at the higher levels.
Cooking times for these fish have been adjusted: Shark, swordfish, bass. They all got an increase of 10 - 40 seconds.

Edited on 21-02-2008 22:41
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Forum -> Announcements -> Syrnias update CHANGES

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